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Update Status report - restructuring

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jens (Partner), Sep 4, 2016.

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    Yes better now. Though still intermittent. Sometimes top speed, sometimes very laggy indeed.Which leads me to suspect problem may ( as another membersuggested recently) partly be due to intermittent bombardment of the site. But I have every faith it'll be sorted out fully before too long. After all, compared with down and other issues of 2 years or so backalong this is quite minor.
  2. Things seem to be improving. I didn't mention it earlier but I too experienced some lag this weekend. Overall things were much better but it seems the problems aren't fully resolved yet,

    So I wish you the best getting them resolved.
  3. Bombardment of the site is a problem... It doesn't scale well under load. For the curious minds here's what happened and what we are going to do about it.

    LiquidWeb bought out the old hosting provider and migrated the site. They botched the site migration... I won't go in to details beyond they failed to make sure all apache/php extensions were loading. I got in touch with support and brought this to their attention -- they blamed it on the hypervisor of the old host not throttling hardware resources like it should have. I requested a second server to be provisioned for about 1-week that I would use to upgrade all components of the LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) stack and get this site performing again... LiquidWeb would not acquiesce the request.

    Their position -- We are not giving you a server for free

    My position -- You screwed up the migration and now I need to fix it. You need to provide me the resources to do so.

    That being said we are switching hosting providers, doing major upgrades on that back end then fine tuning the site. I don't want to invest time fine tuning software that will be replaced.

    ...And as a side note these LiquidWeb guys clearly have a toolbox and playbook. No thinking outside of those 2 components... Let's not forget I do this for a living and would be the person training Tier 1 support. They run 500-character long commands, clearly pasted from a document, and other scripts downloaded from a LiquidWeb repository. They look at CPU, memory, IOP, etc statistics then tweak configuration variables. When the server had loads of 17.00+ that's what they did... how about the server recording 160,396 errors for not being able to load opcache? It went undiscovered...

    We're working on it.

    As a side note -- @Administrator@Administrator is funding the site without support from the community. We intend on launching some sort of donation platform once changes are complete so please be thinking of that. You don't need to post back to this thread pledging your support to contribute.
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  4. what a thing to happen. i don't know what all You has sayed but the men that has the Liquid thingy are not very nice i think.
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    Let us know what £$€ is needed and provide the tools, the mod team will rattle the tin. If there's a one off figure needed and a monthly then I'm sure some/most/all of that can be sorted out.

    Fund raising ideas: Sissy cake bake. Auction of promises. Slave sale. Sponsored whipping.... :)
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