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Update Status report - restructuring

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Administrator, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Hi All!

    Obviously the testing has revealed some weak points that needs to be fixed before a new face can be permanently installed. ( The Theme Style chooser in the lower left corner will now agina allow You to go back to a previous design - for now)

    I said that the test would have to be on the online system - also to keep CM aline while it took place. It comes with some minor costs.

    There will be more testing in the days to come, so I am afraid you all have to be a little forgiving.

    I could easily close CM down while the testing and restructuring takes place, but Who wants at this point CM down for 3 weeks?

    I have received a multitude of good comments about the path we are on:) - and to no surprise also some good criticism of various aspects. That was the plan , to get feedback.
    The fact that I also receive a few harsh unbalanced and unproductive outburst, will not ruin my day.:). Don't You worry.... I know What the former owner would say to these kind of remarks: " If you don't like it here- then leave!"

    I am trying a different approach here, in fact I have been practicing that more communicative approach for decades in my business life... I will stick to that, even though it is hard work and calls out for a lot of self control;-)

    CM WILL end up having a new face, a renewed profile,, so start just as well getting used to it - maybe not to this latest attempt - we shall see if I can fix it. But at least get used to the fact that "The Old CM" is not coming back...

    Expect me NOT to be able to respond to any comments during Monday and Tuesday - I am away on a business trip.

    Have a great Sunday - all of You!
  2. I am enjoying the chance to be involved in the changes to CM even if it is only in a very small way. You certainly are obviously putting a lot of effort into this and I appreciate that.
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    That's fine. I am pro tem using the old red design which ain't broke, so don't fix it! back to check out new one when it's sorted. New one's glitches are pretty minor anyway.
  4. I think I am just about getting the hang of the new version, it's ok once you get used to it.
  5. Change is always hard but worth it in the end. (That comment sounded a little sexual... "hard" and "...in the end"). Thanks for all your great work. I can't believe how many users are on this site... Getting so big, I'm wondering when I will run into someone I know. I'll probably be working one of my flights and have somebody ask, "Aren't you that devious Mistress on Chastity Mansion?" :p
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  6. Just wear a nice key pendant :) That way on my next flight i get to wonder as i am locked, if the beautiful Woman giving me a drink is also a KH!
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  7. You are cool guys ;)