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Spring Pet-, Puppy, Pony-play Camping Weekend in West Wales

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by Guy, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Guy

    Guy Master of Dragao Verde, a haven for kinky friends.

    Jan 11, 2016
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    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    Near Tomar, central Portugal
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    9:05 PM
    Tuesday, May 2-9 to Monday Mayu 9

    Location details given on advance payment of the cost, £50

    Dress code:Naked to anything else, but come prepared for rain, cold

    For my/our friends interested in pony-, puppy, piggy-play, having a quiet good time together.

    This is a private event, you'll not be welcome or allowed on site unless you've contact me directly and I approve you attending. (Previous problems on site force me to adopt this policy.)

    Cost is £50, regardless of staying the whole week or just a day. That gives you the chance to bring your own tent, or stay in our big tent.

    Bring a sleeping bag, camping mat, good footwear, wet-weather clothes, cold-weather clothes.

    Food and extra, though you can probably mess-in with an existing group for a reasonable sum of money.

    Bring your own booze; a pleasure of the event is sitting around a brazier, drinking beer, wine, etc. of an evening, talking the kind of nonsense appropriate to such times, bring warm clothes!

    We'll have some harness and a sulky or two, but do please bring your own if you can, as mine is all in Portugal.

    It looks like there will be more puppy-play than previous years, judging by the people planning to come; there are rather more than are listed here.

    Singletons welcome, any gender or orientation. Transfolk very welcome, couples too, of course.

    Some will be chastised, it is not anything exceptional!

    Anyone intolerant of others' gender, orientation, etc. unwelcome!

    Anybody who'd like to come earlier to help prepare the event will be very welcome, as we clear up damage from Winter, etc. get the grass cut and tidy up the site. I'll be there from 21 April.

    If interested please contact me directly, advance booking only!

    I'll be in touch to ask for advance payment, in order to pay the guy who cuts the grass, etc.

    You can be a girl, a woman, a lady, a pony, a puppy, a piggy, possibly even male at times, (perhaps when we go off-site if you're a part-time girl), as you choose!

    There may be a similar event there in early August, if this is a success, probably Tuesday 2 - 7 August, again with a few days before in preparation.

    In Portugal you can be all those things above, or a prisoner, a maid, a 'little' even a 'wife' if we fancy each other enough, and in a warmer climate and cleaner environment; even stabled or kenneled 24/7.

    There's an introductory offer for there of €200 in advance and €50/day, all in, and I'll collect you from Lisbon airport and take you back there.

    I'll be there mid-May to late July and early September onwards.

    For those able and willing to move out there to be full-time, then they can sign up for a period 'in service' at a cheaper rate, get half their €200 deposit back at the end if they give satisfactory service.

    There'll be an event like the West Welsh events at end September, but in an isolated vineyard 'up country' in the hills behind Oporto, camping similarly, price probably €150 including food.

  2. Bound4life

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    Jan 4, 2015
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    11:05 PM
    How did the weekend go? was it a good turn out? Any fun stories