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Discussion in 'The Tower' started by LittleAndLockedJames, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    Can I get some advice please?

    I locked myself a little over a week ago but needed to remove the device. It felt nice all the time but two days ago I had a problem.

    My scrotum was beginning to hurt between the ring and tube. Not an ache or pain but a burning sensation. I know it's basically a friction wound. There are no blisters or sores just the heat.

    How do you deal with this, if it's a problem for you? Or is the only solution removal and recovery time?
  2. Extra note, sorry. All the soreness is on the underside.
  3. well that happen a lot when you first has one cos the skin there has to get use to it. when i had one first i had to keep moving the ring about and that stop it hurting cos it move to another bit of skin. Afters a bit it will stop hurting you cos the skin gets use to it being on.
  4. Thank you jemima
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  5. Hi there,

    If you are sore on the underside between the cage and the ring the space might be to small. I don't know what up are wearing, but if the cage

    is to close to ring on the underside the pressure will cause that. Sometimes you need a bigger ring. I have had rings that felt fine till the next day,

    but I knew it was the contact point between the two. If the ring fits well you may need to increase the gap between them if you can.
  6. JO silicone lube found online. I started using it 2 years ago and haven't had pain since.
  7. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Is it a hinged ring?
  9. No. It's solid.
    I'm hoping it's just because I'm new to chastity and overdid it on my first attempt. I've been out a few days and everything has settled. Just using some e45 cream gas eased the soreness, so I think it's maybe a friction thing.