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Sooooo this happened....Intro

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Eagerly Incarcerated Toy, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. I have no self control. I loved playing with my cock for hours watching femdom handjob videos. One day I felt like shit for denying my wife so much pleasure(I would tell her no, with a BS excuse, because I wanted to cum while I watched a tied up stranger getting jerked off or fucked or getting his dick sucked by dominant women. So I decided to buy a chastity device and explain to her why I want her to keep the keys from me. She told me she wasnt really into domimating me, which i respected.

    Every once and awhile, mostly after she had a few glasses of wine, she would tell me to "put it on". Im these cases I was only locked for a few hours while our kids were awake. I continued my ways and recently discovered tumblr. Ive had an account for ahile just never did anything/searching. Well over the last few weeks ive found SO MUCH chastity info/games/advice that i decided to "reblog" things.

    My infatuation with Tumblr grew substantially since last Wednesday. She left for New Orleans for five days for a friends bachelorette party. After she left I jokingly text her "you should have put me in the cage and taken the key while you're gone. She replied back with "put it on and send me a pic". I was pretty happy she was into it without alcohol so I did. It still wasn't that exciting because it wasn't "her idea" and I still had the keys. But I wore it the entire time she was gone and didn't "cheat". She immediately took it off when she got home because she could tell I was horny as fuck. I was secretly hoping SHE would lock me back up after we were done but she didn't and I wasn't going to initiate it.

    Well today I was awoke from a nap by her commanding me to the bedroom. Confused, I did as she said and laid on the bed. She sat on my face, 69 style, and explained she had found my Tumblr account and read everything I had reblogged, ALL of it having to do with Tease & Denial, Male Chastity and ruined orgasms. She proceeded to jerk me off until I was about to cum hard as fuck, then let go. I could tell from her hip movements on my face that she had successfully ruined her first orgasm. She was so delighted that she began stroking my throbbing cock again using my cum as lube, I begged her not to stop but after she brought me close to the edge again, she stopped and locked me in my cage saying nothing else other than "it's time for you to go to work". So this is day 1 in forced (Happily) chastity.

    I'm hoping she finally realised I didn't want locked up TOTALLY for the sexual aspect, although I would love for her to use me as "her toy" but really I want to be a better husband, friend and lover to her. It just feels impossible if I keep jerking off to fantasies I don't really expect from her and I don't want to "top from the bottom" either

    I should have began this with she is very vanilla and gets weirded out by some stuff.

    Anyway, that's my story. Not sure how it will play out.
  2. You sound like one lucky guy! Good luck
  3. Thanks. I hope I have more to post about
  4. Your story sounds a bit like mine. Destructive masturbation habit is certainly spot on. Don't worry so much about topping from the bottom. This is new to both of you, but especially her as you've thought about it a lot. Giving her feedback on what you like and don't like about it or making suggestions on things to do is a good thing. Just make sure she understands and you're at peace with her having final say. My wife and I will exchange lists every month or every other month. Stuff we like and stuff we don't. I was shocked to find how much my wife liked sex being about her and how much more sexually active she was now that she could get off and just roll over and go to sleep. The main thing is unless you communicate, you won't discover what works for both of you. Great start though and best wishes going forward.
  5. Thank you for your reply and I sincerely apologize for not responding sooner. She has definitely stepped out of her comfort zone. As you said, she has the final say and that was the hardest part at first as I always fantasized how things would go and when they didn't it was very frustrating. After only a few months I've really come to enjoy that aspect of all this.
  6. Update. The story from my first post has definitely been her most "dominating". She kept me locked up for a few days after bit didn't really take advantage of the situation. I guess I was hoping for a little more teasing from her. I remember begging for everything and anything to please her but she would just smile and say no. Later that week she got horny and needed my dick to orgasm so I was unlocked and told I wasn't aloud to cum. We had to stop, probably 5 or 6 times, as I was about too. I could tell she was getting mad that I was so close and after about the 7th time I warned her I was close she said fuck it and kept going. Obviously I finished immediately but she didn't stop for about 5 minutes. It was pretty incredible because it sorta felt like she was getting off knowing I wouldn't tell her to stop. When she had enough and we were laying in bed I was fully waiting for her to lock me back up but nope.

    Fast forward till about 3 weeks ago. I think she knew I was back to handling things myself so she locked me up again. . This time though she kept it on for a week. 7 days. That was rough. By the 4th day I was begging and cleaning the house, taking the kids to school, washing her clothes, BEGGING to be let out anyway I could. I never thought I would say this but I even told her, it's hard to even type, I told her she could touch My ass (something I've always been totally against. I honestly just wanted to cum so bad. On the 6th day I was desperate and it was all I could think about. Idk why but for some reason I text her and told her she could put a finger in my ads if that's what would make her happy. I think she was starting to feel bad for me because she called me giggling and after some small talk she said "it's really good to know it'll only take a week before you let me touch you there." After some more small talk she hung up and I was even more desperate/horny. Anyway, the next night after the little ones went to bed we got in the hot tub. We were both naked and she kept playing with her breasts (YESSSSSS SHE'S GOIGN TO MAKE ME CUM!!!) We ended up in the bedroom with me unlocked watching Netflix. It didn't take long before she was stroking me when all of the sudden I looked down and it looked like my nut had gone inside my body. The base of my shaft was swollen like whoa. Then she saw it and stopped, worried. I told her it didn't hurt and just pushed where the swelling was and it went away. Whiched seemed to "normalize" the area. She was freaking kinda but asked if I wanted to finish which, yeah. But as soon as she would start stroking again the swelling seemed to come back. I told her I thought it was my nut so I just kept pressure at the base of my shaft while she finished me. I wasn't in pain bit it did kinda freak me out so after she went to bed I spent the next 4 hours on the internet. The only thing that seemed similar was a hernia so I called the doctor the next day and got it checked. He said he couldn't feel a hernia so he had me go in for bloodwork which came back negative for cancer and everything else. But since then I've noticed that if I'm laying on my back with my legs up and open, like when women give birth, while I'm masturbating it seems like my nut want a to go inside my body. I've read stories about how that isn't uncommon but since it just started happening in wondering if the cage caused it somehow. At first I thought it was the left one but today I was "experimenting" to see if I was back to normal and now I'm almost positive it's the right one.

    Anyone have any advice or similar experiences. Sorry for my horrible grammar btw.
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  7. That happeneds to me all the time. It's odd. From what I can tell its where they came from when we hit puberty. I'm 34 with two kids. If your around the same age maybe it's an age thing.
  8. sounds completely normal to me. There is a canal there from where your testicles descend after you hit puberty. The canal stays and most likely when you get close to orgasm your testicles retract closer to your body, it just happens yours is going into the canal. I wouldn't worry unless it gets stuck in there lol.
  9. Unless I am wearing a cock ring or cage, my balls are virtually never outside my body. I've been on TRT for a couple years so mu nuts have shrunk to little more than almond size, but they pretty much reside up inside me permanently.
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  10. Sorry for responding months later. Ha. It is odd. I'm 33 actually, maybe it is. I saw a doctor and told her everything. She, and I, thought maybe a hernia but x-rays said no. It was just weird that it took thing long for it to happen.
  11. It doesn't get stuck but I immediately think "if I don't push it back now it's going to end up in my belly!" Ha. The thing is, I've been locked up alot since then and it hasn't happened since. Until this past weekend. Locked from Thursday to Sunday. She was exhausted so she gave me permission to cum. As soon as I did GONE haha. After a gentle push, back to normal. However, now the area where the Ring is is kinda swollen.....
  12. Don't worry about your balls doing that. It's totally normal. I turn 27 this month and that's been something I could do to myself since I was a teenager. If I'm really hard, pulling up a lot of skin from the base of my penis while masturbating (pretty much a given since I'm circd but still have enough skin to jerk with if I grab at the base, and I almost never use lube to masturbate) and especially if my legs were toward my head or something, they could pop up inside me. Also if you were colder and the scrotum was smaller and your balls closer to your body that can contribute to it. Another thing is if youre about to cum. When cumming, your testicles flex up toward your body. Hell that being said if you flex down there while combining all those things thatd be another factor. They basically just sit up under the skin right beside and slightly above your cock on your pubic mound when that happens. You can just gently pop them back out every time.
  13. Actually I've done it on purpose plenty of times with both testicles. It only ever happens to my shortest hanging one naturally though. But if I'm hard and standing up, I can pull skin from the base toward the head, and with my other hand push my balls upward onto that cavity. I'll have to use my hand to keep them up there, kind of like pushing your flaccid penis inside yourself. It leaves you with an empty ballsack and it's weird lol. But yeah honestly I'd encourage you to do what I just said just because it'll show you that you can always pop them back out and it'll make you more comfortable about the phenomenon.

    PS I'd do it and film it right now just to show you but I'm locked up without the key so that's not possibility at the moment...
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