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Discussion in 'Mature Metal' started by lockednloving, Apr 27, 2010.

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    I think I'm in the same boat as lock4ever, my experiences with the common plastic devices have been discouraging...

    I'm wondering if a Mature metal device might be better because of the custom sizing...

    One issue is that I am apparently just slightly bigger than what the devices are designed for, and I have a lot of extra skin, and so I've had to plug some of the ventilation holes in the cb-3000 and the birdlocked.
    Without plugging the holes, my skin puffs out quite a bit and is easily irritated.
    I like the jailbird, but I'm concerned that I would have issues with skin sticking through the bars and edema and irriataion..
    Other models might have similar issues... The Pet Trap seems like it might be the best in this respect.
    Anyone have experience with this?

    Another issue I've had, is that I'm a grower.
    This is the aspect I think the custom [larger] cage sizing will help the most with.
    In my cb-3000, a big problem is that I grow a lot in width and when I attempt an erection I get pushed out the back of the cage so that only the head is still in the cage.
    This adds an extra inch or two of pull on my balls.
    Is this a common issue?
    I'm hoping that with a larger diameter cage and somewhat longer, it will try to expand inside the cage and there will be quite a bit less pulling.

    Any opinions or advice on these problems and how MM devices may handle them?

    Thanks in advance..
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