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Some Of Our Activities

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by RP Chance, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Hello all, I've just joined the forum and have spent some time reading the posts. My wife and I have long been sexually free with each other but recently have started with male chastity and her own form of Cuckold. She is a straight, dominant and sexual woman and instantly loved the idea of controlling my cock, among other things. Her past interest along these lines was with Sissy Boys, and she had several over the years before she tired of trying to find true Sissies to do her bidding. I have never been interested in the Sissy thing, but love to please her. I used to listen to her stories about what she was doing to and with her sissies with great interest.

    My wife loves sex, particularly intercourse. Even with her sissies one of her requirements is that they penetrate her and that they have sex after she humiliated and punished them. I have found it more challenging to have sustained erections and in the course of some talks a few months ago, I revealed I liked the idea of my cock being caged and being made to serve her sexual needs. So the adventure began, and continues forward.

    I won't go into great detail about our search for an effective chastity device. I am currently using a German-made device that is mostly effective if not really uncomfortable. On top of that, no amount of tuning has completely eliminated the possibility one of my testicles will escape the base ring, even with the cage on. So, it gets use during my waking hours and whenever I'm out of the house, but is not usable for 24 hour wear. We have a Mature Metals Jail Bird on order, due in the next month or so, that should solve all those problems. My wife has already made it clear that I will wear that device 24/7, and when she chooses to give me relief, just the cage will be removed to allow me to get my hand job and then will be immediately replaced.

    From my initial reading here on Chastity Mansion, it looks like we might be engaging in some activities that aren't discussed or done much. With us there is a heavy content of sex and some BDSM. She loves to have a man over, have the man face fuck me and then she has sex with the man, after which I am told to clean her up and give her orgasms with my tongue. She has had other men forcefully use my mouth for their pleasure until they cum. She greatly enjoys flogging me and twisting and pulling my nipples then when she is done I am told to give her oral to satisfy her.

    She loves using her strap on with me, and after penetrating my ass and having intercourse with me, she actually has orgasms while in the act. She has had me using suction on my nipples because they are so small and they have enlarged and become very sensitive. So much so, when she plays with them I get an erection in my cage. So she will do that for several days, nearly bringing me to orgasm then stopping. Finally, blessed relief, she uncages my cock and gives me a delightful hand job.

    We are both looking forward to the Bird Cage to extend those periods of chastity, but my wife does love to make me cum, so we imagine that purely extending chastity is our main goal. None the less, this is a great site that fits very well with many of our interests. All comments and interests are welcome!
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  2. ...I think you married the last unicorn, glad to read of a fun and satisfying relationship! Bravo!
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  3. Thanks for that, she is quite the lady.
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but more detail would go well with me!
  5. RP, would you be so kind as to inform me of the device your Mistress uses to acheive orgasm while taking you analy? i would love to be able to orgasm that way myself. thank y
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  6. RP,
    If everything you said is true, you have won the jackpot! You better do everything in your power to keep your wife happy, satisfied & pleased.
    Women like her are very rare. You are a lucky man to have her.
    I would love to be in your shoes, or should I say your cage? LOL!!!
    I'm in a sexless marriage due to my wife's medical condition.
  7. Hello Mistress Linda, I have asked my Lady Pinkie to reply directly to your question. She is the best source to describe these things.
  8. To answer your question Mistress Linda, I have a leather strap-on belt that has a side pouch that holds a vibrator control if you have a dong that has one - but - it excites me to just fuck the hell out of his ass so I don't use the vibrator option with my husband.

    I wear a pair of panties under the belt and adjust it so the strap runs directly over my clit. The push and pull stimulates me physically. The mental of being able to fuck him as long and as hard as I am able is the other half that pushes me over the top.

    My favorites to use with my belt are made by Pipedream. I highly recommend these. They look and feel as close to a real cock as you can get - and I use them on myself vaginally sometimes just for that reason.

    When I used to have Sissies in my life, I often used the vibrator option with my belt. It was always exciting to peg them, but not as exciting as it is with my husband and I really love having an orgasm while pumping an ass. You can also wear a vibe under the belt- like the butterfly style. I've done that as well.
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  9. First, my sympathies to your wife. Health and medical issues all too often unfairly put the afflicted person in the difficult position of bearing guilt for being unwell and sees those they wish closest distance themselves out of the range of discomfort.

    Everything I have said is true, what would be gained if I were to lie to myself? My wife and partner sees what I write and I have reflected our relationship accurately and fairly.

    Most important here, my wife and I did the unthinkable, we both married our best friend...each other. Beyond a deep and abiding love, we share our deepest feelings, our most hidden thoughts and we also talk about the news every morning. My dear lady tells me what makes her happy and what satisfies her. I feel pleased and happy to give that to her. With effective male chastity in place, I do so without expectation that any physical release will be given me now, or for perhaps some time. Just the same, the sex organ between my ears feels deeply satisfied.

    Recently we received our Mature Metal Jail Bird. It was affixed to my genitals on Saturday and has been there since, 24/7. We have had sex more than once, and my dear has been satisfied every time. I feel a growing sense of anticipation, made more acute by the persistent teasing by my wife that makes my cock swell in its cage, eagerly trying to get out to play. But no, that isn't to be, just yet.

    It has broadened my perspective on a number of levels. To give without expectation and to have that giving rewarded with love, a tease and a refusal to allow me to climax is the sweetest torture.

    We are in love, there is no rancor, no hate, no common meanness. It is serious, I'm really under lock and key and she really is on top and in charge. I'm expected not to demand anything, but I'm encouraged to beg if I thing it will do me any good:oops:.

    I hope this helps to clarify our relationship and our "life style".
  10. thank you Mistress Pinkie, i will give that a try. if it works for me, hes in trouble....lol
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  11. @eillyrayd take note!!!
  12. Perhaps you could review my allowance in next months budget so we can go on a shopping trip @MistressG@MistressG x
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  13. You two sound fun!!!
    And by that, I mean to just sit on the porch with a small fire going, drinking wine/beer/booze/tea would probably be a blast!!!
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  14. Sounds wonderful.