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Solo Chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by dirk214, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I there. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and am not sure how to continue chastity from here on out. I am looking for any solo ideas and anything I can do solo regarding chastity and self bondage. I appreciate you reading this and hope to hear form you soon. Thank you.
  2. Well. I hope someone answers here. I appreciate anyone's response here. I am not sure how to proceed.
  3. Emlalock is a nice option for online keyholding and letting someone else have a level of control. As far as self-bondage...that's a long conversation. There is tons of info on this website and you need to read the SAFETY page and the page explaining different release mechanisms.
  4. Give the key to your ex girlfriend :D
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  5. Well, minus giving the key to my ex(sorry kepoke). I was also looking for advice on which device to use whilst solo.
  6. While I understand where your coming from. I doubt giving the key to my ex would help. I am really looking for a solo keyholder as well as what device I should use. Since we broke up I have got off at least 4 times a day and I think that is unhealthy. I want to stop myself and I need a better device. I have a cb 6000, a bon 4sm, and a ebay bought chastity belt. I am looking for a easy to wear long term chastity device I can use to restrain myself till I meet my new long term girl. Please let me know about any suggestions. Thank you all.
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    Kitchensafe (ksafe) can make the keys inaccessible for up to 10 days (more if you take out the batteries).
  8. you can start by leaving the keys at work or hidden somewhere that is inconvenient for you to get to.
  9. That’s a great idea. Start with a weekend when you are not in work then you know you have 2-3 days of chastity. Then try longer periods.
    Try posting the key to yourself via 2nd class or slower mail.
    Little challenges will help.
  10. Kitchen Safe is a good idea. The longest self lock period is ten days, you can remove the battery to stop the timer.