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    Hello everyone,
    My girlfriend wants me to look into some sort of software that would help her keep track of my maid service throughout the day while she is at work. After a little research, I hit on

    Since we have a couple macbooks with built-in isight cameras and she has an iphone, this seemed like a good way to go. Basically, she can set up the macbooks in the house in such a way that they have good overall coverage - for instance, one should be able to cover our entire living room and kitchen, and the other one a bedroom, etc. Using the software she can spy on what I'm doing at any time from her iphone - even pan, tilt, zoom the focus. Further, she can set a motion detector so the camera won't turn on and record until I'm in the room. She can either watch real time or have the camera record a still picture every 5 or 10 seconds. The possibilities are pretty endless.
    I think she'll use this to make sure I'm staying on schedule with my daily maid duties and that I'm properly attired to her specifications. I also realized she could use this technology to punish or control me from far away - for example she could text me and tell me to stand in the living room and attach clothepins, weights, or whatever to any part of my body and wait until her next text. She could of course watch the whole thing from her office on her iphone to make sure I was compliant.
    Anyways, I thought I'd share this with all of you out there and also check to see if anyone has tried this software or anything similar out there?
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