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So Horney! I want to cheat the system.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by thekeyholderwife, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. I have not had anything in my pussy since Valentines day and I wasn't allowed to cum. I rode my husband but my instructions from Jen was not to cum but to simply ride him slowly and feel him inside me. When Jen and her Husband come over (the are married now) he fucks my ass but never rarely lets me cum. I haven't had an orgasm in so long! I have been tempted to cheat and have my husband fuck me with his strap on and have the most delicious orgasm. But the consequences. My husband would out me and that would mean facing my fears with the crop.

    Many of you know that I deny my husband but I am also denied and used. So frustrating sometimes. I can see how many of you guys feel when you get played with but kept from that ever moving goal post. Sure I get taken, I suck I swallow but what evades me at this moment is the finish.

    This is delicious and devilish at the same time. Don't know how much longer I can go.
  2. I see your problem. My rules are he can't unless I allow it, but I can whenever and with whoever I want. I have the best of all worlds.

    I admire your willpower. I couldn't do that
  3. You can go as long as you want to go. No one is going to cane you without your consent. I often feel like you do. The choice becomes whether I withdraw my consent or continue the way we are going. So far I have come close to calling it quits but always kept going.

    So you have a married couple dominating both of you? Never came across that before but sounds interesting. For 30 years my wife's married girlfriend sexually dominated me, but just me and not my wife. She did get my wife to deny me intercourse for the last 20 or so years though. Her girlfriend's submissive husband stayed out of it sexually, but socialized with us at social events. We had toyed with the idea of letting our ex girlfriend control my orgasms, and when we have sex. In the end neither of us wanted to give her that much control over us. Plus my wife likes her orgasms and has them a few times a week, with or without me.
  4. I would find a relationship where neither of us gets to orgasm boring and monotonous. Your ability to go months without an orgasm by sheer willpower is admirable.

    What do you do when you make love? Not prying for sordid details, but it makes me wonder what a couple does where neither can orgasm.

    If you're not satisfied with how things are, maybe it's time to tell the other couple you need a break. Your poor husband is probably dying to bring you off, even if he stays locked up. Give him the strap-on and let him go wild.
  5. I would think that it could be good as it gives you both time to explore each other and learn more about each other and hopefully have better bonding time instead of wam bam thank you mam and rolling over and going to sleep or going your own ways. I would love to be secured to my wife with us both in chastity, (but the ties are loose enough to do a lot of exploring of each other and we could not get loose from each other for at least a couple of hours. I think that something like this would be great for all relationships.
  6. I can't agree to that. For us foreplay is most important, we are generally wasted before orgasm can be achieved, and that for us is almost the norm and we love to be fondled and cuddled just for the fun of it, orgasm is not our goal.
  7. I think it's funny that if a male in chastity said the same thing, the response would not be quite as supportive lol!

    Don't know how he does it, part of all this for me is the pleasure I receive from a job well done.
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  8. Same here. My wife does not orgasm easily, and there are many times when it just doesn't happen. While I don't mind the times when she doesn't, I find her orgasms thrilling and in a way validating to me as a man.

    Four months would be a long time for me not to enjoy one of my wife's orgasms. And knowing it was being driven by some other guy would probably cause some serious jealousy and hard feelings. No way I could play that game.
  9. No..
    Wouldn't work for us..my wife likes to be licked to an O (atleast 1 maybe several depending on wine consumption) most nights before sleep...being locked most of the time one of us should be gething orgasms!!
  10. I my opinion you should take control of the situation and get a Hard Cock in your Pussy as soon as possible. Take control of your husband and use him for your pleasures That's my opinion for what it's worth
  11. From the above line, I assume you enjoying this somewhat; my advice would be for you to go with it and see where it leads you

    Kind regards,
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  12. So I opted for my orgasm tonight. I couldn't take it any longer! I do enjoy working out my submissive slutty side and boy did it get worked out tonight. I have a very sore ass. Jen and her boyfriend came over. She asked if I would prefer the cane first or my orgasm. I decided to get the pain first. 20 strokes with the cane. The first five were easy and I thought "oh that's not very bad". But 6-20 were hell. By 20 I was nearly in tears. I have never my ass spanked since I was a child let alone a cane which focuses on a very thin part of your skin. He climbed on top of me and took my ass which sort of pissed me off because I wanted him in my pussy. Usually he is very methodical and slow but tonight he put his full weight into thrusting into me. After about 15 minutes I was mind numb and my whole body alive with sensation. I felt myself go limp and tingly. It was the second time ever to have came from anal! WOW!!!! Tomorrow is our anniversary and my husband is going to get a much deserved reward as will I. I will unlock him and ride the ever living daylights out of him. Lets just hope he will have the stamina to keep his cum where it belongs. I want to begin rewarding him with this about every month for letting me live out my fantasies. If he cums he won't be let out until new years. If he doesn't he will get to feel the inside of his wife every month. I am still against him cumming. My guess is that he will be a good man and just take what I give him.
  13. You made the right choice. A frustrated wife is never a fun thing. I'm sure your husband will be able to tell how much better you feel now and you'll be in a better attitude for your anniversary. And congratulations on the anniversary!
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  14. If you ever feel the need for a physical barrier to prevent you from masturbating to orgasm, in essence cheating on Jen, I have a suggestion for you.

    When I first met my sub wife I wanted to control her, including when she had an orgasm. We had both her inner labia pierced just below her cliterus with small rings. A little paddle-lock attached the rings together forcing her labia lips together. Of course I was the key-holder. She was able to do everything normally in everyday life which was important because she lived 2 hrs away. She could even masturbate, just not to orgasm because the lock was so clumsy. To use your phrasing, it was pretty devilish.

    When we met each weekend of course the first thing she would want to do is to be unlocked. It was not outwardly spoken, but understood. She is a very horny girl. I would torment her by always having plans for something in public early to late evening. She would be a wet mess by the time I unlocked her later at night.
  15. Sounds great! the keyholder being used and denied. Keep going, KW, push your limits further and further. Oh wow, it is so agonising and delicious at the same time.
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  16. Wonderful!
    Jen controls her husband and controls you,she uses her husband to interact with you and you control your husband!
    Complex but fascinating!
    I admire you enjoying both sides of the equation!
    See no problem if you are denied,because your husband's actions,resembling Jen's husband's can be inspiring and increase hornyness while not bringing you to orgasm.
  17. So, did he make it without cumming or could he not hold it back?
  18. It sounds like your making this arrangement into a very exciting like for your self .Good Girl. Using him for your pleasure can also give him Incredible pleasure even if you don't let him Cum LOL
  19. So many unanswered questions @thekeyholderwife@thekeyholderwife!... The denial and caning sound like an exciting new aspect to your relationship.
    - How was your anniversary? Did you let your husband climax finally?
    - What is the dynamic like with Jen controlling your hubby's key? When you ask for the key, does Jen ever deny it? How strict is she?
    - What is your playtime like now with your husband and Jen? Do you still let your husband play use the strap-on with you and Jen? Are you still put in bondage by Jen and her husband?
    - I believe you mentioned you were measured for a female belt at one point. Did that ever get ordered?
    - You mentioned once you had a few more adventures to fulfill and then an 'ultimate goal' with your husband and his chastity. Are you in a position to elaborate on that now? Are you getting closer to your goal?
    I'm sure I'm not the only person anxious for more details... you lead an interesting life and you write about it so well.
    Best regards
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  20. Answer to question one. No he did not climax. But I rode him for alomst 30 minutes. It was exquisite!
    Jen and I used to share the key, but recently I moved it to a safe deposit box at the bank to which only I have access. Husband expressed concern about it and after discussing I came up with this as a solution. In the past I would have to ask Jen to come over and retrieve it from the lockbox. She never denied it. Playtime with Jen. Well that would take hours to write but on average we play at least once a week. But life does get busy. Though her husband enjoys coming by in the morning on the way to work and just before I leave to get a blowjob. It is sporadic and I usually don't know until the doorbell rings. That throws me off. I think Jen likes that because of our past and what she knows about me. When they come over together what happens really depends on the mood and what we have planned. Sometimes we just go to a movie, eat dinner etc. I never can be sure. But when she wants him to fuck me I know because they arrive with a suitcase which has many things in it. The main piece that is in that case is the "jacket". She bought this to get me to face my fear of being immobile. When that comes out I know what is about to happen and it makes me very weak. Sill have issues with it but that is part of the excitement. I am never fucked outside of bondage unless, like on our anniversary, I let my husband out of chastity and rode him. But I stayed true on that occasion and did not have an orgasm. Oh the belt. That is difficult. I actually got in a little fight about that. Actually freaked out a bit because one night after her husband had fucked me and while I still was gagged blindfolded and in the jacket, I felt them installing the belt. I really started to panic. I actually screamed as much as I could through the gag and tried my best to keep them from doing it. Once it was on I turned angry. They let me out of my jacket and left it on me the rest of the night as we argued about it. I was not ready for that. And then I broke down crying. She could see that it was too much and so it was removed. So yes it was ordered. It was a cheap model so I think she was testing the waters a bit. Pushing my limits. I have a feeling that it will be around my waist again sometime but not sure when. My feeling is that she is waiting to see how I respond the next time before she breaks down and spends the money on a real one. She has been talking to me about it a lot. That she wants me in it. My husband wants to still be able to lick me as well, so we shall see. I can tell you that I never thought I would be the one in chastity and not sure if I ever will be.

    The goal didn't have to do with my husbands chastity but rather my fantasies. However, the fantasy I have is very base and is very controversial. I have had fantasies of being abducted and raped since I was young. But I know that the reality of it is horrible and I really don't ever want that. I want to be safe. That being said, I would love to experience being taken "in a safe way" by surprise and having a weekend where I was totally subjugated bound and used. My fantasy is to be surprised coming out of the shower and bound in our basement with heavy restraints for an entire weekend. Movements restricted severely but in a way that is safe. Then in sporadic moments people would come in and take me then leave me. Part of this is the fear of being trapped and alone. Part of it is just being used. I can't explain why this feeling of helplessness has been part of my fantasy since I was a little girl but whatever. I have a safe word and that would be my only escape. I have communicated this to all of them and I can tell you that I walk out of the shower every Friday night with caution. The other fantasy I have is to have my mouth, vagina and ass filled by three different men at the same time. I imagine what it would be like and have done it with toys but can't begin to imagine what this is like for real when three hungry beasts are using me. That one is complicated because it would really involve three men that are not my husband. I don't know of two other men in my life that would be a part of that or that I would want to be a part of that and I am not actively looking for that.

    Jen and I are very close. Always have been...obviously. We are all friends and we play safe. We will see where it goes.
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  21. Thanks for the update, we all enjoy your posts, such a different life than ours.
  22. I'm not in the same situation as you, but sometimes I want to "cheat", too. I'll decree chastity for my bf, then decide I have to have him. Him doing oral on me or doing me with the dildo will hold me for a little while, but it doesn't always work. The feeling of power helps for a while, but doesn't always hold up, either. I have to invent ways for him to "work off" time in chastity so I can have him. The longest I've been able to go is 6 weeks. The feeling of power during that period kept me going, but when I finally got that cage off him, I was glad it was time. It's probably one reason why I employ spanking as much as I do. I can spank him and have him as soon as his corner time is up. I do have to wait for him to fix his makeup once I let him out of the corner, though..

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