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Snipped or not

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mash2214, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Snipped about 25 years ago, best thing I ever did
  2. After having 3 daughters (youngest is 36 now) I got tired of reaching for a condom while making love to my wife. I had a vasectomy. My balls continued to ache for a year. I had a vasovastomy which is rehooking the vas deferens back together. A doctor's office jackoff and a sample on a slide confirmed swimmers. By then My wife had had a hysterectomy. My nuts quit hurting. Now I am 64 and I wish I had bought Walmart stock with the $ instead of having 2 operations. Married 45 years last month. We use chastity play only as play. I have 3 belts, a CB 3000 and 2 chineese metal ones. 1 chineese has a silicone tube in it. My wife continues to cater to my eclectic masochistic fetishes. I continue to cater to her love of my talented tongue and ability to thoroughly plow her at her peak time of need.
    It works for us and the grandkids are cool and as different as a herd of cats. We keep our sex life to ourselves, but it is the backdrop for our lives. Hey, we were literally teenagers when we wed. I was 19 and she was 18.
    God I love how that woman punishes me! But I know she does it for the sex!
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  3. Look at the bright side you have a lovely wife that you can share your sexual kink with. What else really matters.
  4. I'm snipped too ,
    It was a joint decision between me and my now ex wife because we didn't want any more children .
    What tipped it for me was when they said there was an increased risk of cancer for her if she had herself done so I said I would have it done instead .
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  5. It was my idea and she did not like it at all. I had it done right after our 3rd child. It was my choice and no one was changing my mind.
  6. A few years back, I offered to get snipped. Wife thought about it and decided to get a tubal instead. Her logic was she thought it more likely that she would cheat than I.
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  7. Snipped 13 years ago after our 3rd child. Great decision as my wife and I do not like condoms. Didn't like the feeling of having something over my penis, lol now I'm caged and love the feeling of being constrained.
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  8. Snipped about 18 months ago. Our second kid came about during a break in our chastity play. The snip was a mutual decision based on time, work, insurance, and medical issues with my wife using birth control.
  9. snipped....wife instructed me.
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  10. Snipped at the wife's behest.
  11. Snipped about 35 to 40 years ago. The only thing I can still remember is how painful the shots were. Mainly wife's suggestion.
  12. So I just got snipped 2 weeks ago ... still a bit tender down there. The actual snipping was a breeze, the next 10 days spent with feelings of getting kicked in the nuts wasn't great .... but not horrible either. The stitches that are supposed to disintegrate are the worst part so far as they have not completely gone away yet. Now it's 30 ejaculations until the true test and a sample is checked out for swimmers. Hopefully the wifey will be giving me a hand with that lol.
  13. Snipped 10 years ago
  14. We are for heading down that Road. I want IT done and my wife agrees. But i have to wait one year unthil i Get 30. My doc will not make the apoinyment befor im 30.
  15. Snipped 9 years ago
  16. This christmas appointment.
  17. #43 Qveik, Aug 25, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2017
    Hi, I have questions. I am booked for snip snap in September. For me and @withallsenses@withallsenses it was mutual as after three kids and the fact I hate condoms there is no reason not do it. We can focus more on pleasure than worries and be happy. I am currently locked in HT2 and abroad, away.. Not sure how to go about it.
    How soon can the cage go back on? My BH is asking. :D what about emptying the sack as doc recommends 30 ejaculation within 90 days and than to sperm count test? :cool: not sure how to go about that, working abroad every two weeks locked up and going back for longer weekends.
    Please let me know your struggle.
    Thanks. ;)
  18. You could massage the prostate and that would mean that you could remain locked once you get the snip.
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  19. Thank you. I would love that, unfortunately it's forbidden place for me. Only my Better Half can go there. I am not allowed. We didn't get that far yet. I believe interesting things lie ahead.
  20. Had a vasectomy 33 years ago after two great kids. Basically my idea as it was hormonally a better way to go. and for many years we enjoy our orgasms internally with some snacking but now pretty much T&D and occasionally we do have intercourse. but snipped was my idea.
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  21. Snipped over 15 years and love the decision. It was mainly my decision but wife agreed. Highly recommend it.
  22. Not snipped here - then again I have not had PIV on about 3-4 years -
    Wife gets randomly when she wants. I get more enjoyment watching and getting her off than a 2 second bang squirt I was to cum
  23. I was snipped when I was 42 after my wife found out that I was fucking two younger women. As part of my contrition I volunteered to have myself made sterile. No regrets.
  24. After two kids I got snipped at 33 then castrated at 52.