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    My girlfriend and I decided to quit smoking together. The “quit date “ arrived and we were both determined. A few days after the quit date we had both stopped. I was struggling a bit more than her with withdrawal symptoms but I persevered . She came over one evening as I was cooking a nice dinner for us.
    “God, I really fancy a fag” I said pacing the floors and in a grumpy mood. “Don't worry baby” she said. “Why don't we have a shag to take your mind off things?” I cheered up considerably. “ Erm, yea OK” I replied with enthusiasm. We were both shortly snogging and ended up naked on the couch. As I was kissing her ears and neck I slid my hand down to her quivering mound. She was dripping wet and breathing hard. She suddenly pushed me on my back, grabbed a nearby bottle of baby oil and started to liberally douse my throbbing and very hard cock in oil. She slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft. “You know baby”, she purred in my ear “You are struggling a bit wanting a cigarette, I can tell. Maybe you need a bit more motivation”. She stopped and went to her handbag. She pulled out a small box and sat back down next to me. “What you're lacking I think is just a bit of discipline in your life. I think you need to wear this until we know you have stopped for certain.” She pulled out a small “rubbery looking” device and dangled it in front of my face. “You know what this is don't you?” she smiled. “Yea, I know what it is but I already have one” I replied.”Yes but this one's different, you can wear it all the time , and no-one can even tell your wearing it”. It was a chastity device. We had “played with them before” over a couple of days but it was uncomfortable to wear after that and you could tell when I had it on under my clothes. She continued to stroke my cock slowly up and down. “I thought maybe you could wear this as an incentive to stop smoking. What do you think about that? “ she purred. “Well, I erm...” She cut me off. “Good. I was thinking maybe a week or so just to help you stop. You dont smoke for a week and then it comes off. Tell you what, why don't I “sort you out” and then we can put this on you.” She increased the rhythm up and down my shaft. “Go on, come for me so I can lock you up” she whispered over and over in my ear. That sent me over the top. I started moaning and shouted “God I'm gonna cum!” My whole body started shuddering and I was on the edge of an explosive climax. Then she pulled her hand away right before I spurted all over the ceiling. “What the fuck!” I protested reaching down to “sort myself out” She pulled my hands back. “The problem is baby, that's why you're struggling with the smoking. You don't have any discipline. Your always pursuing your own pleasure. You need to learn self control.” she handed me the chastity device. “Now put this on, and then we can discuss how we are going to get you through this. Don't worry I will support you and help you to quit.”. I managed after a bit of a struggle to get the silicon ring from the device over my cock and balls. She put a bag of frozen peas on my crotch and waited until my erection had “calmed down a bit” and then slipped the casing over my shaft. “Ha a perfect fit. It's a good thing I bought the “mini” one” she sniggered. She clicked the lock in place. “That's better. Now how long shall we keep this on for? A week? No. I don't think that's quite long enough” She put on a huge smile. “I think you should wear this for at least a month. What do you think baby? Don't forget you said you wanted me to do this to you and how much it turns you on. I just want to help” She was squeezing my nipples as I was shuddering. “Um” I stammered. “ I can make it two months if you want?” she stated. “Uh no, how about a week, that would be enough surely. I haven't worn this before I might not get on with it” I protested. “A week? You must be having a laugh! Do you know how much this thing cost? You need to get on with it and if you don't that's not my problem. We need to get our moneys worth, and besides, its gonna take longer than a week for you to be over wanting to smoke. I was going to compromise on two weeks but if your gonna “take the piss” then I'm afraid its going to be six weeks. That's Final. And don't forget, if you smoke I will add a week on for every fag you have, so you best not have any more” she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down towards her crotch. “Now get busy bitch” she giggled. “And when you're done servicing me you can rub my back until I fall asleep”.

    Week 1

    At the end of the week I still hadn't smoked and was feeling rather horny to say the least. My girlfriend came over and I was cooking her dinner. She walked up to me when she came in and gave me a big hug. She grabbed my groin and whispered in my ear, “Don't worry baby, I want to get fucked later, I'm really horny!”. My cock was aching and my whole body was trembling with desire to be inside her shooting off my load. I couldn't wait! From previous experience I just knew she wouldn't leave me in “that state” for six weeks! She was too soft! I felt quite cheery and horny in anticipation of having a good cum later. After a pleasant evening we ended up in bed. I was kissing her softly on her neck and breasts and we were both breathing hard. “Are you going to let me out now so I can fuck you darling” I whispered, my voice trembling. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking with excitement. She started stroking the outside of my cage, running her hand over my balls. “Absolutely not baby, you still have 5 weeks to go I'm afraid. What I meant by getting fucked was me getting fucked with a toy actually. Now get that black blow up dildo thingy and service me. I fancy a good hard fucking. “No offence, but I'm up for some black cock tonight, and seeing as how yours is indisposed I will have to go for the next best option. You can't expect me to wait now can you?”. She laughed and rolled over sticking her ass in the air, ignoring the look of dismay on my face. “Go on then, get busy! And don't forget to give my ass lots of attention with your tongue when you're fucking me” she said. An hour and 3 orgasms later she was falling asleep with a big grin on her face as I was giving her the 4th full body massage of the week!

    Week 2 and 3

    I was really “starting to suffer now”. It was almost three weeks without an orgasm. Id never been that long without coming since I hit puberty! I still hadn't smoked and I was probably suffering more from not coming than from missing tobacco. In fact, cumming was all that was on my mind! After a couple of weeks of numerous text messages and telephone calls from my girlfriend telling me to hoover her house, do the washing up, pick her up from work and whatever other task she thought of I believed that for sure she was going to “sort me out” and renege on her “6 weeks of chastity”. We had joked about long term chastity before but she is always “really nice to me” and I didn't honestly think she would make “good her promise.” I was still in shock that she had ruined my orgasm on day one as I didn't think she “had it in her” to be that cruel. To make matters worse she was constantly teasing me when we saw each other grabbing my crotch, kissing my neck and squeezing my nipples and taking a “sick pleasure” in my frustration. She certainly seemed to have no qualms getting me to service her whenever she wanted. The strange thing was that for all my frustration my love for her was stronger than ever and I really felt like I was ”worshipping a goddess”. I also felt like her slave, and although it contradicted my “male ego” I found it highly erotic. The frustration was that I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. I was over at hers and she said to me “You've worked really hard pleasing me baby, well done and even more well done for not smoking. I think you have definitely earned a treat. Do you fancy getting fucked tonight?” She had a big grin on. I felt a huge sense of relief and my hands were trembling in anticipation. “Oh yea” I replied with enthusiasm. “ Well, go upstairs then, take all your clothes off and get on my bed. After what seemed an age she came upstairs. She chucked a pillow my head so I couldn't see. I felt Velcro restraints going around my wrists and she tied them to her bed posts. I heard her fumbling with some keys. “So do you want me to let you out baby” she asked. “Yes please” I said. She took the pillow away. She was wearing a black thong and stockings and a “shelf” bra that “showed off” her beautiful breasts. I could have melted she looked so hot! “Beg me then” she whispered in my ear. “I enthusiastically did so for quite a few minutes until with relief she undid the lock and pulled off the silicon cage as my erect cock sprung free. The device was still wrapped around my balls but I hardly noticed, I felt so free! She started licking my shaft up and down lubricating it with her spit. She slid her hand slowly up and down my shaft rubbing the head spitting on my cock and slowly teasing me. She flipped herself around and was sitting on my face. She pulled her thong to one side and thrust her wet labia onto my lips. “Lick it!” she commanded. She moved her hips so my tongue and lips played from her clit down to her ass. She kept sitting on me for a few seconds causing me to struggle for breath and then pulling away. I was so turned on! I thought I was going to explode as she was grinding her crotch into my face and saying “do you want to come then baby. Go on beg me. How bad do you want to come?” I started moaning and my whole body went into spasm. “I'm gonna come baby that feels so good” I shouted muffled in her groin. I couldn't believe it, but she pulled her hand away right before I came. I thought I was going to cry. She kept grinding her crotch into me and a moment later came hard, her juices dripping onto my chin. “I thought I was going to get fucked” I whimpered. “You are baby, I'm gonna fuck you with my anal beads, I read you shouldn't go too long without ejaculating as its bad for your prostate, so I'm going to “milk you”. She put the device back over my cock and clicked the lock into place. “Relax, turn over it wont hurt too much.”. She snorted. “You didn't think I was going to get you off did you? When I said six week I meant six weeks. You should be happy that I'm so concerned about your health” she said plunging the beads into my ass. Half an hour later after a rigorous shagging I had certainly “leaked” a lot of fluid without having an orgasm. Needless to say I struggled to sleep that night.

    Week 6

    This segment is entitled “week 6” but I think it was more like week 8 or 9! I got “extended” a few times for “transgressions” here and there. I didn't remove her make up properly. I forgot to leave the toilet seat down. I didn't wait for her to finish eating before I got up. One night I was “talking too much” and she ended up putting a gag on me insisting I had to go down on all fours so she had a “footrest”. I had to stay like that for two hours! In the end though, I persevered. She had more orgasms and back rubs than I could count. Her house was spotless and all of her clothes were immaculately ironed. All I got was a few “milkings”. She would put on a latex glove and get me to lick her finger and then shag me with it. It was strange feeling humiliated and so horny at the same time! At long last the “moment I had been waiting for” finally arrived. She tied me up again and wanked me off. I couldn't believe it but she kept “edging me” a few times stopping right before I came and then starting a few minutes later after getting me to beg. “Whose cock is this?” She she would say. “Its yours baby” I replied. “That's right bitch” she informed me.” And you are never ever gonna be touching it again without my permission! And your not ever smoking again either. Do You understand?” She made me promise that I did. I finally came all over her hand, part of the ceiling and the both of us. It was the most intense orgasm I think I ever had.” Yuk” she said wiping semen off of her body. “My hand is a mess”. She pushed her dripping hand into my mouth. “Now do a good job licking it all off and I might only lock you up for a couple of weeks before letting you come this time.” She grabbed the chastity device with her spare hand and started rubbing it against my crotch smiling all the while. I certainly haven't smoked since.
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