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Smart phone blue tooth controlled buttplug!

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by chastecocklet, May 28, 2016.

  1. Got it yesterday, we-vibe ditto. In my option its is alitlle to short, and could stand to be bigger i gerth. The remote that came with it worked great on test run. Synced phone on blue tooth it work but was slow to respond. I did like the option of creating custom vibrations on the phone. Have yet to test the option for phone to phone control
  2. Thanks. Do you think it could make you cum from that alone?
    a ks
  3. New to this kind play and did not use it long. But even though it felt arrousing, i would say no
  4. Got to test this out more today with wife. We used played around with it for about an hour. In thats time it came unsynced from phone twice but seamed to be when using other apps on phone. Did not cum, only caused a few drops of precum.and im going on three weeks denied
  5. Hi everyone! So our Hush plug broke - there's a 1 year warranty on it however when I signed into my lovense account, I don't see history of my order even though I KNOW I ordered it from there. Can you guys check out your account to see if you have a history of your order? My order confirmation is not in my email either. I did some digging and it turns out I have my trash bin in my email set to automatically permanently delete after 7 days...sigh.