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small cage

Discussion in 'Birdlocked' started by rebeccacd404, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. I have been wearing a cb3000 now for a little time, I am in a session in emlalock at my mistresses instructions. She has instructed me to get jewelled butt plugs, S,M,L, so my first question is can anyone recommend some nice ones, so many different prices.
    But the main thing she has also said is she wants me in a small device with utheral insert, again can anyone recommend a nice one, I think it will be for long term usage...I think she has plans.
  2. We have uses a Holy trainer for several years. Often months on end. My wife and I are about to try an extra small device with a utheral insert. I have herd that if you use one that is extra small that over long periods of time is can permanently reduce the size of your cock. Does any one have experience with this?
  3. Well I use an extra small one with a urethral insert at the instruction of my Mistress. And it hasn't improved the size of my willy, and has probably made it more difficult to get to my previous size.

    Photos in my gallery.
  4. Be very careful with inserts. Two time "recipient" of a UTI here. Hope your experience doesn't mirror mine.
  5. One of my goals, I really want a tiny cocklette
  6. Oh dear that's not good, any idea how, things I should and shouldn't Do?
  7. I've never suffered UTI...just keep it clean!
  8. Absolutely, keep it clean and keep an eye on your urine flow. I ended up with prostatitis, which is essentially the male version of a UTI. Antibiotics worked the second time, because I knew the symptoms, but the first time I ended up in the hospital for 5 days while they flushed me with IV antibiotics. Vigilance is the key.