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Sleeping in chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Angels Bitch, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. The gel has over a long time proved to be the best lube for me too

    Jamie's advice about watching your fluid intake before bed is good advice too.

    Definitely getting one's set up right is major factor. My first cage was a cb-2000 (a horrible thingI came to realise) far too short I believed at the time. Nocturnal erections would wake me up at least twice a night. Taking a pee walking round and having a smoke used to help a lot. It used to feel as though someone was using my balls as a handle to pull my kidneys out, intense stuff. Increasing the size of spacer helped, switching to the Curve helped a lot ...I thought that was because the Curve was much longer but it was in the cb-3000 that I finally found something that suited me. I believe it was the slightly reduced diameter that did the trick. Tried the 6k and then the 6ks which was the best until I was bought a Fort by which time I was more used to wearing than I was being without. Again thinking back the 6ks was the most comfortable of them all and for most of the time, it was shorter than the others so it was not the length that was as important as the reduced diameter when it came to long term comfort.

    So it is now as i write that I am reflecting on this and I do feel that yes of course spacer and A-ring combination must be right but I am begining to think tube diameter has a lot more to do with it than I thought. I'm finding my recent return to wearing after a year off far more uncomfortable at times as I readjust and esepecially during attempted erections and I'm sure finding a tube with less diameter than the Fort might be worth a try in the hope that erection attempts might become less of an issue.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I am going to send them note and get their input.
  3. I have to no problem sleeping, I'm now wearing the birdlock it's very soft and comfy. Maybe look into it. I have tried many others. My first was cb series but no comfort at all. I work in construction, so I'm very physical for my work. My wife kh loves having me locked up. I think the key is to find that device that is most comfort for you for long term wear. Nothing like going to sleep being frustrated with no orgasm after pleasuring your KH.
  4. My non custom cage although very comfy during the day, I could set my watch to 5am every morning. In fact sometimes I didn't set my alarm knowing that it would happen. My new custom device is hit and miss. If I drank that night I might get up a few times. If I had been sexual with mistress that night it will give me an early wake up call as well.

    Another less chatted about reason is cleanliness. If I skip a night shower, it gets a bit clingy. Base ring, tube, even the gap itself seams to not want to move freely. So showering and a dab of silicon base lube keeps everything from sticking to things it shouldn't.