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Sleeping in chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Angels Bitch, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. The only time I have any trouble is at night trying to sleep. Anyone have any advice on this.
  2. Some sort of lubricant on the base ring and any other part that might get pulled. I use Baby oil gel, soothes the skin, and stays in place for awhile. When I feel things pulling at night I get up and pee, this seems to fix things and I can fall right back to sleep usually.
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  3. Thanks needing help in that department. If I can get sleeping in it down. Iwill be locked 24/7
  4. A lot of it for me was just getting used to it, I still get woken up almost once a night, but am able to get back to sleep easily now.
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  5. In my case it was getting the triple combination of base ring, cage length and gap between them all just right. The thing that made it most comfortable for me overnight then long term was the cage length. Once I found one that kept my organ from growing at all. If I started a nocturnal/piss hard, it would hurt. After the smaller cage was in place, the little rascal learned to not try and the pain of it pulling on my scrotum went away.
    I've also read and found that the urge to pee in the middle of the night is a source of potential pain because of the growth, so limiting fluid intake close to bed time would help.
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  6. I've been trying really hard to. I can wear it all day no problem. Buthe can not sleep so about 5 or 6 am she will get up and let me out and I'll get a few hrs of sleep and then back on around 9 or 10. I have a great keyholder. But I really want to be able to wear all the time for her. But we are really new to this so I'm guessing I'll be able to soon as long as we keep working with it.
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  7. A good fit is also really important, but everyone is built differently, though I'm sure you'll get there.
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  8. I'm uncut so the extra skin is my Main problem. But it is really comfortable to me most of the time I forget I even have it on well until it's time to pee and I have to set lol. But for the most part I'm really happy with the comfort
  9. Just power through it and your body will adjust. I cannot sleep well without being locked up. It feels too weird. You did not say what your problem is though. Is it nighttime erections? If so that will stop being a problem as you adjust to sleeping locked up. If it is uncomfortable since you are a side sleeper, put a pillow in-between your legs so that they do not press against the ring of your cage. It took me a few months to get used to sleeping locked up but now being locked up is as normal as wearing my wedding band on my finger. It is only noticeable if I think about it.

    I come from the BDSM world so being in pain or uncomfortable is not new to me. I just put up with it until I get used to it. Works for me every time. If chastity was easy everyone would be doing it. :)
  10. Just get uncomfortable at nite trying to sleep but I will most definitely try the pillow trick. That may help. It just gets uncomfortable when I actually lay down and try to sleep. I guess the pressure on it. But I really do appreciate all the feed back.
  11. Vinny beat me to it. I was going to suggest a soft pillow.
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  12. What your experiencing is very common. Nocturnal Erections can be a Pain. That is why getting the correct fit for you is so important. All the other information that you've been given will help, it takes time so be patient take it night by night than you will sleep through the night like a baby. I'm in a similar position myself as my Mistress has locked me in a smaller cage because she wanted me tighter . So even after 7 years I'm still waking up because of Nocturnal Erections. And loving it
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  13. Thanks so much for the pillow tip it did help made it thru the whole nite
  14. I wear a Holy Trainer. If I have been teased or allowed to pleasure my Wife sexually some way then I can guarantee I will wake up sometime around 5am due to a nocturnal erection attempt. When I first started wearing the device that was happening around 4am, every night, without fail. It took about three or four months before I realised I was sleeping through.

    Where you have been told to limit fluid intake, I did the complete opposite. I did it so I had to get up and have a pee in the night. Having a pee got rid of the nocturnal erection quickly and I was able to sleep again.
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  15. best advice I think I can give is if you wake up for any reason at night get up and go to the bathroom you may not even notice much at first but even the smallest piss hard on may not sound bad after all we all like being hard in are devices but at night when asleep can cause major redness and even sores you don't want that my device is very small to say the least 20mm long cage and so it doesn't give me a choice but I've used longer cages and it took me a long time to put it together but that's what was making me sore you can't just say the hell with it and hold it all night like your used to we all can but in chastity shouldn't
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  16. This will be less of a problem in time , your body needs to learn and get used to its caged state , but for now the pillow method and getting up to pee will help , given time you will get to the point that not being caged will not feel right , so patients and stick with it , it may take some time but in the end you will sleep through without a problem
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  17. Hi, only newbie here, didn't actually know about this thread after two nights in. Woken up 3x at night with pain. HTv2 is a perfect fit but at its all new for the body i guess, as stated above. I have used some baby cream which helped, but this morning an instant ice pack. That helped instantly, literary. My problem is now the dull pain in testes... Is that normal?
  18. I usually wake up once a night, I'll have to adjust and I'm usually back to sleep. I've always been a stomach sleeper so getting used to not sleeping on my stomach had had it's challenges.
  19. Hi, thanks., yes just night time. And when device is too low. Its not painful. Just like when you would hit into sack accidentally and have that dull pain. Could it be that the body is just still getting used to it? It mainly happens after the night hard ons. Shifting the ring helped a bit. I think they want to be freed and get some space to breath
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  20. Hi guys, could it be due to being locked 24/5 and as a newbie the body is just adjusting? Its not pain pain, just discomfort. I'll stick in it unless they go blue or something .. The ring seems to be a good size fit I believe. The constant arouse since I've been locked could contribute to the pulling the scrotum down hence the feeling. The balls looks fine to me, no redness or anything. Hmm puzzled
  21. Getting used to it is part of what you're experiencing. The othe part is the device not fitting perfectly. That's why so many of us have gone to custom made devices like the Mature Metal Jailbird. Properly sized there's less movement and pulling. Hence less pain.

    Keep in mind that you'll always have some discomfort at times. It's just part of what we've signed up for. But getting used to the pain, the device etc happens through experience. It's why you'll see that those of us who have some experience tell newbies to ease into it. It's why when they don't you'll see discussions like this and why as you work through it that if you don't quit you'll begin to understand.

    Unfortunately it's part of the process, and a right of passage. We all go through it and no matter what we say, the experience is the same.

    Welcome to the club. It gets better if you don't quit. It won't always be easy. In fact at times it gets tough, just see Vinnys's posts on taking a break. Or mine on coming back. But once this crazy bugs bites you, you're in for a journey. So don't fight it, read all the old posts you can and enjoy it.

    Or as has be said, be careful what you wish for!
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  22. Marvelous, what a great help.
    Thank you so much for this advice.
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  23. Glad I could help
  24. On a related note but not quite on topic..... I have been using a Chinese device for the last several months. Nighttime erections are a problem but I think that most of my issues are related to the hinged ring that I am using versus a conventional solid ring. I completely agree with you that once you get into this desire, it kinda takes over your head and things feel weird when you are not wearing it.

    As a result, I am considering moving to a custom cage instead. Following the measuring recommendations, my flacid length is about 3". If you take away the space for the ring and the gap, that brings me down to about 2 1/4". Several people have noted that a smaller cage is better than a bigger cage and that a common error is to order a cage that is too long. So, do I order a cage that is 2" or should I order a cage that is 1.75"???

    What do you think would give me a better fit?
  25. We all go through it.. and try different sizes of cages, rings and such. I found the smaller cage worked perfect for me. The erections at night are fewer and normally just a piss away for relief. I eased into the 24/7 with my wife, the all day wear first for the first 4 or 5 days (just during the day off at night) and then when I was wearing it 7 days a week except at night I didn't even know I was wearing it most of the time. Then went one night, then skipped a day or two. then two nights, after that it did feel strange when I didn't have it on. So now it's 24/7 and off for cleaning, or when wife wants to use it.. so relax go at YOUR / KHs pace! If this is your life style it works out!