Slave Trade

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    Throbbing head ache...

    I tried to move, but found my limbs were incapable of the task.

    Flashes of the night before teased my brain.

    There was a bar...

    That I'm sure of...

    A woman... Two women?...

    They were laughing.

    No, they were angry. But if they were angry, why the laughter?

    As my body accumulated to its situation, I realized there were more pressing matters to focus on.

    Where am I?

    Why can't I move?

    I attempted to reposition my arms again. There was a definite pressure on my wrists. They were anchored to something solid and unmovable. This wasn't an accident. Someone must have bound me here on purpose. A wave of hysteria flooded my imagination.

    What did they want?

    Why me?

    Who was it who had put me in this predicament?

    As quickly as the panicked wonderings entered my conscious, they were dismissed, at the sound of a distant




    seized my attention.

    It was a sound of something solid meeting a concrete floor. The cadence of a steady walk. High heels striking the ground they strode upon.

    The creek of a door opening. An unknown person entered and closed the door behind them. That's when I realized I must be blindfolded because I was only able to see darkness.

    "Ahhh" the voice of a female drolled, "I see you're finally awake!". She giggled as words sprang to my throat.

    "WHAT IS HAPPENING", I attempted to yell, but only muffled noises came out. Ah, I was gagged with some kind of cloth. I began to struggle furiously at my bonds as my situation morphed into hysteria.

    "Oh my!", she exclaimed, "You should save your strength. There is no way you will slip from your restraints."

    Panting, I let my body go limp as I accepted the fact that I was trapped.

    I felt a finger slide up my stomach, across my chest and stop at my lips.

    "I'm sure you want some answers. The drug we used to get you here has the tendency of causing short term memory loss." she said as she pulled away from my body.

    "My partner, Jessica, and I have been watching you. We see you come to the same bar, at the same time. You order the same food, and drink the same beer while talking about the women at your work place. I also know that you have a wife that sits at home, preparing your food, cleaning your house, and waiting for you while you are out, cheating with all the new girls at your firm".

    My breath caught in my throat. How did she know this about me?

    "What you don't know is that the owner of that bar is my friend, and business partner. We use her place to scout out new...", she took some time to finish her sentence, as if she was playing with her words in excitement. "talent", she finished.

    "Any time we notice someone like you; An unfaithful scumbag who is a detriment to society, we target you as a business asset".

    I could hear her heels click as she started to circle me.

    "We are in the business of slave trafficking. We recruit a worthy candidate, abduct, train, and sell them to the highest bidder."

    This can't be real. These things don't really happen to people. I test my restraints again hoping to feel them give. None came. My motion seemed to cause her elation. I heard her laugh at my fruitless attempt.

    "No, no, no, no. Trust me, you cannot break free.", and as if she read my mind, "This is real. The sooner you accept what I'm saying the better. If not, there will be pain. There will be punishment."

    My heart was racing and I could feel a sweat break across my brow.

    She began, "Here is what is going to happen with you.". I heard the door open again and another set of heels click, click, click across the floor and stop to my left.

    "You will be kept in bondage at all times, until you are sold in about 6 months. You will struggle, you will attempt to escape and try to resist. They always do. This will be met with swift and cruel punishment. Not only do we enjoy the punishment, it is necessary to break you down, so we can build you back up as the perfect slave."

    With that there was a crack that split the air and drove a fiery pain into my chest. Two, three, four more times she sent bursts of agony through my body as she whipped me.

    "For example,", she said with an obvious amount of amusement in her voice, "Sometimes you need to be punished, for punishments sake. To drive home the position, you are in. From now on you need to accept your new place in life. Below your owner." She punctuated her sentence with another blow to my chest. I tried to scream out in pain and anger but it was all muffled by the gag.

    "During your training, you will be re-programmed. You will suffer at first, but eventually your suffering will transform into passion".

    "I love it when they try to resist training, it's my favorite part. They ALWAYS try to resist", said another voice right next to my ear. This voice was higher and dripping with excitement. It frightened me far more than anything so far.

    "From here on out you are to refer to all females as goddess.", said the first woman, continuing her speech. "Failure to do so will result in immediate consequences." I heard her walk towards me.

    "Also, we have a buyer already lined up for you, and she has some specific requests. We are going to train you to become aroused at the sight, touch, and smell of female feet. We will do this by keeping your dick", she slapped my balls, "locked in a chastity device, and only allowing you a release while you are worshiping a goddess, under foot. As your sexual desire for an orgasm increases, not only will you become easier to train, you will also start to associate this treatment with sexual gratification. Men are so easy. Control the cock, control whatever is attached to it."

    She giggled after this statement and I felt something cold and solid around my balls. I tried again in vain to struggle as I understood what was happening. She was fitting a cage onto my genitals. The bonds did not give in the slightest and I was helpless to stop her as she snapped the lock shut.

    That click resounded in my head like a trumpet blast. This was real, and I was at my captor’s mercy.

    "Don’t worry little fella", she cooed at my caged dick, "We're going to take it easy on you tonight." She squeezed my balls and continued, "Because tomorrow...". I felt her squeeze harder and move up my body to address my face. "Tomorrow we fit you for your uniform, and start your training."

    They both began to laugh as a final squeeze and whip lash made me try to recoil in pain. No matter what they said I knew I had to attempt an escape. I just need to bide my time and wait for the right opportunity.

    They continued laughing as I heard them leave and shut the door. The click of their heels echoed through the room, and my head as they walked away.

    I can resist this long enough to escape. The was the only thought that repeated through my mind as I fell in and out of an unproductive, and uncomfortable sleep.

    Chapter 2

    "WAKE UP BITCH". The words hit my ears with a ferocity that must have been complemented by the drugs wearing off, and the horrible sleep I managed to get.

    My eyes sprang open and for the first time in a while I could see. My blindfold must have been removed in my sleep. The woman, and my surroundings shone bright and were blurred as my eyes attempted to focus.

    My captor was a very attractive woman in her late 20's. She had shiny blonde hair that cascaded across her shoulders. The sheer joy in her shockingly blue eyes caused fear to thunder through my body once again. She was enjoying having me helpless in this position.

    "It's time to get dressed slave.", she squealed as she grasped my face. Her nails were painted a bright purple and were sharp enough to almost break the skin. "I'm going to release your arms and legs now, but I warn you, one attempt to flee, attack, or cause trouble will be met with strict punishment.".

    That's when I noticed her partner standing behind her with the whip, they were using on me yesterday. Jessica was tall brunette with dark brown eyes. She had a body to kill for and despite my predicament, I felt the cage around my cock get smaller. The blond woman undid my restraints and I had the instant temptation to try to overpower the two women and make my escape. I decided not to, as the chances of being successful were small considering I was out numbered and I had no idea how to get out of my prison.

    "Good boy!" The blond woman said once my tethers were removed. "You didn't even try to escape. I'm impressed. Usually everyone we train makes their first escape attempt the moment they are free. That's why we keep the door locked and carry these stun guns." she said as her partner revealed a nasty looking shock box.

    "Let’s start with your first lesson before we fit you for a uniform." Jessica walked over and released my gag. She then sat next to me on the thin, cold bench I was tied to.

    "On your knees slave. Now!" she commanded harshly. All the perkiness had vanished from her eyes. I obeyed, still waiting for an opportunity I could take advantage of to escape.

    "Kiss the feet of your goddess, and thank her for the training you are about to experience.", she ordered as Jessica crossed her legs and presented her foot to me. She was wearing black strappy heels and sheer nylon stockings that vanished under her skirt.

    She couldn't be serious. I turned to look at the blonde woman and opened my mouth.

    "What? No, that's di..." is all I got out before she brought her hand down on my face. Her slap rattled me. "STOP I.." I said as another blow was delivered to the side of my face. My eyes watered from the pain and embarrassment of being on my knees, at the mercy of two women.

    I decided to stop trying to protest and lowered my head. I could smell her feet from a few inches away. The aroma was that of leather, and vinegar. I hesitated as I approached her dangling foot.

    The whip cracked across my back. "GO ON!" barked the blonde woman. I squealed in pain and decided to obey just to avoid more pain. I leaned in and placed a kiss on the big toe of her foot. I couldn't believe it. I was kissing this woman’s foot. I was so humiliated. I wanted to just melt into the floor and be out of this position I found myself in.

    "Again. Each toe slave, and let’s hear those thank you's". she said. I let out a whimper and continued to kiss her red toes, poking out of the black shoe. I could feel the nylon of her stockings brushing against my lips. They were slightly damp to the touch. Despite the fact that I was being held prisoner against my will, I felt my cock start to harden in its cage. That caused it to put pressure on my balls causing great discomfort. I whimpered before saying "Thank you".


    The whip streaked across my back again.

    "I told you to call all females goddess! Do it again, this time the right way.", she said. I whimpered again and began to repeat my actions. First placing a kiss on her big toe and muttering "Thank you goddess". Then repeating the action on the rest of her toes.

    When I was finished, I sat up straight, tears cascading down my cheeks. Jessica looked down at me and a smile twitched across her face. "Well, well, well. Looks like we snagged the right bitch for the job. He seems to be enjoying himself. He doesn't realize it but his little dicky does. It's trying to get hard.". She moved her foot forward and positioned it under my caged member. She lifted it up to get a better look and to add humiliation to my situation.

    "We brought you some food." said Jessica as she let my trapped dick fall. She stood up and walked out of the door. She returned a moment later with a bowl of liquid. The bowl was blue and resembled a dog's food bowl. It said "Foot Bitch" on the side in bubbly white letters. I guess that is my label until I can find a way to escape. She put the bowl on the ground in front of me and I saw that it contained some kind of noodle soup. She then stepped in the soup and mashed the contents under her high heeled foot.

    The blonde woman exploded with laughter. "You really are a cruel bitch, aren't you?! That's not even part of our training plan.". She continued to giggle to herself as Jessica lifted her foot up, noodles caked to the bottom, and instructed "Go ahead, lick it off.".

    My heart dropped. I was very hungry and could feel my stomach aching for nutrition. But there is no way I could lick it off of the bottom of a shoe! That was disgusting.

    She lashed out with a swift kick to my face. Her food covered shoe, leaving bits of noodle on my cheek. "NOW!" she commanded. Holding back the feeling of disgust and shame, I put my tongue out and licked the soul of her shoe. I continued to lick again and again until the food was removed and her it was clean. I collapsed into the bowl below me as they laughed at how pathetic I looked. As they left the room, I continued to eat the food they provided and was quietly thankful to have a break. How long until they came back to continue this torment? And when will I find my moment to escape?

    This my first attempt to ever write so let me know if you want me to continue it. I didn't want to get too invested and find out that I suck at writing lol
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