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Six Months!

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by thekeyholderwife, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. I have to say that I am extremely proud of my Husband. He has now been in continuous chastity for six months. He has not had an orgasm in 7 months. We have had some rough patches but I guided him through with a heavy yet loving hand. Over the past few months following three months of complete abstenance I rewarded him with the ability to satisfy my friend Jen and I often and he is taking to his role nicely. He longs for the day when he will be allowed to enter us uncaged and today is that day. He has been reluctant at times but has been learning to take our strapons in our effort to learn how to make him cum while cage. This has not happended yet, mostly because he is still struggling with the idea of being taken that way. However, he has admitted that it is starting to be very pleasurable. We have started out very slow and small with him and have been working up to a nice size. Someday soon I hope he will be able to cum since that is the only way we will allow it. He has told me how nice it is to feel our skin on him and that is what has carried him through. It is very intimate.

    Because he has shown his devotion to me through his submission I am going to give him the reward of a lifetime. Tonight when he gets home he will have two hot ladies who will tie him up, uncage his beautiful member and have sex with him until he has had enough. Then it will be back in his cage. The other reward he will get and we will tell him tonight, is that from now on as long as he is good, we will unlock him at least once a month for him to experience vaginal intercourse.

    He has a couple of rules he must follow. 1. He is not permitted to get close to orgasm. Therefore he must communicate with us on were he is at. 2. He will have his anus plugged. 3. He will return to chastity when we are done. And finally he is still never permitted to ask to be released.

    I have missed his beautiful member so much over the past 6 months and am very much looking forward to having him again. The thing that separates me from other dominants I guess is that I love my husband and I love his member. It is better than average in size. So it isn't for the purpose of humiliation that I do this to him, it is because I love him and he loves me and this is what I want. He grants me that much. As long as he behaves he will have my pleasure and Jen's to take care of and now that he has shown that he will submit totally regarding being chaste he has earned my respect and therefore my most pleasurably spot to enjoy.

    This journey has been amazing!
  2. Ohh, he is a really lucky guy! :) Even if he doesnt get to cum while having sex, he is still lucky to enjoy having all that sex! Is he never allowed to orgasm while you have sex with these women?
  3. @thekeyholderwife@thekeyholderwife Hello Mistress, my Mistress misses me as well so you are not alone and as long it is what you want and need then everything is perfect xx

    Ps maybe get some numbing cream for him to guarantee no cunning for him.
  4. Absolutely fantastic update! Sounds like a fantastic relationship and you are to be commended for the way you have guided your husband through his chastity.

    He is also so lucky to be rewarded with the opportunity for intercourse and to pleasure you both. I hope he learns to cum in his cage (not too soon though!) so he can have a little relief.

    Please keep us updated.
  5. this is great. My wife and I are similar in that she loves having sex with me so I don't think SHE could last 6 months with out me inside her, no matter how much or how often I please her with my tongue. Once we get worked up, and she is satisfied, she always lets me cum too.
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  6. He is never allowed to orgasm unless he can do so in his cage. Which he can't. Not a real orgasm anyway. We have tried. However, he is getting very close through anal stimulation which is the way I want him to orgasm.
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  7. I prefer a much different approach. If he cums without permission then it is because he failed to communicate with us and therefore would be met with a year of chastity. He knows this, fears this and will not fail.
  8. But, it sounds like you may not be able to last a year, eh? "Be careful what you ask for!"
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  9. Thekeyholderwife
    This would be amazing
  10. If the keyholderwife wants him to cum only through anal stimulation, then at some point (I suspect soon) he won't be coming (the 'normal' male way) for a lot more than a year.
  11. He has a couple of rules he must follow. 1. He is not permitted to get close to orgasm. Therefore he must communicate with us on were he is at. 2. He will have his anus plugged. 3. He will return to chastity when we are done. And finally he is still never permitted to ask to be released.

    Did you create these rules or was it your friend/partner?
  12. I would suggest as a reminder that a sturdy string/rope be tied around his testicles if possible, and have weights applied, so you gals can have the ability to instantly punish him, or cause some discomfort, additional weight and/or pulling can be made cumulative for each one of his transgressions ....
  13. That one takes a sissy to her knees in a hurry! Oh! the tug of the weights!
  14. Those were my rules.
  15. This is incredibly hot, but I think I'd be too aroused to actually have PIV sex. I'm pretty sure I would last 10 seconds before having to stop.

    I'm curious if he was able to last long enough to satisfy either of you after so long?
  16. Congrats! You have really trained him well!
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  17. My wife also injoys playing with mine sofar 14 days is longest lock down
  18. We were both very satisfied. The key here is that we did not just climb on him and go wild. Though that is amazing on his penis because how thick and big he gets. Our plan was to enjoy him slowly. Enough for him to enjoy but most certainly not fast enough for him to even get close to orgasm. We both rode him hard a couple of times then just sat and waited for him to calm down. We did this for about 20 minutes before we iced him down and put him back in his cage.
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  19. Thats amazing, I should get my wife/KH on here to read your updates. She's not naturally dominant, but has been becoming more comfortable with that role. It sounds like you all had alot of fun! Thanks for the update.
  20. that sounds so wonderful! I've been locked for a very long time and would have loved that opportunity!
  21. I am with ChasteDilf13, I might have had an accident just from being uncaged. :O
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  22. This was almost two years ago, just wondering if you have kept him chaste all this time?
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  23. Maybe do a foursome with another guy and tell him his cage stays on. :D
  24. Keep trying. It took 178 days locked in chastity while getting pegged every day before my last mistress managed to make me cum while wearing a cage. I will say, it was definitely an ejaculation but not nearly as strong as an non-caged one. You also don't squirt as much because of the restriction of the cage. After that period of time, she was a expecting a huge load. Since I could not supply it, she got her bull to give her one that of course I had to clean up. Sadly, we had to separate due to a job relocation.
  25. What a lucky guy. From your pic you look beautiful. From your posts your love for him is very clear. And you now have him where many of us wish to be.

    May he always please you, and may you always continue to take care of him. You've shown that there's more to life than an orgasm.