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Sitting to pee.

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Happy wifes matter, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. My biggest issue isn't really the act itself, i need to sit or it sprays everywhere, but wonder what others think.

    Mostly at the bar. I walk in and go to the stall, no biggie, but when others come in they see my feet pointing away from seat, and hear me peeing...why's this guy sitting to pee?

    Not a big deal, and I don't really care, just wonder sometimes what they must be thinking.
  2. Staying locked the vast majority of the time, when my KH lets me out for a break, I still sit. It's somewhere between like being on autopilot and being well conditioned. Regardless, unless I am in a dirty public toilet, locked or unlocked, I really prefer to sit now. Never thought I'd see the day. Gives one an extra moment to relax or reflect on their present position and place in life, like it or not.
  3. Hey don't worry about those guys. They probably number 1 before they number 2 anyway! But whats worse getting busted sitting to pee or pooping in a bar? lol
  4. lol, they don't know we are poop ninja's!!
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  5. Go to a bar when your going to have to sit to pee isn't the nicest place to sit. When I go to the bar I drink Scotch on ice so you don't need to go as often if ever. Do t drink beer lol
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  6. As I recall, from my bar days (that would be a now near forgotten time when I went to bars for something other than the food and atmosphere) I was way too concerned with what was, or was potentially about to be, going on in my pants, to concern myself with what might be going on in your pants. I paid very little attention to anything in the restroom other than being sure not to piss on my shoes. I was however concerned with chatting up that cutie at the end of the bar, and girls seem to notice wet shoes so you could have been shaving your legs in the stall with the door opened and I probably wouldn't have noticed. Just sayin.......:eek:
  7. I thought sitting to pee was easier with my chastity device. In my new Mature Metal device and my Prince Albert piercing it is a necessity. Took some time to get used to but now it just seems normal.
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  8. An update for myself. While my wife still has insisted I wear her panties (and I love that she does more than actually wearing them) since I upgraded from the CB6K to the Queens Keep I can pretty easily line up the whole with the bars for the most part. I am both elated and bummed about this. There are times when I don't really want to sit on a disgusting seat and I'm glad I don't have too. There is something about being forced to do it though that adds a little something to being caged that is not there when I can stand an pee though.

    At home I just sit since it is easier. Especially at night in the dark. Plus, it just feels kinky.
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  9. I haven't been locked up by my Wife yet, but I honestly didn't think of this aspect of chastity until i came across this thread.

    How humiliating and emasculating. But for sone reason, i am also looking forward to the experience.
  10. Emasculating, yes. Humiliating, not really so much. Just my opinion of course.
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  11. Have been uncaged for the last day and a half, was funny this morning. Went to pee standing up and I had forgotten how loud it was!
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  12. For newbie like me, a bit humiliating. But, i would assume that over time, it wouldn't be. Unless, of course my Wife decides to let her friends know that i need to sit to pee as she has locked me in a cage, lol...
  13. And messy! No splashing when you sit. ;)
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  14. I have been sitting to pee at home for 20 plus years. I do like sitting for lots of the reasons that have already been discussed. But I've never sat to pee when I go out, especially since the restrooms are not always very clean. That has all changed since I've been in chastity. I actually tried standing to pee outside in my cage early on, what a wet mess on my jeans. What I find interesting is when I go for a walk in the woods with my dogs or I'm out cutting firewood and I have to pee, I have to find a place to squat.
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  15. Am not caged but my wife insisted that I pee sitting down. She was tired of cleaning the floor after errant attempts and laundering smelly underwear. To avoid being put in diapers I agreed to go the girl route and, in fact, enjoy it immensely. Much cleaner and more efficient.
  16. It is kinda irritating cleaning up after non-sitting male guests, especially when you know it isn't you! Some people require their guests to remove their shoes when the enter the house, maybe I need to hang a sign in the bathroom "sitting to pee required".
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  17. I'm not really humiliated/emasculated by it. For me, its really a reminder that I am not in charge of my genitals anymore. It's actually an ironically pleasing feeling.
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  18. now it's like i'm in a she male belt .. and my cock is in a tube under the shield .. so the urine drips / runs out of piles in the belt itself ... so you can only side down and pee.

    But when I'm not in a belt I'm often sitting down. The only thing I'm looking for is standing when I'm in the woods ..
    and again in the chastity belt there is no way without sitting
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  19. I have the same feeling. I must admit, I enjoy hearing the tinkle.
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  20. been sitting to wee all my life aswell, so sitting while locked is fortunately second nature. :)
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