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Sitting to pee.

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Happy wifes matter, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Nothing better than a pad Miss Lesley. I usually the overnight or super overnight maxi pads. Very big, thick, and comfy and they do a great job keeping the panties fresh and dry
  2. right now we are potty training our littlest and he grabbed toilet paper to wipe his penis and I told him we don't have to wipe just shake it and my wife turns to me with a big smile and say "yea those who can stand can" and then giggles. I think shes starting to like this
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  3. Maybe it's the guy in me holding on to what I can, but I hover. I point the device down while hovering and seems to not get any pee anywhere besides the bowl.
  4. I have no problems at a urinal and do not have to sit to pee /shrug
  5. My piercing is the real culprit, I could pee standing in my jailbird by just being careful. Now it's just not worth the risk of getting it all over the front of my pants.
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  6. I enjoy sitting to pee and I have no idea why. Even when I am unlocked I find myself sitting. I do wish for a better solution when in pubic though, I peed all over my leg one day and had no idea until it was over. I had to walk out of the rest area like the walk of shame leaving the freshmen dorms back in college after a long Friday night! the walk went through the cafeteria elevated for all to see. lol
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  7. I had such a wonderful moment this week. I was working and realized I had to pee. I walked over to the rest rooms like normal. I went right into a stall and sat down. It was that moment when I realized the significance of what just happened. It was the first time my mind ignored the idea of even using a urinal. In an odd way I felt a bit proud.
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  8. I haven't bought my first chastity device yet, and am wondering how the heck you pee in these things without it getting everywhere? I want a comfy one and the Holy Trainer looks great, but that hole is so small! I might just sand it out or something because I'm not planning on leaning forward and precisely maneuvering myself every time I have pee, that doesn't sound fun at all. I drink a lot of water so I pee a lot and want a device where I can comfortably just pee when I need to.
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  9. I was able to pee standing up in my Looker without too many problems (occasionally some came out around the tube rather than through it), but now that I'm full-time in a Jailbird I'm getting used to sitting. I was out and about at a music festival this past weekend and I got lucky with the porta-potties and the bar bathrooms, but I don't want to get stuck having to sit on or hover over a completely disgusting toilet seat, so I bought some disposable paper lab funnels off Amazon. They're pretty similar to the "Pee Pocket" and "P-Mate" funnels they market to women for the same purpose, but they're cheaper (and less femme-y, though that really shouldn't matter to me since I carry them in my purse :p).
  10. Also, I started getting in the habit of putting the seat UP after peeing in the men's room, so that the next dude standing there wouldn't splash all over it. It was a little counter-intuitive after many years of reflexively putting the seat down afterwards, but I felt like I was doing my part to make everyone's world just a little better. ;)
  11. I sit to pee almost all the time for the same reasons as everyone else. I can stand if I have to I think one reason I can is because of my forskin which can be pulled through the bars. But putting my forskin back in usually causes some leakage.

    A couple months ago my daughter was visiting us along with a couple other people. She came out of the bathroom thinking that I had just been in there and said. " hasn't Mother taught you yet to always put the seat down" I just smiled and nodded my head. If only she new the whole story of her Dad
  12. Sitting to pee also means no splash around the bowl, so I like it because, as the one who does the cleaning, it keeps the bathroom cleaner.
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  13. Second nature to me now whether in chastity or not. Was a rule when we first started this type relationship almost 1 yr 9 months ago now
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  14. yes and me.
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  15. As I have said Ladies, Skirts up, Panties down. :p
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  16. I grab a paper towel on my way in to the restroom and hold it under my penis in front of my pants. It catches any drips or spray. It also allows you to wipe the cage after as well.

    Other times I just sit.
  17. It's funny to me because some times I can line the hole up right to allow me to stand. Like last night on the New Jersey Turnpike rest area. Not a place you want to sit.

    At the moment I am sitting to pee and my wife texted me a giggle. It turns out this is one of her favorite parts of chastity for me. She absolutely loves knowing I have to sit to pee. It is such a mind melt sometimes and reminds me of what I gave up when I gave the keys to my wife. It feels good
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  18. If I'm lined up just right I can stand to pee, but if I'm wrong and not lined up, it goes everywhere. It's just easier most times to sit down, and frankly, sometimes I appreciate the rest.
  19. My wife absolutly LOVES the fact that I have to sit to pee. She smiles and giggles at me. She especially loves to watch me wipe my cage with toilet tissue and pull up my panties. She had me start using panty liners for anything that I may have missed. They also come in handy when I get excited and start to drip pre-cum.
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  20. its wrong to stand up at a loo i think cos it got a seat and you wudnt stand on a chair wud you. you wud get all dirt on it if you did.
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  21. I learned as a boy to stand in front of the toilet, not on top of it. You do have a point though -- I wouldn't stand in front of a chair and pee on it! ;)
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  22. It all depends what device i'm in as to whether i have to sit to pee. as i'm uncut that tends to get in the flipping way and cause the stream to go whichever way it darn well pleases . In my new smaller cage, its a sitting all the time and then its a clean up in aisle 2 as it sprays everywhere! I feel embarrassed and a bit feminine having to wipe myself dry whilst sitting with my panties around my ankles! ( which is a nice feeling btw ) I am experimenting with possible temporary solution, its a long shot but if its a success I'll update the CM.
  23. Quicker and simple and less mess xx Wendy
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  24. Exactly the same here :)
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  25. @boisub@boisub
    well if you pee on a chair its dreadful and you shud get smacked very hard for doing that.