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Sitting to pee.

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Happy wifes matter, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. I am not that into feminizing my husband as my husband is a very attractive macho-looking and acting guy and I like that in a man, just as long as he knows his submissive place in our pecking order. I had to smile when I read "I think it is one of my wife's favorite parts of chastity. The seat is never left up lol..." Him leaving the seat down and "dribbling" or lifting it up and forgetting to put it back down after peeing are the reason I have made my husband sit to pee and made him do so for months at a time until I felt that he learned his lesson. I tried punishing him multiple times until his butt was raw but that did little to get him to mend his annoying toilet habits. But making him sit to pee worked like charm. I strongly recommend it even to those wives who don't make their man wear panties.
  2. Perfect advice! :D
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  3. I am in a neosteel Shemale belt so sitting to pee is a way of life with no choice what so ever. heck when you look at my jeans the shemale belt flattens everything so well it looks like I am a female down there. No touching, no looking and no erections.
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  4. I've always liked peeing while sitting more. It is much more sanitary and always makes me feel like the little sissy I am when doing it.
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  5. Between the cage and the PA jewelry (now a lock), I don't have a choice: I need to sit.
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  6. Definitely sit to use the toilet as is enforces the feminine nature which is the point really.
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  7. Locked or unlocked
    I only use these
    Stand close and it is hard to miss

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  8. I've gotten in the habit of sitting to pee whether I'm in chastity or not. It just feels more natural. And my flaccid penis is very, very small, so standing at a urinal is not always a great idea when you can barely poke out of your pants fly.
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  9. Why would any self respecting girly not sit ;)
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  10. I never sit to pee, weather I'm home or in public. Its easier when I have shorts on and can just pull them to the side. Now I have to open my pants push my underwear down. I have enough trouble emptying my bladder, sitting would make it worse.
  11. I always sit to pee like a good girl!
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  12. I alway sit, I feel feminine and sweet when I sit, I find pleasure in leaving the bathroom neat and tidy with no mess, just like a sweet girl.
  13. Sitting to pee like a good girl is a pre-requisite for a controlled chaste male. We must learn good behaviour.x
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  14. Love to sit. Saves any possible mess, usually. Very relaxing, takes more time, even when I'm not locked up. Seldom stand.
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  15. I've been wearing a lot more pantyhose and stockings with garter belt, and these days I feel so feminine when I pull my panties down to just above my knees and then sit with my legs held so close together. It's so unlike when you simply run in there and pull down your pants and undies and sit with legs apart long enough to pee, and you're done.

    And then the additional time taken to pull up the panties and straighten hose and adjust a garter, etc. And make sure everything looks alright in front of the mirror. Again, it's all soooo feminine and sexy, and I just love it!
  16. It is so much more feminine and delicate to have to pull down my g string and then wriggle ut of tights. I usually wear stockings but wearing tights (pantyhose in the USA) makes the whole operation very femme!
    Having a pierced clit does lead to peeing being more messy and the hole in the end of my Looker just isn't big enough to allow me to pee naturally so sitting is de rigeur. Lovely it is too.
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  17. yes and the little hole in my cage is so little. you has to make sure its in the proper place first.
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  18. It's rare I'm unlocked but sitting to pee just seems natural now.Even if unlocked I still sit like a good girl
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  19. Since I started peeing sitting down long before chastity, it is just my normal way to pee. Peeing standing up is a novelty for me. As I aged I was peeing in all sorts of directions and I got tired of mopping my bathroom floor all the time. Plus when I sit to pee I get to read my magazines which I only read in the bathroom. If not for using the bathroom, I would never read anything in print anymore. I pee sitting down for knowledge. :)
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  20. I've been sitting to pee since I pierced my foreskin (sometime before the millenium). If I stand I make a mess.
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  21. So this morning my wife wanted sex . I went down on her a few minutes and she climbed on top . She had her orgasom and got off just in time to ruin my orgasom . It throbbed but nothing came out . I went to the bathroom to pee when I pulled my panties down they were full of my cum ,I guess it all leaked out without me knowing . As I sat there and went to the bathroom I decided to just pull them back up and wear them anyway . It's been a very frustrating morning it's all soaked into my panties and they aren't as wet but I still smell really strongly of cum . I can't wait to get to the gym and work up a good sweat tonight .
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  22. well you shud really put clean ones on cos its nasty to has dirty panties.
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  23. So how was your day with cummy panties? Sounds like it would have been fun!
  24. and as well i puts toilet paper in my knickers after i been so if theres some dribble they don't go on my knickers.
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  25. A nice big sanitary towel or inco pad is sooh much more comfortable x
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