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Sitting to pee.

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Happy wifes matter, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. I'm sure I will get used to it over time but still I find it very erotic and it makes me feel that much more submissive. There is just something about walking around in daily life portraying an alpha male and sitting to pee. I think it is one of my wife's favorite parts of chastity. The seat is never left up lol . Today is a good day , at my construction job sitting down panties around my ankles going pee like a good girl !!
  2. You won't find its so fun at the bar lol
  3. I've already been there lol I tried to keep my drinking to a minimum but in the end I spent a lot of time hovering in one of the yucky stalls !!
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  4. Sitting to pee is just second nature to me. I always do it - locked or not. Unless I am in a bar. I tend not to lock when I am going out to have a drink and will need to pee regularly.
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  5. I'm sure it will become second nature , but for now it's still exciting to me !! I go everywhere locked . We are getting a couples massage the weekend before valentine's day hopefully I will be unlocked for that .
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  6. I've become so accustomed to sitting that I nw site even when unlocked. I have to agree with Mistress that standing to pee is much less sanitary.
  7. It's much more relaxing.

    Xx Wendy
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  8. I work on a train and normally it would be easy to just open up the door and pee outside... now it's climb in the nose of cab, pull pants all the way down and hope nothing touches the gross filthy floor, and hover over seat.
  9. A few weeks ago we went to the bar and hubby wanted me to unlock him so he wouldn't have to worry about going pee...he can pee while standing with his devise just for the record... but he was worried about his devise being exposed so I told him I would go outside with him and he could pee in the ally.. but he ended up figuring it out.
    When he's home it seems he sits to pee more, from what I see. I like to watch him every now and then and give a little giggle when I see him sitting down.
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  10. i had no issue at the urinals with my holy trainer and my contender but seems with it being small and only having a few holes it might be complicated with the locker2. will give it a try though... and hope i don't make a huge mess... lol

    at home i always sit. i stand when there is a urinal and always sit if there is non.
  11. I guess for me I just like it . I could stand at the urinals but I think a boy in chastity wearing panties should sit. That's just my opinion. Thanks for all the posts !! I love talking to everybody on CM !!
  12. Standing at the urinals works for me most of the time.
    There is always the odd ocasion where it hits the device and sprays in all directions.
    Its easier to go in the stalls if theres one free.
  13. I like the fact that I had to sit down to pee when caged at home. Now that I'm unlocked for at least 6 months I found that I still do it partially out of habit and partially because the emasculation of it.
  14. Emasculating !! That is the word I was looking for !! That's what makes it so hot for me . It also has a lot to do with my panty fetish. Anything female or feminine turns me on like it's just your not supposed to or would be made fun of for. Being caught is always a scary turn on.
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  15. Not meant to spoil all your fun, but it would be much more "emasculating" to spray pee all over oneselve! So just take a seat! :p
  16. Oddly enough, I've always sat to piss. Although it's more about laziness and an addiction to my cellphone than anything else I think.
  17. In my current device - I must sit sprays all the time -- I accepted that it sprays trickles runs
  18. yes and me cos the cage has got only a teeny hole to pee thro.
  19. I joked to mistress that it was just as well since I'm the one cleaning the toilet now
  20. Sitting is the only way to pee. And you are so right @Nicoftime@Nicoftime it is much less mess for us to clean up. ❤
  21. I also have been sitting ever since I have been forced to pee in a cage. So like you when its removed I just sit when at home all the time. When out if in my cage I have to sit as it sprays everywhere :-( mistress says that is the point so sit.
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  22. Yes sitting is now the norm. Its just wrong for me to even think of standing while in a skirt and heels. Being asked to dress like a woman means I have to squat like one.
  23. Yes I also have this tiny cage and it squashes me up so tight that trying to pee standing means you just get wet. Penis is effectively a stump wearing this cage which is what mistress likes when were out so I have no visible penis. However the one I wear most of the time is also extremely small and even though I have a tube inserted that I have to pee thru some pee pee always goes around and out of the holes in all directions and dribbles down my sac.
    The answer just sit like I am supposed to from now on.
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  24. I can't remember the last time I stood this sissy has been sitting for at least 7 years. It would seem unsissy to stand
  25. Since I have been in panties and skirts for long before chastity, it is just the norm to sit. I always say skirts (dresses) up, panties down.