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Sissy panties

Discussion in 'Crossdressing in all it's variations' started by Pip, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Hi all, I've found some lovely sissy panties on Amazon at $2-$3 each (search for "YiZYiF sissy panties") I've attached an image of part the collection...

    OK, they are made in China and I'm not expecting fantastic quality but would be interested to see if anyone has worn them?, plenty of room to fit a cage and just the right colours and frills!


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  2. Got a pair of the pink shorts. They are ok for a bit of fun but i dont think the quality is great. Time will tell......
  3. To get the most room in the gussett area of panties, I always wear boyshort style. There are many very pretty and silky options available from many sources, but I prefer to see and touch them before buying. (I think I also enjoy the humiliation associated with shopping for them!)
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  4. Thanks Chrissie and DonnaSue, pink boyshorts it is then, just one or two cant hurt...
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  5. Yeah @Pip@Pip I know just what you're talking about :p. I have a half dozen and I love them as my name suggests. They are great for chastity as the pouch makes a perfect cage holder. I have a few pictures in my photo section. Yes, the quality isn't great, but at that price who cares. I don't wear them everyday. The two in my avatars are my favorite.
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  6. Thanks PPL, sounds like I need a half dozen as well. I'll be sure to post some pics.

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  7. For $2-3 what do you have to loss. I ordered all my male panties from China and they have worked very well. If you go to your local sex store you'll pay a lot more and still may not be happy, it's not like they let you try them on first. Every man should have a collection of chastity cages and panties. Ok maybe not Everyman
  8. Yes I agree shopping for panties is very exciting. My Mistress has picked out panties for me and asked the sales lady if she thought they would fit me. Yes my face was a little red
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  9. My wife and I were at the checkout counter waiting in line to pay for panties. When I sat them down the sales person noticed that there were two different sizes and pointed that out. My wife promptly replied, "oh those are for him." I could hear people in the line snicker.
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