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Sissy maid training programme- consequences

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by roberta, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. having to stop at the low bit in a curtsy wud be horrible. how long does they have to do that. no wonders they rather has a spanking.
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  2. Just 10 or 20 seconds usually, just to know their slip didn't go unnoticed or unpunished.
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  3. that's ok then. i thougt you mean ages.
  4. Yes, minutes would be torturous, I know I tried it myself.

    But like most of what I do, it is'having to do it' that is salutary, the reassurance they're under control, which is what they want.
  5. I ran a training company for two years. Both live with an instructor and a cheaper video course you can take at home. Currently I train people on anti terrorism once a year. Most take a video or PowerPoint course and then take the test. A few we send to a training course. In both cases, the results as far as retention and adherence to what they learned, was far better with interactive live instructor courses.

    As a sexual submissive I had read and watched a lot of video about the subject but most of what I learned and what shaped my sexual preference was done by women who dominated me. If life were only so simple as to become who you want to be with only a video, we could replace law and medical school with how to videos. As with many things is life, you need hands on training. I can learn how to be a brain surgeon by watching teaching videos but I would make a very poor brain surgeon in real life.

    Have said this, videos are good for giving you basic knowledge. You can learn what you are supposed to do and behavior, but knowing and doing are miles apart. I know all about performing oral on a guy from watching videos and reading books and yet, I have no desire to do so. I tend to like to learn for learning's sake. I know lots of things I will never use but enjoy knowing them. I wonder if the majority who buys this video are single men not serving a mistress. I know how I was before I got a real life Mistress who knew what she was doing. I was a sub to a girl online who ended up being a guy. I read about it and watched lots of porn. I learned all of the slave positions and how to address a Mistress, etc.. Then I met my first Mistress and did not want me to do all that stuff. She had her own ideas.

    These type of videos cannot hurt and are well worth the money if you get pleasure, knowledge and enjoyment from them. If ever I should be forced to perform oral on a guy, he is in for a real treat. My point is that no video is going to get you to do what you do not want to do in the first place.
  6. I understand it is an inter-active computer program, like a game, rather than a passive video.

    You make a good point though in that no two Masters or Mistresses will want their maid to serve in exactly the same way.

    One who has been in service to many different people will generally adapt quickly.

    One who has only had one Mistress, especially if long-term, may find such a change quite difficult.
  7. @Guy@Guy thank You very much for telling me.
  8. Hi Sissy Maid Mary, first of all i have to comment on your use of capital letters in your identity; that is a bit unusual in us sissy maids. If you wish to succeed in this programme you will need to use more lower case letters except when addressing 'The MIstress.'
    i have been on this programme for 32 days continuously and have now achieved a points rating of 425; it was not easy and with every Sunday being 'Mistress Day' where you have to donate some of your hard earned points as a 'gift' to Mistress and for Her to consider the gift and either reject or accept and then if you do well in your duties and training on that day she may return some of the gift points to you. That is a real trial. I recommend 'giving' at least 15% to the Mistress as a gift, so you better keep earning points as you go. Doing punishments usually earns you points so i recommend doing them. As i said to beth earlier, try to keep the uniform during your work absences (a bit of a cheat) but well worth the rewards as you generally get 5 points for around 12 hours wearing. I just can't wait to progress to the service minded tasks with Mistress's friends and all that entails. After over a month and with so many points come and gone i hoped it would happen sooner but i must be patient and delight in my status as an obedient sissy maid.in training.
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  9. I suppose I must be an amateur, I didnt realise that being submissive necessitated disregarding capitalization.
  10. Just started it today, so I don't know yet. You seem to accumulate maid points. My girlfriend wants to know how many points I should have to earn for a release. Any ideas?
  11. Yes, the custom of not capitalising anything that referred to oneself or other submissives and capitalising anything that referred to a Dominant seems to have originated in post WW2 US leather-culture and been patchily adopted over here.

    Some Do(me)s make a big thing of it, some submissives go with it.

    Others, of whom I am one, don't care!

    (And not just because it is an American tradition!)
  12. Is this a money maker? Do you have buy Mistress gifts to gain more points.
  13. It doesn't seem to be a money maker. Although when you are fully qualified you might get to meet one of the mistresses in person which would cost. It does take a lot of your time though. I read here you are supposed to give the mistress points that you have earned, not gifts, but i haven't figured out how to do this.

    My girlfriend has decided that I must reach 100 points before my first release and i have so far reached 65 (you start at 50). I'm not used to wearing heels and a uniform, it is very difficult for me, I keep being punished for mistakes.
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  14. Walking in heels found easy, just think small steps and placing foot.
    Heel to toe

    On youtube Be betting there walking in heels videos.
  15. What programs are you maids working with?!
  16. Dear All and Rafaela,
    The program we are using is maidtrainingprogram.com.
    I have to report a problem that devastated my progress and I hope this advice will help others in progressing with the program.

    I managed to obtain several hundred points of progress and felt that I could venture into the section where you are given the chance to 'confess to Mistress' that you have been 'cheating at some point'. I clicked on the button and found myself in a predicament where i had to type exactly the confession given before me into the text box. Everything seemed familiar until my exact typing resulted in a rejection of the presented text. I noted that the required text had inverted commas before and after the text so I added the commas and again I was rejected. Each time I was rejected my punishments began to accelerate and try as I might to get the typing exact I was faced with another rejection. Eventually, when things got too much, I clicked out of the program and realised I could not recover. That was the end of my training and I have since re-enlisted from the beginning at 50 points with a clean slate.
    Does anyone else have experience of the ''cheating' button and how to exactly type in the required 'confessional wording' with the correct punctuation?
    If so then please share with us all.