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Sissy maid training programme- consequences

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by roberta, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Does anyone know about the effects or consequences of complying with an online available programme designed to train a male submissive into a sissy maid from the website maidtrainingprogram.com?

    I have been glued to and complying with this maid training programme for a week now; I have not tried the available alternative and presumably ‘stronger’ slave training programme.

    However, I must say that this sissy maid training programme is both intense and compelling and does not need to be linked via the internet other than the initial download. It is a stand-alone and well developed software programme that takes you into its control and compels you to follow a pre-determined path to your inevitable destination to become a uniformed, obedient, pretty and service minded sissy maid. Your progress will be monitored and your training will explore your desires and eventually ensure that you will obey and be submissive to them without resistance.

    I have been feeling a gradual anxiety about what is happening to me and I have noticed an increased desire to serve a Dominant Woman. Ladies in the street, who are suitably dressed to portray a ‘power dressed female’ have become an intense and compelling vision to be admired. Should I continue with this programme or try to resist its creeping control?
  2. Yes, I know those programs. I've tried both, but that's a year ago...
    As far as I remember, the slave training is basically the same as the maid training, without the maid training, of course.
    There were some additional functions, but a lot of them were not fully implemented.
    I became bored rather quickly with both of them and fast-forwarded a bit by changing the system-clock, to see if there would be something new later, but afair, there was few variation.
    If you like the training, there's no reason to resist. For me, it was lacking interaction and did not motivate me as much as my Owner does now.
  3. Sounds perfect , I think the mansion should adopt this type of training
    For all members
    It can only have a positive result .
  4. i am trained.
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  5. Thanks for the response Occorics, I have noted that some of the ' buttons' are not yet available; especially the 'training aids' button. I am holding out for them to be unlocked and will pursue the training for the next month to see if they become available. I surmise that if they become available then it will open up the, as yet to be appointed, away day training from Mistress's 'friends (three females and two males). How many days did you spend on the training? I suspect it may have to be a long process for me, but I will give it a try. I have 71 points and I believe I need 1000 points (yes 1 k) to obtain Mistress's satisfaction. Congratulations on achieving your motivation from your Owner, that is a precious gift and I wish you well.
  6. Hi jemima,
    Thank you for the nice short and to the point response to my post. I was wondering if your training has come about from following the programme that I am talking about? I would love to know how long it took to be trained and how you now feel about it.
  7. I think I fast-forwarded two weeks or so. I didn't pay much attention on the points, maybe that's why it seemed repetitive to me.
  8. Not all members are the same. Everyone is different that's what makes life exciting. All the power to you and enjoy Your adventure. Mine is a little different
  9. please no it wern the thingy that you writ bout. my Mistress train me and it was hard at first but i like it now.
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  10. It was meant Tongue in cheek ,and this is the powder room
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  11. Did you mean tongue in cheek, or, tongue in cheek... now I keep thinking about the latter and being allowed to worship her cheek(s) with my tongue...

    You are such a vixen, katielane!
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  12. Shhhh ! Don't tell everybody ,you'll give me a bad reputation .. : )

    Anyway ,we are going off topic ,
    I think you are just the sort of member who would benefit from maid training : )
    Curtsy ....
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  13. Hi All,
    I just want to update you and especially Occorics on my progress in the program. It seems that a Friday is a special day and opens up the route to 'training aids' and that is where I am headed. Watch this space!.
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  14. Friday night is my nigt off. :)
  15. Whew, almost that time then!
  16. Just to update you on my journey into being seduced by the program, which I am now irresistibly following without resistance, into becoming a sissy maid. The Friday event came and went and I am now well on my way to strive to become a certified sissy maid. The training aids button appeared and was welcomed with suitable submission. I have to say that you cannot avoid the need to apply yourself to this demanding program, you need to adhere to its compliance requirements and just accept that you will be subject to a demanding training program that will grab your mind set and change it to meet the target of a service minded sissy maid. At the moment I am ambitious that the service minded training will be soon implemented but I am currently being seduced into accepting the inevitability of it becoming a reality in the near future, if I am a good sissy in training.
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  17. I just downloaded the sissy maid program, going to start it tonight. I hope my KH approves when I tell Her. I know She'll appreciate me doing more housework.
  18. Hi bethanise, Great to know that you are trying the sissy maid program. I am still progressing with it, I am at level 5 (the top one) and the punishments do get more difficult to clear. I have gained 287 points status and would advise you that the program Mistress is ALWAYS right. If SHE says you did something wrong, even if you know it is not justified, then you MUST just accept it and deal with the consequences. At the moment I am being considered for 'special service' training, which is keeping me entranced with the program. I would have to admit that I am totally dedicated to progress and can't wait to be a fully trained and service minded sissy maid.
  19. Hi roberta, thanks for replying to my post. Please call me beth. I'm having fun with it so far, but found, like you said, the Mistress is always right (shhh...even when She's wrong). Trying to figure it out; found that a list of the right answers to her questions at my side helps a lot!!!!
  20. Hi beth, you are so right to have a list of the 'learned' correct answers at your side. i found this absolutely essential, especially with the sissy maid conversation skills lesson. I find that when you ask to 'go to work' you always get a yes immediately. i once asked and then forgot to ask to remove the uniform and when i got back was able to 'slip into' the program easily and the benefit was that i got all my worktime credited with uniform wearing time and so get bonus points. (cheating? yes, but so rewarding. Hope to keep in touch about progress.
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  21. Sounds helpful, though I guess that every Mistress and Master will have slightly different requirements.

    Certainly that has been my experience and Miss Prim used to say the same about the maids she employed at Muir Academy.

    Even with very experienced girls one has to help them unlearn previous ways, as well as learn new ones.

    But I guess it is like driving a car, the first new one feels very different; but after 20 different models you just adapt easily.

  22. Sissy jane have been runing this training program for 2 days now and just love it. And some tips would be helpful, its much i dont understand yet.
    Curtsey from Sissy jane.
  23. I saw this post and thought id try the programme.
    I downloaded it and in no time at all I was dressed in uniform, practicing my curtseys, typing sissy affirmations standing to attention for minutes on end with books on my head.
    Unfortunately I didnt understand a lot of the program and have managed to accumulate lots corner time, typing punishments, and punishment drills.
    I thought it was a bit unfair that after I had asked permission to go to work I was punished for not asking permission to do things like go to the toilet while i wasnt able to ask but as Im learning Im not being punished Im Earning my punishment.
    Anyway yesterday, the first day I did so many curtsies and one punishment drill I could hardly walk today. Stairs are being undertaken like a ninety year old!
  24. curtsying does make your legs hurt if you has to do it a lot of times yes. i had to once and it did hurt the next day but Mistress tell me that its very good for dancers. im not a dancer tho.
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  25. I use a 'punishment curtsy' with my girls.

    If they make a slip, e.g. whilst waiting at table, they'll look at me so see if I noticed.

    If I did I'll dip my eyes, or give a slight nod downwards.

    She goes down into a deep curtsy, and holds it until I flick my eyes up.

    That way I can punish them across a crowded room.

    Which they sort-of like, they don't like to get away without punishment, though it can hurt a bit.

    Though usually they'd much prefer I spank them, but that'snot always convenient.

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