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Shrinking penis

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by propertyofmslee, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. My owner Ms Lee enjoys keeping me in strict, long term chastity. I wear a chastity sleeve that I fashioned myself, secured by five tight 'chastity chains'. The device is quite effective at preventing anything approaching a real erection and also enforces her 24x7 rule that prohibits touching myself in any sexual manner.

    Early in the summer Ms Lee had me shorten my chastity chains by a link each to correct me for having an unauthorized release. It was purely an accident with no associated pleasure, but Ms Lee is firm and allows no deviation from her expectations. My chastity chains were already incredibly tight and there was little room for further tightening. Initially this was to be for a period of a single week, but that was extended for another week when I asked if it would please her to extend my correction. This cycle was repeated until finally she told me that I should just extend my punishment thru the rest of the summer.

    The effect of my tightened chastity chains was astounding. As my correction passed the two month mark I made this list of the effects for Ms Lee so she could fully appreciate my situation:

    1) My penis is constantly crushed by my tightened chastity chains
    2) I have to sit down and pee like a girl because the chains are so tight that my pee continues to dribble out for a few minutes after I urinate
    3) By the end of each day my punished penis is raw and red
    4) At times my tightly chastised penis feels like it is being burned, I feel an intense stinging that will not quickly go away. When this happens I endure the pain by thinking about your pleasure
    5) Erections hurt even after I remove the chains at bedtime. The deep impressions inflicted on my poor penis continue to cause pain as if the chains were still in place
    6) I realize that the viciously tight chastity chains are conditioning me to prefer anal pleasure since any attempts to enjoy an erection are instantly corrected by the bite of the viciously tight chastity chains
    7) When my tightly chastised penis does attempt an erection it is barely able to achieve 4 inches in length. And of course it is restricted to less than an inch in thickness. This is quite humiliating and I am really beginning to wonder if my extended, severe chastity might actually be causing my inadequate penis to become even smaller than it already is

    When Labor Day arrived Ms Lee graciously allowed me to return my chastity chains to their former length. I thought things would return to normal, but that night as I removed my chastity chains before going to sleep I discovered that one of the effects of my viciously tightened chastity would continue. I'm not sure if it was as a result of manipulating my penis to remove the chains or the anticipation of loosening them, but my penis became rock hard as soon as it was freed. Once again I thought it looked significantly smaller than before so this time I measured it with a ruler to be sure. I was shocked when I saw that my fully erect penis was not even 5 inches long. I remembered measuring it when I first fashioned my chastity sleeve and at that time it was a full 6 inches in length.

    It was so humiliating to realize that my penis had shrunk by over an inch! I was in a panic as I asked Ms Lee if she thought my penis might regain the lost length now that the chains were being loosened. I also asked her how I would ever be able to please a woman with such a small penis. My humiliation was intensified as I reflected that even with a six inch penis I had never really fully satisfied any of the women who had allowed me to try.

    If I expected Ms Lee to sympathize with my predicament I was sadly mistaken. Instead she clearly demonstrated that she desired to magnify my humiliation as she directed me to update my blog ( http://propertyofmslee.wordpress.com/ ) with a full report on my punishment, the extensions thru the summer and all the effects upon my poor penis.The reality of my situation really sunk in as I realized that Ms Lee did not seem at all concerned that my already inadequate penis had become even more so. It was obvious that she thought the issue was insignificant other than creating an opportunity to further humiliate me.

    Somehow I do not think that adding back a single link to my chastity chains is going to allow my shrunken penis to regain any significant amount of the length it lost. Hopefully it won't shrink any further, but I suspect it won't matter very much anyway. It has now been over 140 days since Ms Lee last allowed me to enjoy an unruined release and she seems to have completely lost interest in allowing me to enjoy erections. Instead she is now apparently on a campaign to train me to appreciate anal stimulation, but that is another story.

    I am curious if others have experienced similar penis shrinkage as a result of extended, severely tight chastity. I would also like to hear about how they dealt with the situation and what effect it had on their 'sex' life.
  2. There is a lot going on here.

    First of all, I think some of the things you report I think are wonderful. your penis is being kept nice and small. you are sitting to pee.

    But some things concern me.

    Let me say that in no way am I questioning Ms. Lee. If She wants your penis raw and red, it should be so.

    But I will offer my opinion.

    In my case, I am very guarding of my husband's health. When he wore a KTB for two years, I constantly inspected his penis to make sure there was no permanent damage. I regularly take him to my gynecologist for check-ups.

    What concerns me? The rawness and redness. The burning sensation. The continued peeing after you think you're done.

    Impressions on the penis are fine but they should fade rather quickly.

    If you were my property, I would be concerned. I would have you visit a doctor.

    Again, I offer this as my opinion. I in no way second-guess Ms. Lee or Her methods.
  3. mine has shrunk after extended cb6000s i dont seem to hold an erection as long too
    it doesnt matter cos i am not fucking my wife much anymore
    she thinks its cute when smaller
  4. Dear Mistress Brenda,

    Thank you so much for your reply and especially for your concern, I must apologize for neglecting to mention that my penis has always recovered each morning after a night free of my chastity device. I have kept Ms Lee fully informed of my condition, letting her know that no permanent damage has occurred. That is unless you consider shrinking my penis as damage. I suspect that Ms Lee considers this an improvement. Also - the continued peeing is only due to the time it takes for my pee to leak out thru the tight chastity, I do not have any burning inside.

    I will also inform Ms Lee of your concerns. Thank you once again.
  5. Dear Mistress Brenda,

    I hope I am not bothering you, but I also wanted to make sure I had also been clear about the fact that I remove my sleeve each night right before I go to sleep, giving my penis a chance to recover. Ms Lee is an extremely firm owner, but I know that she cares deeply about me and would never subject me to permanent harm. Again, I must apologize for not being absolutely clear in my original posting.
  6. you are not bothering me in the least.

    Let me be clear also. I was not suggesting that Ms. Lee was being anything other than a wonderful Owner.

    I just saw some things in your post that caused me concern. I see now that that concern was unwarranted. I am glad you clarified the situation.
  7. I'd like to see pictures of this setup.
  8. Dear Cbt202000,

    Attached is a photo of my restrained penis. The five chastity chains each have an inside diameter of just less than an inch. The chastity sleeve is sewn from denim and serves to protect my penis from being cut by the viciously tight chains.

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