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New Feature Should we change the subtitle What do you think?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by BlueEyes, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. "For to desire is better than to possess, the finality of the end was dreaded as deeply as it was desired"
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  2. Or "To cum or not to cum; that is the question" ;)
  3. How can you follow D.H Lawrence with that? lol
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  4. Firstly congratulations and thanks to Mistress Watchful and Blueyes foot getting things sorted. It's great to have the Mansion back. I personally and as a chaste male I probably should have little or no say in this like the idea of a changing theme may be seasonal or monthly recurring on a cycle but keeping the current one in the mix.
    As most of us in chastity are sort of male may be Ladies first always and only would suit.

    Thanks again.
  5. :) well spotted Lockit.

    It's hardly snappy though.

    How about this one:
    "Your peevish chastity isn't worth breakfast in the cheapest country"
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    Thanks for paying attention to the SEO. It is on my To Do list for the near future. CM Should and can for sure perform better than right now in that department. I have not taken time just yet to test the levels of search engine optimizing on the Xenforo system. I will. Thanks @Felix cum ea@Felix cum ea for the link. This will be a topic I would like to address further with You all soon. But keep the discussion going in here. Most inspiring:) Don't let me stop You;-)
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    "Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress".
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  8. I love all the suggestions! I also like @SubVerity@SubVerity 's idea of rotating them.
    But definitely agree with @Billus@Billus that can get old.
    I have no idea how hard/difficult it would be from a technical aspect, but I could imagine there being a list of different subtitles (along the lines of the great suggestions so far) and then making it so that each time a uses went to the home page a different subtile was up?
    I've seen websites that do something similar with a bunch of different images and so *think* it shouldn't be too technically difficult, but I have no idea for real.
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  9. I have always liked what Mistress Lori has on her site, but obviously we couldn't steal it:

    "Where Men Go But Never Come"
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  10. i cant think up one.
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  11. That can be done quite easily- and has been on the minds of others in this thread. I think we are getting somewhere here. A selection of quality subtitles - that addresses various aspects and angles on the lifestyle to interchange, whenever a page is refreshed or loaded, sounds like a plan to me...
    Among these "Careful what you wish for" will remain, and can even be entitled to a higher frequency of displays than the rest...

    How about it?

    ( I have been paying attention the level of each engine optimization - and it has to improve. In that project, the various statements will also play a valuable part)
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  12. started with a click
  13. Mistress B

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    Would that be in the bathroom rachael ? :)
  14. " To boldy go where no man comes before... or since "

    " Live long and patient "
  15. wow really??? well lock that one up in a full belt for 6 months and then ask them what they think, "Giggles"
  16. why not use it with another??
  17. I am going to through on my business hat for a moment.
    What you are doing is considered a rebranding exercise. Changing a logo, a slogan, a look and feel, or a direction is a great thing to do but must be done cautiously and purposefully. Information gathering is your best friend. However setting the direction in the form of goals will drive the branding. You may consider the mission of the site, the content, the person you want to attract, their interactions and satisfactions.
    Once decided upon branding is all encompassing, there can be no mixed messages. Essentially the old brand is gone the new is in. These types of changes are swift if planned correctly. Furthermore branding is not the soup of the day. When organizations change their branding it is for a long time, which allows for the brand recognition to take hold.

    I understand this is not a big corporation but this site is heavily branded. The colors the look and feel even the logo picture makes this site identifiable. Changes need to still link the old with the new but clearly state the vision.

    You may want to take a look here for examples and inspiration.

  18. Chastity Mansion
    Where power is (the) key
  19. Joroincharge

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    I rather like it as it is.

    What is suggested by you has a slight "arbeit macht frei" connotation from 70 yrs or so backalong. Birkenau.
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  20. Or maybe . . . Where the key is Power
  21. I'm happy with
    Be Careful What You Wish For ................... and its probably the best advice we could ever give newbies.

    The Maxim ..... If it ain't broke don't fix it... generally works for me

    Nor have I ever been inclined towards ..change for the sake of change.

    But if the general consensus is for change..then change it. I do not think it will make a significant difference

    Though to be fair if our new site owner want to make their mark... then why not? Its not as though they have not earned it.
  22. Please leave it as Be careful , it says so much and fits lots of things
    Xx Wendy