Short Story.... truth or fiction?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by MasterG63, Jul 5, 2008.

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    It's hard to believe how life has changed since your wife "accidently" stumbled upon your secret Femdom Cuckoldry websites.

    You often wonder if it was such a good idea to let her in on your secret fantasies this way. All you wanted to do was open up a dialog with her about your fantasies... if she was willing to. Instead, she really grabbed a hold of the situation and exploited it to her best advantage.

    Fast forward to the present. For the umpteenth time this year, her lover is on his way over to your home again.

    She makes you strip naked and open the door for him when he arrives. Then she directs you to kneel down in the corner, not even directing you into the bedroom this time. She's so hot for him that she intends to fuck right in the living room!

    Within seconds, she hungrily pulls off his shirt, unzips his pants, and begins sucking him off.

    After sucking him off for at least ten minutes, she instructs you to pull off her damp panties and prepare her pussy and ass for him.

    You've been through all this several times before, so you know the routine. Being in a frustrated sexual state for two weeks now, you are very eager to comply!

    After a few short minutes of your oral and manual ministrations, she comes very close to having an orgasm. You want to give her one badly, of course, but to your dismay, she pushes your face away from her.

    She then instructs you to back away ten feet, and kneel down until called upon again... and also warns you not to touch your cock!

    Her lover quickly moves in and slides his hard cock easily into her well-prepared pussy. She moans in ecstasy. You couldn't feel more jealous than at this moment.

    They fuck for almost an hour, changing positions often. She cums so many times that you lose count. You wonder why you couldn't do that when she still allowed you to fuck her.

    Your knees are sore and your legs are tired. Nevertheless, your cock still throbs and drools pre-cum. But that's easy to understand when you consider that today's the first time in two weeks that she's even let your cock out of your CB3000.

    As she cums again, you wonder how this bastard can go for so long without blowing his load.

    After having another orgasm, she finally tells him that her pussy's too sore to continue. Then, in a submissive tone, she asks him to fuck her ass instead. He greedily obliges as she massages her swollen and sore pussy.

    The fact that she submits to him but rules you with an iron hand only makes your cock throb even harder.

    You are so hot that it would only take one stroke of your cock to blow your two-week load, but she keeps checking back on you with a glance every few seconds, so you don't dare!

    After he reams her ass good and hard for a solid ten minutes, she actually begins to have still another orgasm. Tired and already well-spent, she begs him to cum along with her this time. He obliges, and finally cums long and hard... deeply into her ass.

    He pulls out and shoots his last and smaller few jets of cum over her pussy. Of course, your eyes are transfixed on her well-fucked pussy and ass.

    You know what's coming next. Sure enough, she beckons you. You crawl towards her on your sore knees, realizing that most of his cum is still inside her ass and that your real humiliation has just begun.

    You obediently get yourself into position, just as a glob of his cum suddenly seeps out of her ass and quickly drips down over her well-fucked pussy.

    You're too late to catch it. You know from past experience that she will punish you for this by not allowing you to cum for at least another week or two.

    That's bad enough, but having them both use their hands to spread her asscheeks to allow your face easy access to her sloppy pussy and ass is about as humiliating as a cucksub session is going to get!

    Get to work, cucksub! And remember... there's no turning back now. She's already recorded several of your sessions on digital film, so you're in for the long-haul!
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    1 vote for fiction - but there is such a thing as good fiction. :xd:
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