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Shoe gag trainer harness

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by maid katrin, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Mistress would like to add that to Her collection of gags/harnesses


    Guess who is going to be the one to be gagged with her latest shoe purchases ... *giggle*

    Does anyone know of an online shop here over in Europe to get such a harness?

    Thanks, maid katrin

    BTW, here is the full link
  2. Will love to see the pics of you in that!
  3. Hi chastesoon,

    so far Mistress wasn't able to find one at a place here over :angry: . I guess I will the only one who won't think that's funny :huh:.

    However, i know of a way to avoid that kind of humiliation. I just need to stop buying shoes ... LMAO ...

    Hugs, maid katrin
  4. Hooray ... W/we got it. Just found a small English company that makes such harnesses ... 


    Here is the  full link... just if someone is interested. It's not exactly the same make as the one from the sub-shop but Mistress said that will do nicely.

    ??? Can someone tell me why I am screaming "Hooray!"? It's now refrain from buying shoes ... or I will get a taste of them ...

    maid katrin
  5. Picture 008.jpg Picture 030.jpg

    Hi I live in the UK and I make this kind of shoe gag, please let me know if you are intrested.

    Julie xx
  6. Thanks Julie,

    W/we found another supplier who makes them here over in Germany. If that doesn't work will get back to your offer.

    maid katrin

  7. Ok, no probs. Thanks. Julie xx