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She rolled a 10,longest yet.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by New to cage, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. We recently added a dice game. We use two six sided dice. She rolled once to determine my initial lock up and last night she rolled a ten. Ten days will be the longest period so far for me.
  2. What was your longest before that? What kind of device are you wearing? I remember the first time I went 1 week, that was a big milestone moment. Good luck with this new challenge.
  3. I have a knock off cb6000 s. Longest has been 6 days, but because she starts feeling bad for me and wants me to unlock. I am hopeful with the addition of the dice game she will go with what she rolls.
  4. I started with a knock off model of the CB's made of soft silicone. It was a nice introduction to chastity device at a low cost, however it wasn't great for long term wear. I kept getting raw spots that would turn to sores. It was also hard to keep clean. My custom stainless model now I wear for two weeks at a crack and then get let out for a shave and right back in with no problems.

    In regards to the feeling bad, I totally get that. My wife was the same way. You're on the right track by making a game of it. Make it fun and she will enjoy participating. Remind her she isn't being mean if she plays by the rules. It's all up to the dice after all. ;)
  5. Absolutely on the game aspect. She is totally turned on when I am locked, but feels bad about the denial. I've tried telling her the denial is the great part for me, I like the intensity after being denied for days. I did have to make a small adjustment to the ring on this one, but so far I can wear it full time even while working or doing yard work etc. I actually hope she rolls so I don't get unlocked and she has to extend my leave up. I would like to try as long as I can.
  6. It takes time for them to believe you want to be denied. My wife is pretty accustomed to it now and she doesn't like how I behave when I'm unlocked. She really doesn't like how I behave after a full orgasm. Just remember, be careful what you wish for. ;)
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  7. Thanks for your comments. Looking forward to it all.
  8. I agree that wifes/G/F's/potential K/H-ers rarely understand at first if you're really serious about letting/hoping/PLEADing that they keep you from playing with your favorite toy for real. They've all been raised and experienced the idea that because he has a dick, he wants/demands to cum.
    Ms K/H took a while to understand that I was serious when I wanted her to decide when or if. I played her game at first, which was not believing that I wanted her to decide. She eventually learned and accepted it.
    Welcome to 10 days without an orgasm or freedom. I hope/hate that you might become addicted to it. Just imagine when she says the heck with the dice, I'll decide. ;p
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  9. One week in and doing great. Have been teased a few nights ( while locked), looking forward to next roll to see what fate holds for me.
  10. Playing a game with your lockup is always exciting. Your hoping for a low number but also for a high number. It is difficult for your spouse to understand that you don't want to have frequent Orgasms and you want to be denied. Be careful what you wish for because women can go a long time without allowing you an Orgasm as long as she's getting what she wants you could be waiting a long time.

    Another advantage of using a dice or cards is it takes the responsibility off of your spouse. " the Dice said 11 days so suck it up " we use cards more often than dice with each suit being something else and the number an amount of time. Have Fun because that's what life should be all about
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  11. Do you add or multiply the two dice?

    I've been thinking generally about the best way of playing dice or card games and it seems to me that a more frequent game at longer odds would be much more frustrating than shorter odds at less frequent intervals, as there will be many more failures for a similar number of outcomes.

    Interesting difference between playing for length of next lockup time, which implies a certain release, and playing odds for instant release with the probability that the current lockup will just continue.
    The first will have one game for every release, and no game will end negatively (there will always be a release date),
    the second will have many disappointments with only the occasional success.

    Using two dice seems a very simple thing at first, but the exact method used can have very different results.
    Advanced players using three dice or periods of weeks or months instead of days should be very good at calculating the expected odds before committing to such games.:confused:
  12. We play by adding the dice for length of lockup,2-12 days. At the end, she rolls again to determine next action. 2,5,7,12 is no release, roll again to determine next lockup. Roll doubles to get 4,6,8 or 10 and it's her choice of action. Roll 4,8 or 11 is full orgasm. Roll 3,9,10 it's a ruined orgasm. 6 is a prostate orgasm.
  13. We started my denial time by throwing dice, first 2 then 3, I wouldn't see, but she would write the date on a piece of paper and put in an unsealed envelope, and lay it on the counter top. I would never look.
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  15. Games of chance to determine lockup are perfect ways to start her off in this kink, it removes the pressure on her to decide things. Just make sure to include something for her so that she is eager to roll the dice.
    If she is still apprehensive she can use a kitchen safe (the one that only unlocks after X days) to hold the key, so that she doesn’t have any temptations to unlock early when she is teasing you.

    Of course the goal is to eventually transition to a game where she decides lockup time. In my experience all her reservations go away once you have clearly defined limits, safewords, and an emergency key you can access. That way she feels confident to tease and deny you mercilessly knowing that she is not being “mean” or doing anything wrong.
  16. Today She rolled a 5. Per our game, that means no unlock for me. Her second roll dealt me 8 more days of lock up. This will definitely be my longest yet. 18 days total at a minimum.
  17. Great to see you (both) are respecting the rolled dices, it will only get better when you stop rolling the dices and let her decide how she sees fit, but please bear in mind it will be a lot longer than the outcome of two dices.

    I wish you both good luck in this wonderful journey,:)
  18. I would be more than happy to let her decide. She likes the dice because it gives her a firm time frame. Without them she says she is too weak and will unlock me. I'm hoping we will add a third die soon if she doesn't just take full control.
  19. OK, I understand completely.. it will all work out; you'll see!
    Good luck.
  20. I just had an idea for a game to determine lockup. How about playing a game of Backgammon? Use the doubling cube, with the original bet being a one day lock up vs immediate sex. That would give a possible lock time of up to 128 days, if all the doubles were used! Of course, equal skill at the game would be required.
  21. Our dice game also introduces the paddle. If either of us roll doubles through out he game, it is whacks for me totaling the number on both dice with the tool of my Queen's choice. It is a three part game that can last for quite a while with a lot of rolls. The third part of the game will set a minute lockup period.
  22. I have not started leaking cum, but I do have that sensation almost all day now. I am locked until at least Sunday, not sure I won't start leaking by then.
  23. She has decided tonight's the night she will roll( should be tomorrow). Says she's rolling right at midnight, so technically it will be tomorrow. I have done very well for 18 days. Good to know I could do it. Excited to see what she rolls this time.
  24. have her roll 2 dice then one dice. multiply the two.. for number of days denied
    then in few months step it up to just rolling two dice... for number of weeks denied
    it will soon get interesting