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She holds it while I pee?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Chastitybf88, May 1, 2017.

  1. My princess informed me today that I will no longer be able to urinate with her around without her holding it. She says if I'm unlocked or locked, she will hold it as I stand. Anyone ever had this happen? Any problems with being pee shy?
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  2. Ooooooook, just wait to urinate when she is NOT around to hold it. ;)
  3. I think many guys even in vanilla marriages have had this done. I know that my wife wanted to hold it once to see how it worked. To have it done every time is kinky though. I think after you splatter the walls a few times, she will let you hold it again.
  4. LOL, good call Vinny. :)
  5. Having had a urinary tract infection in the past and knowing "holding it" for too long increases the chances of getting one, I recommend going when one needs to go, even if it means a little "observation."
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  6. I should acknowledge that I am allowed to hold it when she isn't around.
  7. Have never had her hold it when I pee. I just don't think that's something that would interest her. But if she'll do go for it , it might be fun, lol
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  8. I'm afraid that if I were unlocked and She held it, I would be so aroused that I couldn't pee! If I was locked, the resulting spray would be pretty messy, I think.
  9. She has never held it but on occasions I am made to squat in pee (usually outside) while she watching,
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  10. I'm not allowed to stand and pee so it would be difficult to hold.
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  11. That is off limits for my wife, maybe in time...;)
  12. LOL, so true!
    I love your practical app;)roach
  13. My wife wouldn't be interested but I applaud your princesses effort to control you. So many guys would be such putty in the hands if more woman found creative ways to take charge.
  14. I think it would be fun once, then a pain after. I sit with the device so not really applicable for me, but for me, I prefer my bathroom time alone. I'm middle aged and farting and misc private stuff happens, I would rather keep some boundaries lol.
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  15. my wife has held mine , a long time ago , like Vinny said She was curious . (penis envy I think ) years latter I'm licking her clean after she pees my how things change
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  16. Yeah because of my device, I pee in the sink so she is able to aim it best. She says even something as small as this is helps her achieve total control.
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  18. That's really quite hot,even I'm feeling a little flushed
  20. I have no choice in the matter.