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Shaving tips

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by PuppyMastersPet, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Fresh double edge disposable blades with a good lubricating shave creme. Cocoa butter salve on my ball sac. Mistress loves the sft feel !!

  2. Ouch!

    Dollyanne is upset! She tried the Silk Epil, which felt like a cross between rubbing cut glass and sharp nails over her skin, and is now suffering from massive ingrown hair on her legs!! What went wrong? Everything seemed to be working--it was just taking a long time--then dollyanne noticed an ingrown hair, then another, and then a whole forest of them! Maybe dolly didn't let her hair grow out long enough before using the Silk Epil and it flattened some of them right into her skin.

    Whatever it was, dolly is now itching like she has been attacked by a vengeful poison ivy plant. Dolly went to Sephora Beauty today and got some gel for treating ingrown hairs and is rubbing that on twice a day. Dolly also plans to get some sharp-pointed tweezers to help get some of the more stubborn ones. Dolly may have to attack them one by one!

    Dollyanne expects to be suffering with this for the next week or two, so if anyone has any good ideas, dolly's ears are perked up and listening!

    Huggs & Curtsey,
  3. Dollyanne, I get exactly the same thing with epilation. You have to be really REALLY rigorous with body scrub or those scrubbing gloves (I got one with my epilator). This should stop the ingrowing hairs... and as a bonus you get lovely soft skin too!
  4. Thank You for the great advice, Mistress Watchful. Dollyanne will try that. Dolly had no idea that would happen. It's at least gratifying to know that it's common and dollyanne hasn't been singled out! Dolly definitely wants lovely soft skin!

  5. Whatever you do, don't do what I did the first time. I used ordinary hair removal cream all over my sac.

    Everything was beautifully soft and smooth...and then after about an hour it all turned red , my god it hurt- I could hardly walk...kept washing myself in COLD water to try and get some relief.

    I thought I'd end up in hospital! Just a word of warning!!
  6. I agree! :animal0017: I bought removal cream for sensitive areas but it still burns when you get it near your balls. It’s been good for everywhere else though.

    I think I’ll be using hair removal cream from now on, with hair growth suppressing moisturiser as well. The moisturiser also helps the skin recover and look it’s best.

    For my sack I will use a good old razor, but make sure it has a guard like the Wilkinson sword titanium.

    If you’re not sure where to find sensitive hair removal cream simply search on the net. I got mine from Avon on the web.
  7. renee has been using neet to shave..I love the way it looks... a lot less stubble.
  8. What a great thread Kris started - I have learned so much from everyone who has posted - Thanks all!
  9. Went a totally different path, electrolysis, for down below, I'm about 70 percent done.
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  10. I tried electrolysis @Zoepee@Zoepee but when I went to the saloon and had a consultation with the hair removal technician. I went into a Private room and told her I wanted my pubic hair removed. I pulled down my pants and underwear( I was Un locked at the time.) she looked at my hair and said it was to light so laser treatment wouldn't work. I've since tried hair removal cream that seems to be working good so far.
  11. What kind of hair removal cream do you use? I've tried some, but they always say not for use on those type areas, and have felt burning so rinsed it off before it could really do its work. The hair there is thicker, so the cream needs to be on longer, but that just makes it burn more. I haven't found any creams made for that area so would appreciate the help. I wanna be soft and smooth!!!! :confused:
  12. shave it off then. that don't hurt.
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  14. I just lost my Virginity with hair removal cream last week so my opinion wouldn't be the best one to help you to choose what is the best product to use. I do think that if it says sensitive formula that's a good thing. I also like the results. Round two will be tonight. Good Luck
  15. We are old fashioned and stick to razors. Yep, low tech, yep, frequent, but no pain, no rash and no problem
  16. I'm no longer a cream virgin. My second time has just been completed. The results weren't as good as the first time so I had to touch up with a razor. The cream hasn't caused any problems yet so I'll continue using it. A good new multi blade razor still gives you a close smooth finish. As long as you shave frequently and lightly you won't get the bumps and ingrown hairs at least I don't anyway
  17. if you don't want ingrow hair pimple then after you has shave you has to do a body scrub and that will stop them pimples coming and as well it makes your skin lovley and soft.
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  18. Has anyone tried DIY Laser Hair Removal ??
    Just for legs etc , not very sensitive areas
  19. Yep multi blade razor and a good quality shaving gel for sensitive skin.
    I have heard some real horror stories about hair removal cream.