Shame on You

Discussion in 'Site announcements and information' started by Jens, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I am on vacation - and just like last year CM seems to be heading for trouble.. while I am away....
    Most of You are not aware of these internal struggles, and If You do not want to be disturbed - then just leave this post in peace. No harm done. Nothing will truly rock CM , so just relax and enjoy your stay:).-)


    Still it is a true pitty , that the ever ongoing attacks on members and mods in here - seems to flourish.
    It seems to me - that some are making CM issues blow totally out of proportion. What a sad life indeed. I never took over CM, and paid for it for two years now, spending like 5000 British Pounds on it so far all together, to see membes and moderators doing their best to destroy it all with wicked attacks, and speculations on each other. ( Oh yes, I do manage to read between the lines too, even though I'm just a no-good Dane...).

    CM is beyond the single user, the single mod- the single admin. CM has greater purpose than serving as a platform for smear and outbursts of frustration - in unpleasant forms- like attacks and badmouthing. CM has- even in the storms that has raged from time to time - survived comfortably - and so it will in the future. We have only grown and grown again....
    So You spoilers, You can just forget it! You are not significant enough to bring the house down. Sorry;-)
    And The House will still be standing ,- if You are no longer around...
    Some will be missed by others, but it will only last shortly... It is That hollow...;-)

    Please, be useful to the community and find other ways of ventilating your frustrations , - frustrations that most likely origins from your "real life" or from your own struggle with the lifestyle.

    Lucy has been appointed Moderator, because she unlike some others - are bringing forward very interesting ideas to develop CM further. Not for her own benefit, but for the benefit of us all. That is the kind of dedication I would like to see!
    OF course You are not aware of these qualities of hers, but are oh so occupied with your accusations and speculations.

    Shame on You , nevertheless!

    Long live Chastity Mansion:):)
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