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Sexy Photo Thread!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by wettie, May 1, 2015.

  1. @Thatgirl@Thatgirl I don't see why not! You are the ones in charge, you get to make the rules.
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  2. Oh Course!! Who would be silly enough to say no to that?!?
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  3. You want..oh you're in chastity.... IMG_20160801_244509755.jpg

    Yes that is really me being a slutty sissy maid....
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  4. Ok SillyMaid and 11Lives, you have done brilliantly! What deliciousness...
  5. We can always hope, can't we dear girl!
  6. My little girl love Julie from UK

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  7. new stockings 2.jpg

    hope they don't ladder this time.
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  8. I was on a 4 day trip and I left my husband locked up in his cock cage while I was gone. I sent him a message that I wanted to see him in "something sexy" if he wanted to be unlocked when I got home. I was thinking maybe something like his sheer underwear or maybe even his red thong, or better yet just naked...

    Instead he dressed up in my clothes; nylons, wig, padded bra with socks stuffed in it and a stretchy dress. His shoes came from his Halloween costume (shown) last year when we dressed up as each other; him as a flight attendant and I as a business man. The other two photos are what he sent me... I gave him an A+ for effort and style. :D:rolleyes: I think he ended up looking pretty sexy for a man; especially his legs! I hope these meet the criteria of this thread.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  9. Last year I was a bit curious about whether or not my folks made the correct decision about my gender...raised male.

    Anyway thought I would see what I would have looked like and tried to look sexy, or my imitation of it lol. Here they are.

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  10. You look very sexy!!
  11. Lol well thanks but think I'm a much better looking guy than girl!
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  12. This is absolutely my favourite dress. It's a deep burgundy and almost a velour. With my favourite lingerie underneath, my favourite stockings and shoes, I'm feeling awesome.

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  13. Grinned a lot about the "No shlong"-rule! :p As far as I've seen, 3606892930_e122eb9434_o.jpg there's a dangerously big amount of oversized shlongs in the sissy-part of this community! :rolleyes:
    So how about titties then... ? :p
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    [edit - schlong and butt pics removed as per OP - :) Verity]

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  15. Absolutely beautiful Jemima ❤
  16. I'm crazy about these FFH nylons

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  17. Sexy Girl!
  18. Here's a few I like to share.



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