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Serving Gorgeous 2nd day in chastity

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by handsome, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Hi Peeps, so today is my second full day in my cb6000.

    A bit about us.
    I'm Handsome 33 6ft tall strong frame and im a rather nice guy but you wouldn't want to fuck with kind of look lol, and I'm totally I love with Gorgeous, she 35, 5.10 tall blonde hair and the sexiest body mmmm she like me is kind warm and genuine.
    we are complete soul mates and having been together 9 months now
    we trust each other 100% and we really are each other's rock.

    So this is as I said, my second day and must admit the chastity is rather comfortable even last night when gorgeous ordered me to lick her pussy I was so horny and achieved some sort of erection but I knew I wasn't being released on my 1st night lol Gorgeous made that clear and we had a great session with some a really nice pillow talk after and both are really enjoying the ride so far
    last night when we kissed it felt amazing and so passionate like it always is but just felt even more heightened, I remember feeling as thought I was completely in tuned with ever word Gorgeous said.
    I loved pleasing her till she was finished with me and after 3 'O' Gorgeous reminding me that she was in charge and I wasn't going to be having one myself and that pleasing her should be enough for me. she was right I love pleasing her and making sure all her needs are full filled.
    We are both completely new to this but love the tease and denial aspect, i personal wonder how long others where 1st locked up and their mental state plus any tease and denial scenarios that you may have experienced.
    Peeps, thanks for reading. I'm going to write something new every day that I am locked up, mainly for fun but also to share experiences with anyone else thats curious.
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  2. It's only 2 weeks since my wife and I started experimenting with a cock cage, so I know EXACTLY how you feel ! She was initially worried about the safety/health aspect of leaving me locked all night, but she let me try it once I'd persuaded her that it was really comfortable fit. Longest locked so far is 2 days and 2 nights. Pre-cock cage, she'd previously T&D'd me many times, the record being 3 weeks. So I'm hoping that she'll soon do similar with the cock cage. My posts in the Vault are also relevant to your questions. Regards.
  3. loved reading your post
    made me all tingly remembering when hubby first got his cage I must admit it took me a while to understand why he wanted this but I soon realised that I love it just as much if not more than he does now. I intended to keep him lock up for a day or 2 and have some fun teasing him but it's been over 3 months now hehe. I have made him think he will get out soon but I have to say I like the extra attention he gives me now. as for t+d I have him do what ever I want and if he completes to my satisfaction I'll him some sort of relief hehe but he hasn't fully cum yet!
    sometimes I'll deny him any attention at all after all I'm too busy to think about him locked up doing daily washing and looking after kids. I got him a but plug and he wears that when ever we are home now although that might not be your thing.