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Self Locked

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Orlando007007, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. I locked my self up for the last 5 days ( my longest i have been is 6 days) and i am struggling to not let my self out and need help. any Technics for not opening it up ( other then giving the key to some one as i have no one to give it to) any ideas
  2. well i spose that if you dig a big hole and put the key ina box and then put it in the hole and put all the dirt back in the hole then it wud take you a bit to undig it all again wudnt it.
  3. i could do that but i dont have a garden
  4. oh. i will has to think of something else then but i cant now cos i has to go.
  5. look forward to hearing your idea
  6. It is difficult to self lock because you are both prisoner and warden. To not have an emergency key is foolish and dangerous because plenty of us doing chastity for real have had need for one and when you need it, you need it quickly. That is why you do not see many self lockers last long on any chastity forum. Chastity is based on a power exchange much like BDSM. Without that basic requirement, what you are doing is a very different experience than most in chastity experience. Aside from no power exchange, you are missing out on what makes chastity fun and bearable; edgings, teasing and doing it because you love your KH or Mistress.

    You are locked up without sex. What you are doing is more properly described as celibacy, not chastity. Celibacy is no orgasm and no sex. Chastity is no orgasm but having sex. They are two different experiences. Even if you give your keys to someone, if she is not having sex with you, technically there is a power exchange but what difference does it make if you are not having sex? That is a third type of experience.

    All three experiences are valid but different. You will not have the same issues with those who have a mistress or loved one as a KH, other than your penis is locked up. What we feel and do is not what you will feel and do. You will find over time that once the novelty of locking up wears off, you have no reason to keep doing it since you can get out anytime you want. That is another consideration. Unless you want to be orgasm free and have self control, you are not going to make it. The reason for that is that you can masturbate while locked up, keys or not. So even if someone on the other side of the world has your keys, you can masturbate in your cage and then what is the point of being locked up? For most of us, wearing a cage is symbolic of our promise and/or control to our KH. What does the cage symbolize to you?

    We get edged, pegged and teased which provide the exquisite torture that makes chastity worth doing. We are making our loved ones happy which is another reason we do it. What you are doing is like when I could not find someone to be a sadist to my masochist. So I sexually tortured myself. That was fun for two weeks and then no fun at all. I also had an online Mistress for a few months. Putting aside that it was a guy posing as a girl, it still was not the same. She was not there with me to whip me or do the things that an in person Mistress does to make my fantasy come to life. You will find most, if not all online Mistresses complain about guys who disappear because they want the online Mistress to do things like they want to. You can get that kind of Mistress if you pay for it and even then, maybe not.

    My best advice to you is to date until you find a girl who is willing to try chastity with you. What I see very often are guys who resort to chastity as a solution to not being able or willing to find a girlfriend. It is not a solution. It is a temporary Band-Aid. With or without a Keyholder, if you have to rely on being locked up to not orgasm, you will be disappointed because there are at least three easy ways to do so. Heck, some of us can even pull out of our cages to get them off. I did that one when I was too tired to go and get the emergency key.

    Sorry for the long post but I deal in reality, not fantasy. Sad fact is that guys who self lock come and go quickly here and in all the other chastity forums I have been in for the last 5 years. The main problem is that chastity is built on a power exchange by definition and practice. You are missing the key ingredient of chastity much like the masochist needs the sadist to engage in S&M.

    There is no way to do what you want. If you allow your fetish to affect your well being by not having an emergency key close by at all times in and out of your home, you are not playing safe and sane and have to hope that you do not suffer the consequences of your actions. You may get replies from some forum members who do not have a KH but odds are that they will be new members like you who have not done it for long. I have come across a self locker or two but they are not locked up all the time. Perhaps there are some long term self lockers lurking here who can help you but finding a free Keyholder online is almost impossible due to the demand and work required by the KH. Even if you find one, she will want to do it in a way that gives her enjoyment which may not be what you have in mind. Try Fetlife.com. The chastity forums there are filled with self lockers. They tend to disappear as quickly as they come,
    but you may find a few that made it work for them. Good hunting.
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  7. Let's not forget that emergencies also happen far away from your house like at work or at the movies, etc.. I know because it has happened to me. Don't let you fetish put you in harm's way. Fetishes come and go but your life only comes once.
  8. Thanks for the long post to some interesting stuff i may have a key holder in about 3 weeks but not sure yet and just want to try keep it going till then. if i do not i probably will let my self out as this is not sustainable.
  9. I self lock. It is basically all about self control. As i sit here I see the key...it is tempting to unlock myself, stroke myself and explode....oh is it so tempting, but I made a promise to myself...can't break that promise.
  10. I use Emlalock, it is a website that let's you put your key in a realters lockbox (the kind with a resettable 4 dial combination lock) reset the combination and take a picture. Set your desired lock up time, then upload the picture and delete it locally. You have to wait for the time to run out then the site emails you the picture you took and displays it on the site. There's also games you can play to win/loose time, like black jack.
  11. when we go on holidays well Mistress takes all the papers and other thingys to Her Dads and Moms house so that the robbers don't have them and you cud do that and put your key in there as well and then you cant get it till you come back off holidays. :)
    or as well theres a man on here called Bob and he has a box and when he puts the keys in it and shuts the door he cant have them again till the door opens and it don't for a week or something.
  12. A couple of ideas:
    Leave your key in your office draw
    Post the key to yourself - second class
    Go for a ten mile drive and hide the key somewhere obscure

    For the emergency key:
    Drop it into a can of paint and reseal the can
  13. I use a Kitchen Safe, I put the key in it, set the time and there we go. My wife holds a spare key close, but in a secret place.