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Seeking keyholder

Discussion in 'Seeking or soliciting?' started by Silverhair, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Seeking local Femdom Mistress to hold my keys and further training.
  2. well hows anyone know cos you don't say where you from. :)
  3. jemima, an introduction by OP and taking the time for folks to get to know him before posting a "wanna" would also be helpful.

    Posts like his drive me nuts as they make those of us who try to be respectful, and follow some social graces look bad.

    So to OP, how about instead of coming on, and posting a lame post, you put some effort into it? I know it takes more time to introduce yourself, spend time getting to know folks, and showing you're (probably) a decent person than to simply put up a "wanna" ad, but it greatly increases your odds of actually meeting someone. In fact, I'd say your post has a close to a 100% chance of working as you can get. I bet if you try what I suggest you'll greatly increase your odds, and would be much happier in the long run.
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  4. Mistress Jules

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    CM is not really a fruitful place for those looking for Keyholders and as the previous posters have mentioned, it would be beneficial to have some details and interaction with members if you are hoping for someone to spend time on your fetish.
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  5. Just new here. I seem to be lacking a few details. I will try to add more. Thank you jemima.
  6. I'm giving it a go. Thanks
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  7. Lol
    Well I hope I didn't come across to harsh, but hope you see the point.
    We all know the figures on numbers of guys looking for women, etc etc etc.

    I'll let you in on a "secret". If you act nice, get to know folks, and make friends it's much easier to find a partner. It's actually faster than trying short cuts. I know it seems longer but, once you have friends and people feel comfortable with you as long as you're sincere it opens doors. Be it invites to play parties, socials, or just chatting. All stuf that makes the seeking process less painful.

    As for you, I haven't spent as much time here lately so maybe I missed other posts you've made, but if you want how about either pointing to them or telling us more about you. Share a few things and get involved.

    In my case, I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I'd love to find someone for a FLR but, I'm also not in any rush. I want to find someone who has similar interests and wants to enjoy life together. I guess after a few years of mourning the end of a relationship with someone I thought was the one, I'm starting to stick my head out of the cave again. Back to the gym, enjoying time with my doggie and working in my cars and Harley.
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  8. Orlando FL
  9. No, not yet. Are You interested?
  10. I am sure that she is but can you afford it? Women do not generally want to take on the job of keyholder for free. It is a lot of work and should be compensated if it is not a loved one. For some reason this girl does not want to say where she is from. Last time I was a sub to a woman online, she was a guy just messing around with me so just don't get too eager so find a way to check any online keyholder out. Skype is a good way to do so anonymously or if she claims to be a prodomme she would have a business phone number to call you and verify. Even if you find an online KH, your odds of lasting longer than the initial excitement period are small. If you are not getting the fun benefits of chastity like sex, teasing, denial and doing it for a loved one, it is difficult to ignore your brain screaming for an orgasm.

    Also be aware that you can masturbate when locked up and no one can stop you from doing that or learning about it. One last thing, if you do not have quick access to an emergency key no matter what the time or where you are, you are taking a big chance with your well being. You want someone who has your well being in mind and believe me, things you never thought would happen, have a habit of happening.
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  11. Oh come on now Vinnie. All these young beautiful women are just doing this for the fun. How can you say that they're only in it for the money?

    Seriously though, it amazes me that so many find victims to fleece. I guess when guys are desperate, and they see a pretty pic they become easy victims.

    There are real women who are interested in holding subs keys, but they're few and far to be found. There are also "vanilla" women that can be "corrupted" too. It just takes time, patience, and not being a "creeper"
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  12. Mistress Lucy

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    That's very true. The secret is so simple, just do what the woman wants. But most males who contact me don't want to do that, they want short cuts, they want things instantly, they want to do things their way, and they want EASY.
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  13. What would you have me do Mistress Lucy? I'm quite submissive and willing to follow instructions.
  14. Don't be willing. Just do.
    Don't say you'll do things
    Just do them

    Don't chase after women half way or a quarter of the way around the world
    Go find someone nearby to serve

    I say this as someone doing such things. I put myself out there and do what I can to meet real women. But it's not easy with so many dogs chasing every woman that is dominant. Thankfully, most wise women see through the BS, the bad is being able to show it is hard as many are a bit jaded. So it takes a lot of sincere effort.
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