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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by Wolfie, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Mistress Whip, my Mistress,
    is seeking a second submissive
    and maybe even a third...
    This would be for a 24/7 Domme/submissive relationship.
    She would like submissives interested
    to tell her what makes them special
    and how they could best serve her.
    She would like them to come,
    either for a weekend or possibly a week
    so that she can get to know them in more depth.
    All expenses, associated with the visit,
    would of course be payed by the submissive.
    Any interested parties, should contact me, wolfie,
    as the Mistress is very busy
    and is interested only if i feel the subbie is serious.
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