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    I don't how many have read my previous thread: Allow myself to introduce...myself. If you read it carefully, you will notice I don't really follow up with how my chastity and orgasm denial is going. That's because I caved and came.

    But I have recently moved to a new apartment. A new apartment without all the cum stains on the floor from me. The first three days here I wasn't in the mood at all. Then for some reason I decided to go the month of September without achieving a single orgasm. Partly because it's a new house and I don't want to desecrate it with my constant jacking off. I've also become more comfortable with the idea of being in chastity. The main reasons behind it being: to intensify my orgasm and to increase the quantity of my cum. Also to satisfy my milking fetish.

    So that's about it. Haven't had an orgasm at all this month, and have been locked continuously for about a day now.
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