Security, or why ball-trap chastity devices suck – Part 1

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    The security of a device had always been a big interest (read: obsession) of mine, therefore this thread is for people who crave total surrender via the means of fool-proof chastity, and know they can’t simply be trusted to keep their promise to remain chaste (eg: after two weeks of chastity and teasing I’d be willing to fuck a cactus) 24/7, totally secure chastity is my goal.

    This is a long post where I’ll be sharing my conclusions about devices and security measures you could take in a series of mini-reviews in chronological order, I’m not going to repeat what every review out there had already said.

    • Been trying different CDs for over 6 years with a KH that I’m lucky to share this fetish with her.
    • 2” flaccid / 7” erect


    CB6000s (100$):
    • This is where I started, wore it for a week at most, the night pain was really annoying.
    • I could pull out, even with the smallest rings I could possibly handle (2nd smallest one), but it wasn’t possible to insert the penis back to the tube.
    • To prove I did use the smallest ring, Here’s a pretty graphic experience with this CB, I was trying to pee with one of the smaller rings while erect, I felt extreme pain, almost like a needle went through my penis, turned out I’m bleeding from my penis, a dozen kilometers away from my KH and the key, I stopped bleeding after a few minutes, pain was gone after a day or two, had to remove the cage ASAP.
    • I moved to the next device because it had begun cracking in the middle of the tube. Discomfort, hygiene and pull out issues were disappointing too.

    Mature Metal’s - Queen’s Keep (390$):


    • I thought maybe a better designed cage will prevent pull outs, tried 4 different double rings. This is where I realized ball trap style of devices aren’t going to work
    • It was very bearable to wear it long term. Had several two weeks runs, hygiene is great.
    • Erections and the constant adjustment due to the ball trap design still sucked.
    • I moved on because the design was too open and after a few months I found a way to cum even in a 2 inches device with a 1 ½ “ base ring.
    • I decided ball trapped devices aren’t going to work, especially open ones, the discomfort and security is subpar due to the design
    • NOTE: I do applaud MM’s communication and workmanship, I just think there is an inherent problem with using a ring around the balls to secure a device to an organ that resembles a snake.

    Chinese Chastity Belt (90$):


    I will write more about it because there’s not enough information regarding them and I think they are currently the best solution sub 1000$ in the market.

    • I realized that going for a full belt was the only practical way to solve the pullout and the discomfort due to the base ring’s natural displacement away from the body.
    • I knew that this might be a terrible design but the idea of not being able to even touch my balls and the closed tube was intriguing.
    • The feeling of a full metal belt was amazing at first, the erection pain was totally gone!
    • Pullout is impossible when adjusted correctly.
    • Under clothing it is undetectable, but you will walk in the first few weeks like someone who got kicked in the balls.
    • After a few weeks and adjustments of the belt to fit on the hips instead of the waist (I can share how if there is enough interest) I was really happy with the belt, the pain in the legs and waist is very bearably.
    • I have been locked for at most for 14 days continuously and for 21 days with a 3 hours break (didn’t cum) in the last 3 months which I received the belt.
    • In the last two months I had a total of less than 10 hours supervised release.

    Different discomfort issues:

    • Chafing in the legs – time, body cream, and adjusting the cup to be as close as possible to the body helped.
    • Pressure on the waist – start with a bigger belt, but again try to minimize the movement ASAP.
    • Pinching because the wielding of the tube to the cup is super sketchy and the skin gets in a small crevasse.
    • Rubber Liner constantly slips and although I do use electric tape and a few tricks to keep it where it should be it is far from ideal.
    • Tiny screws scratching the skin.
    • Hygiene is meh.

    Provided you can endure enough discomfort (and pain) for the first weeks, with enough time the discomfort issues will become minimal, you will have to endure pretty real pain if you want to make it work.

    So far this had been the best belt I’ve tried:

    • Cumming in this belt sucks because there’s barely any stimulation, not to mention it takes around an hour.
    • I can’t have an erection, can’t pull out.
    • Can’t remove the belt without the keys which are locked in a safe.
    • Even if removed it’s temper evident when you combine a locking seal which there’s plenty of space for on the belt.
    And now for the bad news, I realized that I can cum with this belt while lying on my belly, holding the belt and humping it, the penis could move in what seems to be a really comfortable metal tube after two weeks without a cum.

    What’s Next?

    • Now I’m waiting for a belt from Behind Barz, they claim they got the design just right after years of research, I like their design, let’s see what the fuss is all about, it looks like it might solve some of the issues.

    Extra Security measures:

    Spare Key:
    • Having a spare key is out of the question for me, I would abuse it.

    • I have tried to get PA piercing, didn’t work out because the piercer was an idiot and pierced me at 16g thickness which is knife thin, almost cut my penis in half, didn’t try since, mostly because the recovery time is unbearable for us.

    Numbered Security Seals:
    • As an addition to the lock, one-time security seals are really hot IMO, Metal ones are even better because you can’t bullshit your KH with the excuse that the plastic seal had just torn.
    • I did try to buy cheap plastic ones from AliExpress, unfortunately the numbers were printed very poorly and washed off with touch.
    • Deters the KH from opening your cage :)
    • I liked these (1$/Piece):

    • Simple things like just giving the keys to my KH isn’t an option since I could look for it in her bag/house, wearing 3 huge keys 24/7 is cumbersome and insecure, and keeping them at work is not practical enough for her.
    • Bought the cheapest 40$ YALE safe I could find with 8 digits numerical code (99,999,999 options is pretty secure).
    • CB’s keys and seals went inside.
    • Spare key for the safe is kept at her workplace.
    • Securing your safe to a wall is a good idea against you and a potential rubber.

    Since the introduction of full belt, locking numbered metal seals, and a safe, chastity time had been extra frustrating, knowing I would have to go through so many pretty unrealistic (impossible) measures to get out, and also be eventually detected.

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