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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by chastice, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Don't be misled by the thread title,I'm second time around in chastity :)
    And an intro is long overdue!
    Please excuse my lack of avatar,I need to resize it,it's too big by 2k!
    It seems I joined here a long time ago and never posted so I'm putting that right.
    First time?
    Many years ago with the CB3k,I still have it somewhere but can't find it after a house move and never really got on with it.
    I should explain I'm quite small with a high and very tight scrotum.
    This week I got the CB6Ks and I've been mostly "comfortably locked" since.
    Mornings are a pain literally,not morning glory,the little chaps just try to escape during the night while I'm not watching!
    I have to use the largest ring and second largest locking pin/spacer,it's the only combination that works for me.

    Now as to why chastity?
    Hmm....It's personal denial.
    I've been fortunate enough to have had plenty of good relationships over the years and have even been involved with some Pro Dommes,I had the opportunity to "perform" in some ballbusting vids recently but had to back out,couldn't get there for the shoot schedule.
    But like I said it's personal.

    Due to an illness a few years ago and the meds I was prescribed I can't maintain an erection but I can still masturbate.
    I get about 50% erect now but don't really see it as a problem,it's more a blessing.
    Masturbation is the problem.
    So I decided to quit,and it's hard and I'm only on day 4.
    When I used the CB3k it had an unusual effect on me,a heightened state of awareness and probably confusing messages.
    If I still sound confused it's the CB6Ks ;)

    So here's the mad plan and as I'm single now it relies upon self discipline,NOT my strong point.
    Before I go into the mad plan I should explain some things.
    I have a serious shoe fetish,I collect ladies shoes of a particular style,I buy them on Ebay.
    I have a doll fetish,I mean adult dolls like the Silkstone Barbies and Gene and a few others,I quit that hobby because it ate my now extinct credit cards!
    So given that I'm not yet fully chaste as I have to take off the device at the mo in the morning(work and pain)I've set myself some rules.

    1)31 days no masturbation(as of July 1st)
    2)No internet access except work email unless fully locked(meaning I can't browse adult forums or ebay even unless I'm locked in)
    3)No touching or even looking at my shoe collection unless locked in,same goes for the dolls(I already sold the Silksones)
    4)I get parcels from sellers of shoes,I can't open them unless locked.
    5)any digression adds one calendar month backdated,so if I fail in July I have to do August as well.

    Okay I know it's not brilliant and after just 4 days I had a struggle but I got through it while unlocked.
    The plan is if I can make the 31 days I'll add another month on and so on,and just keep going.

    I'm going to buy a Birdlocked Pico.
    With my high and tight anatomy it could be a problem but I get the feeling it may work for me,it would be ideal for night wear.

    I'm already thinking end of this month until I can physically "release" myself.
    In truth I hope it will be much longer :D
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    :welcome: to the Mansion, and thank you for sharing such a detailed introduction with us.

    Enjoy your stay.
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