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Ruined orgasm with sperm destruction

Discussion in 'Member Videos' started by blueballfratboy, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. As I discussed in a previous post, my Dominant requires that when I'm allowed a rare release, even a ruined one, all my sperm has to be totally destroyed, to reflect the complete defeat of my manhood.

    I made a video of the most recent time and uploaded it. Let me know what you think please.

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  2. That's a pretty interesting method for afterwards. :)
  3. Liked the video, a lot. I think it is the first I've ever seen of sperm destruction, and it was even better with the ruined orgasm.

    The only thing that might make it better would be your dominant jerking you off. It would be nice to see more Doms requiring destruction of their subs inferior sperm.
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  4. An interesting video - sounds like more than one female witnessing this humiliation.
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  5. I've been wanked down the toilet by wifey, then she likes to flush it away......"wasting it"
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  6. oooh, giggle. :)
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  7. Thank you all! I will do another one soon, try to ruin the orgasm even more. My dominant won't let herself be in any videos, though.

    Any suggestions how to destroy the inferior male product this time?
  8. Wank off into a thick condom and then rinse it out down the washbasin
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  9. Disturbing. She needs to learn that every sperm is sacred. No better way than a musical number...
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  10. Your Dominant doesn't need any more than her beautiful hands in the video. Just knowing she's there with you makes it much better. Seeing her jerking you and/or lighting the fire would be a huge improvement.

    Thanks again for posting the video. I can't wait for more.
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  11. As much as my GF loves giving me hand jobs because she knows how much I love them, she has very strict rules. I get one a week but she always finds a something I did wrong that week so I don't get to cum just a 15 minute or so tease. When she DOES allow me to cum it's collected in a small cup. This cup contains just a dribble of either hers or my pee. The cum is mixed in and I drink it. NO drink...NO cum. Finally EVERY time I DO get to cum it's finished off with some brutal after orgasm head abuse. Her reasoning?......YOU made it YOU eat it.
  12. Seems that your comments on the video were not too kind. You cannot please everyone, especially those looking for masturbation fodder. They want quick videos. I do not get why you are doing this because the destruction of my manhood ends when I ejaculate into the air. Anything further would be like beating a dead horse as they say.