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Retreating Testicles

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by CagedinEV, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. :mad: Well, yard work went fine, but just walking around the house a bit after, I had both testicles retract through the ring within a few minutes of each other. Ouch! There's gotta be a better way!
  2. I would say though that the issue is with my body type, my balls will do there damndest to revert to high and tight, even if it means inflicting pain along the way. I'm not quite sure how the tube would correlate with this issue, but that could be my newbie status there.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback and info on the Holy Trainer. I'd not heard of it before.

    My experience of the CB devices has not been satisfactory.

    I see that it is a tight fitting sheath though. Based on my experience of the CB 6000, I presume that regular removal is essential for hygienic reasons. Do regular users agree, or is it possible to clean one's 'bits' with the device on?
  4. My guess is that it's ring gap and not ring diameter that is causing your problem. I occasionally have a problem like yours. My ring gap is nearly perfect 95% of the time. But my right testicle is slightly smaller than my left and has a tendency to work it's way out when I'm engaged in strenuous activity or doing something outdoors in cold weather.

    For me it doesn't happen very often, so I just deal with it as it happens. But it seems like you have very frequent problems. I would consider a device with a tighter ring gap.
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  5. I have been wearing a Holy Trainer for nearly two years. Regular removal for hygiene is essential. My wife requires daily cleaning to keep the smell minimal. We are considering switching to an Evotion Wearables for the better hygiene and some other reasons.

    The Holy Trainer is a very good device if you can tolerate the hygiene routine. I have had zero issues with it from day one.
  6. So, after a period of nearly three days, I had a lot of pinching or grabbing of the bottom of the scrotum by the ring. I washed as thoroughly as possible without removal and would relubricate the area with petroleum jelly after drying. But I think after a 14 hour shift, the ring just got too dry for comfort.

    For what it's worth though, I had no threat of anything popping through during those three days. Hoping my ballsack adjusts.
  7. Wow! That may be perfect!!!
  8. a little goes a long way, so don't apply too much.
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  9. Thanks. I am sceptical about claims some people make about being kept in chastity without having a key, when they are using a sheath type device. Maybe with daily baths, and a sheath that doesn't fit tightly, it would be acceptable. But the CB 6000 sheath is designed to fit very close on an average penis.
  10. Maybe if they have a very high tolerance for odor and don't mind the risk of skin infections. I certainly don't recommend it.
  11. Started with the HT 45mm ring, which ended up too tight, causing permanently swollen testicles. In colder weather, the bottom of the testicles would quickly get irritated because of the dry ring. We ordered the 50mm. No more swollen testicles, but over the last three days, my smaller left testicles retreated twice. Once in the middle of a meeting, probably because the sitting position is pulling the sac too much forward with the device, but the second time, just lying in bed. Nothing I could do to stop it, I really felt it moving back inside in a seriously painful retreat. Would there be a way to asymmetrically adjust a ring, especially a HT, around the scrotum? Thanks.
  12. Common problem-I have it also, and I believe it is body type. I have a hypermobile R testicle, which resulted from a football injury many years ago. (Got hit from the rear and slightly separated the sacrum from the R iliac bone-enough to tear the ligaments including the suspensory ligament of the testicle). It retracts commonly and stays very close to the pubic bone. I've tried several different kinds of cages, but none are completely effective. With the metal cages, either one or both testicles "retract" or with the CB 6000, it's so uncomfortable on the scrotum that I can't stand it for more than a few hours without rubbing an ulcer on my skin. Sometimes I have to go to the belt type of chastity device-which is ok, but a challenge to pee while wearing, and impossible to have a BM. (Sigh) The things we go thru for our beautiful, beloved key holders.