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Retreating Testicles

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by CagedinEV, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. My Keyholding Wife agreed to put me in chastity if I lost 50 lbs. Orgasms would be granted for additional weight loss. Met the goal and we started this weekend - sort of. KHW had to work Saturday. I was locked in the Bon 4. Not easy but I figured it out. Loved how it felt stretching my balls and scrotum. Wife gave me a list of chores, mainly cleaning floors, and a pair of sheer black lace panties with little red hearts as my maid outfit. Nipple teasing was very intense before she left. I was on sensation overload. Everything exceeded my expectations, except for the Bon 4. My testicles retreated three times through the ring before I gave up.

    I was using the smallest ring size that I could squeeze my testicles through. I am still 100 lbs over weight and with a mound of fat behind my balls and cock. Fat thighs are also not helping. So I guess you could say I am high and tight? Right testicle rides very high and runs for cover the moment I touch it - like a damn prairie dog at the first sight of a hawk. Needless to say I was crushed and my wife was disappointed when she returned home.

    I would like to tap the collective experience and wisdom about options. I like the look of the MM Jail Bird.
    Appears easy to clean me and the device. Will be much easier to put on than the Bon 4. My KHW is reading A Keyholder's Handbook to gain some insight. She shocked the hell out of me by suggesting we might need a device with spikes. I showed her the Jail Bird with spikes and she liked it. I immediately ordered the sizing rings.

    Other issue is wearing the device full time. My KHW felt the Bon 4 created a nice bulge, but it wouldn't be prudent to appear at work with a bulge that did not exist before. My over sized thighs may have pushed the package out farther than normal.

    Can I find something that will comfortably keep the family jewels locked up and wear full time? Option two is comfortably locking up the family jewels coupled with the ease of quick installation when I get home.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this and share your thoughts. KHW and I have other questions, but those can wait until I solve the main issue.
  2. Hi Hunky

    Work through your problems in order.

    I guess this is not going to be the answer you want either but it's how I see it and not to raise false expectations.
    Your weight is the problem not the device especially if you are going to be
    more active.
    All ball trap devices are going to be problematic .
    Have you thought about lockable knickers or shorts for the time being until you get fit or quite simply go on the honour system and concentrate on loosing the weight.

    You are going to get soo hot and sweaty as you exercise and do house work that just about anything is either going to get in the way drop off or not fit for more than a few weeks as you loose weight.

    Maybe look at a device as a reward you work towards so driving your fitness regeame .
    With so much to loose i hope you have included your GP so you go at this properly and i applaud your efforts to ge t well and healthy to better please your wife.

    Xx Wendy
  3. I agree with @Wendygirl@Wendygirl , though in the meantime you could also try stretching your scrotum with ball stretchers too.
  4. I think @Wendygirl@Wendygirl is probably right about your size being the issue and the same problems liable to arise with any ball trap device. However as a productive suggestion maybe it would be a good idea to try different sized stainless steel cock rings first? Try wearing different diameters all day and see what the smallest you can get away with is and whether the testicles still withdraw through them. That would be much less expensive than another device and would enable you to know if you could get away with it. Cock rings are sexy and fun anyway ;-)
  5. They wont goes back inside you if the ring is tight, well not unless they all squashy. i thinks you aint wearing the right one.
  6. I am have if the same issue .. So as there is a temp change (cooler) the boys pop up one at a time.

    I have a cb6000 and I am playing with the spacers and ring size. Really afraid to go smaller in can there is a bit that try's to go up.. Afraid it can cause damage if the rings are too tight to allow this.

    Let me frame out tight... Is here a balance we are looking for between too tight and stopping boy creek tight
  7. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful suggestions. I purchased a Holy Trainer and that solved the issue. My balls are wonderfully encased and cannot escape. I have cleaned house, walked on the treadmill and even swam laps. My KH really likes it because it does not have a padlock nor can you see that I am wearing it. The Bon 4 was very visible. The HT is also much quicker to put on. @ Westerlywinds, your suggestion about testing various ring sizes was spot on. I was able to pick the perfect size on the first try.

    First time my KH teased me while wearing the HT, I discovered a new and delightful stretching sensation that I had never enjoyed before. I will eventually move to a custom metal device for 24/7. But for now, this is a wonderful training device for a newbie. I have not worn it to work yet. Every night, I am to put on the HT as soon as I hit the back door. Weekends are now even more special as I can wear the HT from Friday night until Monday morning. And my KH wife now insists on my being commando when we leave the house.
  8. I happen to work in the area of health and fitness, and have some suggestions, if you're open to them. First of all, a treadmill is good, but only when you're on it. It actually encourages your body to store fat because it knows that you do that and it will need the extra energy, so that probably isn't doing you as much good as you might like.

    Swimming laps is good, burns lots of calories, but as with the treadmill, body will think it needs to store fat to give you the energy for that.

    2 points:

    1: Cardiovascular exercise of any type is good for your heart, yes, but ONLY burns fat while you're doing it. The rest of the time you continue to accumulate fat, and if you're not on the treadmill constantly, the likelihood is that you're consuming as many calories as you're burning.

    2: Lean muscle burns fat 24/7/365. Building muscle is easy, IF you approach it the right way. Your body has plenty of energy, you just need to consume the protein that your body will need to convert that stored energy to muscle. The proper nutrition is KEY. You can't eat burgers, fries, and whatever other junk food and expect fantastic results. Those come with a disciplined approach. I would suggest this program: http://oldschool-new-body.com/order-osnb/. It's the one I use, and it only costs $20 US to get it. Gives you nutritional guidelines, the exercises and routines to do, and an all around comprehensive approach to what you're looking to do. You will also want to get a very good nutritional supplement for vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, and all the other type of things your body needs. I use Bee Sure, which has just about anything and everything your body could need in it.

    REPS: This program tells you to do 5 sets of 10, if I remember correctly. I do 7 sets of 7 instead, with a 35 to 45 second rest period between them. That timing is important too, doesn't give your body time to cool down at all. 7 is the magic number between high and low reps that allows you to build BOTH strength AND stamina, not just one or the other. This means you can steadily advance in the amount of weight you can lift, which benefits you TREMENDOUSLY toward your goal. You should use a weight for each exercise that you can do all 7 sets of 7 with with the prescribed rest periods between, but you should barely be able to do the last rep of the last set, you should really be struggling to get it out.

    If you're an older fellow, you also may want to look into a testosterone booster, as that will aid in muscle growth. But your body will also release it as you build muscle, especially the large muscles in your legs. When you get those shredded, your body will produce it copiously.

    Losing the amount of weight you want to lose cannot be done leisurely. It will take effort, it will be difficult, but if you're committed, it is extremely do-able. Cardio is something you will want to do some of, obviously for your heart health, but the muscle burning power of weight resistance training is what you'll need to do in order to actually lose the weight in any kind of timely fashion.

    Hope that helps, and good luck! :)

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  9. One more thing, I'd STRONGLY suggest doing the muscle BUILDING set of exercises instead of the fat burning or toning set. Building your muscles the biggest will burn the MOST fat.
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  10. yes to the exercising!
    As far as the ring of the device goes though one of the biggest problems with them is that if you are cursed with small testicles there is no ring tight enough to keep them in place so that the ring can keep you secured.
    My curse BTW so I know the deal.
    I need a curve with a number three ring which is the tightest ring that will fit. Smaller ring? not physically possible when I am hard the base is near 8 inches in circumference so I am lucky that I can even get into a ring that small. My testicles are like tiny little boy balls. They slip through anything!
    My doctor actually asked me if my children were actually my biological kids!!! (Oh the pain of it all ,,LOL)
    They are in fact mine and he knew it he is just a good jokester.

    Sorry I hate talking about my personal size on forums but it seems like I need to this time. I have seen smaller guys with way bigger balls and it seems to me that the whole thing depends on ball size and being bigger with small or almost non existent balls is a bad deal when it comes to this type of locking up.
    We do still use a curve with the ring but it takes a bit of watching over the course of the day. I could slip it off do what I wanted and easily get it back on with no signs of cheating at all if I wanted to.
    Fortunately I just don't want to so that helps a lot. We have also got a full belt to use which is truly inescapable and when I wear it I am not likely to be able to do anything.

    Anyway to the point, committing yourself to submissiveness with Her is a step in the right direction.
    My experience is that if one ball slips out that doesn't mean the other one will as well. Often one will keep things in place until you can fix it later. Feels weird though.

    Oh and YES to that exercise advice, I think I am going to check that plan out.

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  11. Hope it works well for you! :)
  12. So far subklik, no testicle has escaped the Holy Trainer. :D KH is very happy. I have not been given permission to wear my cage to work...yet. When I come home, my assigned routine is to strip in the laundry room and cage myself. I then must present myself for inspection and approval by my KH. And what I hope is a little teasing. This is all new to my wife of 28 years. But, she seems to be embracing the KH role. I shoulda done this a long time ago.

    Only issue at this point are the night time erections. Who knew. Last night I awoke four times with my Holy Trainer standing at attention. Undoubtedly the pleasant discomfort of a caged attempted erection woke me up. Not bad for a 60 year old, over weight diabetic. Diet, exercise and chastity. A (new) great way of life.
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  13. subklik, 8 inches circumference at the base? My KH said if I could have 8 inches at the base, she would gladly shrink my balls to the size of BBs. She loves cone shape penises. As she described it, easy in with a big finish. She would also like to know what your lunch plans are for any day next week. ;)

  14. LOL, Nope, I have already gotten in too much trouble with that thing :p
    I am impressed she figured out it tapers though.
    Mistress/ Wife /key holder doesn't let me have any fun with it anymore.

    I mean I could ask if you like but if I did I think I might get a beating :spank:

    I know what you mean with night erections as well. When it happens to me the tube gets pushed so far forward it wants to rip those tiny balls off.
    And wouldn't you know, the only time I CAN'T get out is when I am hard because...well Hydraulic pressure is pretty powerful. A swollen member wanting action is no match for plastic three sizes too small.

    I take it off at night and she puts me in bondage mitts and locking pants to solve the problem of breaking the tubes and or getting up multiple times for bathroom breaks.

    Cheers again

    BTW, are we actually having an extended thread in the foyer????
    It may be time I moved this to the pedestal.
    How about ummmm.....3 days lead time sound good?
  15. Agreed this thread should be moved or restarted. Is it possible to move this thread?
  16. My HT just arrived last week and I've worn it as much as possible. However, once at work and then this morning laying in bed, I experienced a pretty sharp pain and found that both times, one of my testicles had popped out.

    I use the largest size and it's difficult to squeeze both balls through to begin with, so I can't imagine a smaller size. I'm normally high and tight, so I'm hoping there is a solution. I've got my girlfriend partially interested, so I don't want her to cast this aside, because of the pain. Anybody share this experience?
  17. My HT just arrived last week and I've worn it as much as possible. However, once at work and then this morning laying in bed, I experienced a pretty sharp pain and found that both times, one of my testicles had popped out.

    I use the largest size and it's difficult to squeeze both balls through to begin with, so I can't imagine a smaller size. I'm normally high and tight, so I'm hoping there is a solution. I've got my girlfriend partially interested, so I don't want her to cast this aside, because of the pain. Anybody share this experience?
  18. @Jandmyqueen@Jandmyqueen , if your testicles are popping out then the device will not work. The HT is sort of different then other ball trap devices in the way that it does stretch the scrotum more so then other types of devices. If you can't use the next smaller size ring with enough comfort then I would suggest a different device. The traditional ball trap device does not stretch the scrotum as much, though it will with attempted erections at night.
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  19. one thing that's good bout it is that it makes tucking very very easy to do.
  20. I will try the 45mm ring. I enjoy the HT for its pliability when warmed. It really is a lot more comfortable than the CB, and I really enjoy the locking mechanism.
  21. just make sure there is enough room for circulation, you don't want to cut off any blood supply :eek:
  22. @ineverknew@ineverknew i will be careful. I just wish my ballsack was a touch saggier.
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  23. So, I took a very hot bath and got my sack nice and loose. I was, therefore, able to get the 45mm on pretty easily. We'll see how it goes from here.

    Thanks for the help! I've updated my avatar with the new look.
  24. yeah that helps. I know for me things are a lot looser in the evenings. Just keep an eye on it if you plan on wearing it for a while. You don't want things turning purple lol.
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  25. 24 hours later and the smaller ring is definitely more comfortable. True test is coming up, though. Gotta go out and do yard work!

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