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Retracting balls

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Ray_zhor, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Started out with a cb-6000s but I found a chinese steel cage. The problem is getting it on. Whenever I try to put my balls through the solid ring, one or both will retract.
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  2. I have the same cage, and my balls ride "high & tight" (for lack of a better term) to my body. Getting both of them to pull through, and stay that way, while I stuff the lubricated head of my cock through the ring, frankly, is a juggling act. It will be interesting to see what replies/suggestions you get, because the only thing I have to offer is "practice."
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  3. Hi @Ray_zhor@Ray_zhor welcome to the mansion , there is a knack to this for sure , firstly the best time to try is when your bits are at their most pliable and loose , say after a hot bath or shower , first pull some sack skin though the ring , then push left ball into the pocket of skin , then push right ball into pocket of skin , now you should have both balls through the ring , now holding both balls push your penis through the top of the ring , bingo your in , now that's the method but a lot will depend on you having the right size ring , too small = cant get balls through , too big the whole thing just wants to fall off , practice is the key along with the right size ring , hope this makes sense and is of help
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  4. Good suggestions. The ring size is important, but the gap between the cage and the ring, for me, is what keeps the balls where they belong. I tried a few different ring sizes as well as different shapes of rings. I've noticed, in my limited time caged, that the ring starts to feel more comfortable over time. I started out wearing it for just a few hours at a time, gradually upping the time locked.
  5. i think its prob cos the rings to big really. when you got the proper ring size then they wont pop out.
  6. The ring needs tobe just loose enough for you to get your little finger under it. best time is when you are in th eprocess of trying your utmost to be hard. ist thing in a morning or when most turned on. That should be a really good indicatin that your rinfg is the right diameter.

    As for getting used to wearing the ring... once you get the right size it will become almost unnoticed depending on what you are doing at the time of course.
  7. the ring size is the same as my cb-6000s, 2". but the trouble is i cant get my balls through to start with. once they are through and the cage is attached, im sure they wont be able to retract. its almost like they are saying 'nooo, i dont want to be locked'
  8. @Ray_zhor@Ray_zhor
    oh, but the 2 inch one is the biggest i think so you must has big ones. Tell them they gotta be locked up, giggle.
  9. I'm trying. The ring isn't circular so it's like 2 1/8" from top to bottom. I've tried rotating it to get it on, but still no go.