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Requesting constructive feedback on chastity training

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Mophie75, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. I have made a commitment (to myself) to explore real-time long term chastity. I am writing this post seeking advice on how to further proceed.

    I got a PA piercing on Dec 31, 2016. From there I followed recommendations to stretch the piercing to 6ga. What an exercise in patience that was! The urge to push forward as soon as the pain subsided to tolerable levels was strong. But I now know that the piercing with the jewelry should feel...well, not feel like anything.

    I ordered a cage, I am apprehensive about the end result. It is all about getting the measurements right. I wish there was some kind of professional service out there, but I definitely understand why no such service exists.

    Question at hand:
    Here is a chastity training schedule I have developed out of "research" performed by reading posts from this site (mainly) and others, along with my ideas. This being said, I have been locked up in other devices (non PA) for up to 48 hours. The main complaint has always been physical pain, discomfort, and a fear of circulation cut off (either at night or while driving).

    So, from what I have gathered from posts is not to rush (fatal flaw number 1) with training. Just like the PA. The trick is not to rush, however that is never one's mindset. This is a schedule I have developed and am seeking feedback on. My cage arrives in 4-6 weeks, so I have time to tweak this.

    I don't view myself as a masochist. My end game is being in a full time, real time, woman led relationship where enforced male chastity both empowers her and brings her pleasure.

    Proposed Schedule for comment:

    Day 1 to Day 3
    To begin a few hours at a time

    Day 3->4
    Overnight. Off during day

    Day 4->5
    Overnight-> supervised check -> then all day

    Day 5 night
    Orgasam allowed. 24 hours no cage.

    Day 6 night
    Locked back on.

    Day 7 night
    Supervised check, cleaning, First 24 hours marked.

    Day 8
    Off. Masterbation allowed even encouraged.

    Day 8 night.

    Day 9
    Supervised inspection if needed. Otherwise no unlock. Night marks 24 hours.

    Day 10
    Morning- Supervised inspection if needed
    Night - Marks 48 Hours.
    Unlocked. Masterbation allowed

    Day 11
    Morning- unlocked
    Night - Locked

    Day 12
    Night - Locked - 24 Hours

    Day 13
    Night - Locked - 48 hours

    Day 14
    Night - Locked - 72 Hours

    Day 15
    Night - after 96 hours, supervised cleaning
    - Masterbation allowed
    - 24 hours unlocked

    Day 16
    Night - Supervised inspection, cleaning and locking.

    Day 17, 18, 19

    Day 20
    Night - Supervised inspection, cleaning
    - Masterbation allowed
    - 24 Hours unlocked

    Day 21
    Night - Supervised inspection, cleaning and locking

    Day 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 (8 days)

    Day 29
    Night - Supervised inspection, cleaning
    -maserbation allowed
    -24 Hours unlocked

    Day 30
    Night - Supervised inspection, cleaning and locking

    14 days locked, 1 day unlocked as a full time schedule.

    Feedback greatly appreciated!

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    You have done well to realise that you have to start slowly. Your plan looks good at the beginning however I would say by the time you get to day 10 onwards you may want to be very careful of abrasions. I am sure the guys would be better able to let you know the details but 8 days locked within 20 days may be a bit of an ask.

    Guys, any suggestions?
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  3. I have one suggestion, can you allow me the same number of orgasms over the same timescale please?
    @Mophie75@Mophie75 On paper it looks ok I hope it runs to plan.
    Be prepared to change the schedule if you have to take a time out its not the end of the world.
    the only other suggestion is make sure you use plenty of lube more so at night.
    Good luck
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  4. Why so many orgasms?
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  5. You are overthinking things. Just wear it until it starts to feel uncomfortable. Take it off and then do the same the next day. You cannot schedule something like this because you are assuming that every day goes as planned. Some days you may feel pain after an hour. Sometimes you get irritation that takes days to go away. It took me 3 months before I could go 24/7. The sizing issue is why many buy the CB6000 which I think is a perfect starting device. You will probably start off with a large ring and as you get used to it, go smaller and smaller.

    To ease your mind about cutting off circulation, just stick the tip of a finger in-between the ring and your scrotum. If it fits up to the first joint, you are find no matter how it feels. At times it will feel too tight so do the finger test to ease your mind. Don't approach this by the numbers. Just wear it as long as you can, then take it off and try again the next day. The next day may be shorter than the day before due to soreness from the previous day. You cannot schedule something like this at all. I got chaffed and had to take mine off for 3 days. I changed the gap and rings every few days. Once I got the measurements right, I bought a custom device and been wearing it for 4 years in comfort.

    I have been where you are and know it is exciting to plan chastity and orgasms. I used to do that but things always did not go as planned. Just wear it as long as you can each day and let your body adjust to it. It takes time but you will eventually get used to being locked all the time. I feel weird if I am not locked. I know for many years that sexual fetishes cannot be scheduled into the future because the next day is often different than what you thought it would be. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
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  6. Vinny is exactly right. you need to wear it as much as possible unless its causing you significant discomfort in which case you need a break.
    Don't do yourself damage.
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