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Rented Out

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. An update on what's happened since Saturday

    Easter is over so it back to the normal routine. I made my Wife/KH a nice omelette for breakfast dressed as usual in only my cage and lace panties. As she was enjoying her breakfast she had me sit down with her to explain something's about the weekend.

    Since the time I was put on Display for Carla almost 8 months ago. My wife and Carla have been talking a lot about chastity and FLR and they came up with the idea of renting me out to clean her house because she was having family over for Easter and who doesn't want a clean house. So I was Rented as a maid. Carla had no intention of doing anything sexual to me except teasing. I was a little disappointed but I still enjoyed the day.

    I asked about Carla caressing me in the bed room, wouldn't that be sexual. my Wife's answer caught me by surprise " how do you know who was caressing you" . She was right at that time their were three ladies in the house and I never say who it was that was touching me. I just assumed it was Carla. It could have even been the young lady that I've never met.

    The young lady is a friend of Carla's that she has been telling about the arrangement that my wife and I have. It appears that this young lady is involved in a relationship with a man that she would like to introduce Chastity and FLR to. She has done a lot of reading on the subject, but didn't know anyone that was actually living the life style. To say the least this was very shocking news to me. This was also the first time that my wife and her had ever met. Our relationship that I'd always thought was totally private isn't so private.

    My wife had finished her breakfast by this time and went to finish getting ready to go to work but not after telling me to come to the bed room when I'm done the dishes. I finished the dishes as fast as I could. I arrived at the bed room where she handed me the key and said " Remove your cage and wash my property, I'm going to suck on it before I leave, now hurry." I moved as fast as I could and presented my self with a raging erection. She slowly took me deep into her mouth an sucked on me. It felt So Good. I was ready to explode in minutes. I held off as long as I could until I said "Time" ( our way of saying I'm about to cum)
    She gave me one last deep suck than stopped. I wanted to cum So bad but that's not my choice,
    She than stood up looked right into my eyes and said " lock up my property I'm leaving shortly" Morning tease session are common in our relationship but her property must be locked before she leaves for work. I think she really enjoys watching me standing in the livingroom as my erection shrinks so I can be locked before she leaves. I have always managed to get her property lock up before she walked out the door, Untill Today. My erection just wouldn't go down. I even applied ice cubes to her property to no avail. She left for work and I wasn't locked. In our arrangement that means I will be disciplined when she gets home. Something that I don't enjoy.

    I texted her 20 minutes later that her property was locked her response was. " Good Boy, have a great day, tonight will be fun "
  2. I think you are in trouble now Mash, but I bet your just loving it have fun
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  3. Yes I could be in trouble. She was very pleased with my behaviour this weekend so maybe she'll let me off the hook and this evening will be a lot of fun. It's been almost 2 months since she allowed me the privilege of an orgasm. She's been more mysterious since the New Year I've had a lot harder time reading her, and knowing what she's thinking. Time will tell, Ha time
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  4. Yes time will tell ,hope all goes well for you, I was told to be in the bedroom and ready for 11 pm tonight, she is out at the moment so same here just don't know what she has in mind for tonight I guess waiting and wondering is all part of what we do. would we have it any other way ?
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  5. My wife arrived home at 6:30. After we finished supper. I was almost finished the dishes when she snuggled up behind me and whispered in my ear. " Would you like me to finish the Blowjob I started this morning " my cage became instantly tight as I answered "Yes Ma'am "
    The key will be on the counter in the bath room, I'll be awaiting for you in the bed room. I was in the bed room in record time with another raging erection. She was waiting for me laying on the bed wearing only a smile as she was gentle caressing herself. I almost lost it just standing there staring at this beautiful woman giving her self pleasure. She continued her pleasuring for a couple minutes than looked at me and stopped. "It's your turn"

    She got off the bed and told me to lay down. She wasted no time taking her property deep into her mouth. The feeling was incredible it was like I had forgotten how good it felt to have her warm lips wrapped around me. It didn't take long until I was reached the point of no return and was going to cum. The word "Time" escaped my lips but to no avail she wasn't stopping She continued sucking on me slowly and deeply.
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  6. Than it happen my toes curled and my body shook as I exploded into my loving wife's mouth it felt so good. I had almost forgot how good it felt to cum in my lovers mouth since it had been over a year since the last time she had allowed it. My body was still shaking as she slid her mouth off of my erection and moved up to my lips. Where she placed her lips on mine. I wanted to turn my head away but new what I had to do. I opened my mouth to allow her to feed me my cum. i took it into my mouth and swallowed it like the good sub that I am.

    as I lay their enjoying the moment she returned from the bathroom with my cage and set it on the night table. And said. " The Blowjob was for being such an obedient sub this weekend. Now turn over. The Stapping is to let you know who's in control" I looked at her with pleading eyes not wanting to be spanked after having an orgasm, it gives me no pleasure at all and hurts even more. I Turned Over. The Stapping was hard and long and very painful. Tears were flowing from my eyes shortly after she started and continued until after she stopped. 25 times she strapped me leaving my backside sore ,red and welted.

    I had no problems locking up her property before climbing into bed beside her. We shared a passionate kiss and cuddled together as we went to sleep. The love I have for this women can't be measured. She means everything to me.
  7. Awesome Mash, what an excellent way to show you her authority ,firstly giving you the release you so badly wanted and then reinforcing her control by strapping you to the point of tears, taking you from pleasure to pain at her will .Just brilliant
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  8. While we were having breakfast this morning my Wife/KH filled me in on some details about my being Rented Out.

    The middle of February I had asked her if it was OK If I posted some of our experiences on the site Chastity Mansion. She said than to go ahead but don't expect that she was going to have anything to do with posting anything. She has been periodically coming to the site to check it out. Than she came up with the idea of Renting me Out to Carla. The other young lady was just someone that Carla invited. She also asked if I enjoyed my orgasm ( my last one was on Valentines Day) over two months ago. She said to me that my next one would be around my Birthday and that she is planning for it to be Very Memorable since I will be 55. I can't wait to see what she is planning the only problem is that my Birthday is the End of July over Three months away. No Orgasm for over three months, I Think I'll be ready.
  9. The Rents been paid
    May never need to redue
    I guess it's up to you
    To tell us who has "Rented You"

    I'm not. Poet
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  10. your not a poet who would know it LOL ?
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  11. No kidding! :D
  12. Interesting you know nothing about me , my wife or our life or is it because it hasn't happened to you? But your from New York so that doesn't surprise me. Most people I know from there think the world revolves around them. That is my opinion. As it is yours.
  13. Mash, personally I have enjoyed reading what you have written here, and have not thought for one minute that it is fantasy. You don't seem to me to be the sort of person that would or need to post something that was not factual. So keep posting I for one find them interesting and good to read. Its people like you that help keep this site alive, Just my opinion
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  14. What people need to realize is that everyone is different and their chastity arrangement is different. Their is no "This is the only Way " manual to follow. Love is also different I love my Mother different than I love my Wife or my Dog.

    What people dont know about me is my incredible desire for sexual adventure. While my wife's is very limited. She does things to me to make me happy because that makes her happy. Also I do things for and to her to make her happy and that makes me happy. "Happy Mistress Happy Servant". It's a strange arrangement I know but we're both loving the journey.

    Like I've said before when I started with locking my self up I gave her pages of things she could do to me, also links to numerous web sites and I down loaded many books for her to read. Most of which she never has. Everything I gave her centered around me and my pleasure. We had many arguments about chastity and many times she wouldn't touch me for days. But I wanted this so I persisted. When I finally said I don't care what or if she did anything to me I'm going to serve her and do everything I can to please her, this is when life started to change. Chastity like a marriage takes time and work to make it a success

    She knows that she can do anything to me and I will except it and probably enjoy it in some kinky kind of way. For example when she spanks me no matter how hard I still want more. When I've spanked her it has to be very light and sexual
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  15. Thanks my fantasies are Way more intense and exciting than my real life. That's why there fantasies. Maybe someday some of them will become realities like the episode with Carla. Take care SissyBitch.
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  16. Why don't you take your hairy ass in green panties over here? We've got a bridge to sell you!
  17. I've just been given some good ,or interesting , news. My Wife/Mistress has just told me that I'll be Rented Out again sometime in May. No date when it could be next week or the end of the month. Damn I hate waiting for surprises
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  18. Lucky guy :)
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  19. Lucky waiting on pins and needles till when? That's almost a form of punishment, Exciting Punishment, just a subtle way that she teases me and I love it.
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  20. Oh yes the anticipation :)
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  21. The waiting will make you appreciate the prize even more , HE who waits longest is served best
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  22. Last night my Mistress surprised me again. She had me give a friend of hers a full body massage. I was being used or Rented out as it were.
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  23. Sorry I tried to copy the details of the massage here but I had no luck. Maybe it's my old man fingers or lack of understanding technology. The details are on my other thread "On Display" post #71. It's a little long also. Sorry for the inconvenience
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  24. I just read your Rented Out story. OMG this is so hot, and would be a fantasy come true for me.
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  25. Thank you. My life has taken many exciting turns in the last six months. I owe it all to my Lovely Mistress