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Rented Out

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. life has made an interesting turn. Let me explain. My wife/KH and my relationship is a monogamous relationship she doesn't want to have sexual activity with anyone else and doesn't want me to either. At least this is the way it's always been.

    My wife allows me to have an orgasm about every 4-6 weeks depending on what she wants. I don't ask I've already learned that lesson (ouch). Since my last orgasm was in February I wasn't surprised when she gave me the key last night and told me to " unlock, wash and meet her in the living room " I did what I was told to do and entered the living room unlocked nude and showing my excitement. She sucked on me for a few minutes till I was about to cum. I am not allowed to cum without permission at any time so when I'm getting close I just say "Time" and she either continues or stops. When I said Time she stopped and sat back in her chair sipped on her glass of wine. She did this Three times bringing me to the edge but not allowing me to have my release.

    Then she said to me " I I have a surprise for you are you ready " expecting that she's going to finish the Blowjob I was more than ready. She just looked at me with big smile on her face until she got up and went to the kitchen. She came back with a handful of ice and applied it to her property causing me to loose my erection. She than went and got my cage and told me to "Lockup her Property" I was disappointed that I wasn't allowed an orgasm but was very happy that she had edged me three times.

    She grabbed her property and gently squeezed and looked at me and said " on Saturday I'm Renting You out to Carla to use you how ever she wants " my heart skipped more than one beat. She was definitely stepping outside the box. She than went to bed after telling me to finish the dishes.

    To Be Rented Out. This is totally new to me and I'm not sure what to expect but I'm sure someone here at CM has. By the way I posted about Carla on my thread On Display on March 30th if anyone is interested
    It's going to be an interesting week. And yes I'll let you know what happens. I really love my Wife/Keyholder
  2. Lucky guy! Hope it goes well
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  3. Great fiction!
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  4. My wife got home tonight at 9:00. I had the house neat and tide and supper was waiting for her. I was hoping for some indication of what she meant from last night but all she did was squeeze her property for a little while making my cage very tight and gave me a light hand spanking than went to bed. She didn't say anything about Saturday.
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  5. oh interesting turn of your story.
  6. While your wife has said Carla can use you however she wants and hasn't really indicated what that will be, I'm sure Carla knows perfectly well at this point what she has planned for you. It doesn't sound like you and your wife had previously discussed this type of arrangement. Seems as if she is clearly ready to take things to a new level. Lucky for you she is making you serve another woman. It could have easily been another man. Well, I've probably said too much here already. But, being that it sounds like you serve your Bride in such a loyal and faithful manner, I truly hope your "rental" experience is a thrilling and enjoyable one. Please share more if you can. I am a bit envious I must say. lol.... I have only had the opportunity to serve my wife's girl friends as a cook, bartender, and server at dinner parties.
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  7. I was not rented out but my wife offered me to her best friend as a sub after her friend's divorce. That took us all by surprise, but I did as asked and that turned into a 30 year BDSM relationship with our girlfriend.

    We are waiting for our old girlfriend to visit because we were not into chastity when we were with her, just BDSM. I am looking forward to being teased and dominated by two women and then have me watch them have sex with each other. The girlfriend is a true dominant in and out of sex. If she does not visit as promised, I will just file this into my fantasy folder along with all the others that are waiting to be posted wif they happen.
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  8. after making my Wife breakfast and having a romantic shower together she sat me down in a chair across from the bathroom. She had me remove my cage, lube up her property and edge myself (blindfolded) while she was getting ready for her day. This is something she enjoys doing once in a while she says it makes her tingle. Of course I'm not allowed an orgasm. She finished this morning by giving her property and inner thighs a light whipping with a riding crop just to let me know who's incharge. Before she left for the office she locked her property back up and said to me "only 4 more days"

    Since my wife and I started down the road of Chastity and FLR I've always been the one with the greater sex drive and desire for Kinky experimenting. I've given her lots of information and connections to web sites to help her to understand. It always seemed that she wasn't interested. When I finally decided that it didn't matter what she did or didn't do I was going to commit to serving her and doing anything I could to make her life better she started to experiment with doing different things to me and allowing me to do different things to her. This is what has made our relationship so special. People need to stop thinking about themselves and sincerely serve their Wife/Mistress and than who knows what might happen.
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  9. It seems that My Wife and Carla are closer friends than I originally thought. Time will tell
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  10. Hi Mash2214 it sounds as though you could be in for a very interesting time. My Mistress has threatened to involve one of her friends in our sessions for some time now but so far it hasn't happened. The lady in question is aware of what goes on in our relationship and my position in it, and has always shown a very cold and demeaning attitude toward me. If she ever were to get involved I could well imagine her giving me a really good thrashing or worse and enjoying it
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  11. It could be interesting I've only had one interaction with Carla and that was 7 months ago when my wife put me on display for her. I'm not sure what's going to happen on Saturday but I'm excited thinking about it
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  12. please keep us posted
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  13. I'll keep you posted don't worry thanks for your feed back
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  14. To update my being Rented Out. My wife told me tonight that she would be dropping me off at Carla's at 7:30am. She wants me clean shaven and my bottom clean just in case she wants to use you there. She also said that Carla has Her permission to do to me or have me do what ever she wants. If I don't follow her directions she also has permission to discipline me. It's going to be an interesting day.
  15. I think you could be in for an exciting time, hopefully she wont be too harsh with you good luck
  16. Interested to know how the night went!
  17. I take it, that this is fantasy.
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  18. It's Jester, and you're gonna be the sacrifical lamb...
  19. I've just tucked the Misses into bed. As I kissed her goodnight she told me to make sure I tell the mansion about my day.

    Today was the day that I was Rented Out to Carla. We arrived at Carla's house at 7:25 as I was getting out of the car my wife said " have fun I'll see you later" than drove away. I was nervous and excited as a rung the doorbell. Carla told me to come in. She was standing their in a short black dress that showed just the right amount of cleavage my cage started to get tight.

    The first thing she said to me was " remove your cloths except your underwear you won't need them till you leave" I did as ordered standing in front of this woman I hardly know wearing only a pink lace thong covering my cage. I was definitely excited.
    "Follow me ". I followed her to her bed room were the bed was covered in cloths
    " fold these and put them away. When your done come into the kitchen " she said. The pile seemed to be mostly bras and panties. I very carefully folded all the clothes admiring her choice of underwear as I did. I couldn't help but admire the bed it was a four poster bed with big post that were over 6 feet high with a bench at the foot of the bed. The fun that could be had with this bed. When I finished with the cloths I went into the kitchen where she was sitting at the table with a wooden spoon in her hand. she told me to kneel beside her.

    She said " unless you want me to use this on your backside here is what you will do." She handed me a list
    1. Clean the inside windows and mirrors
    2. Vacuum the carpets.
    3 wipe the dust off of everything
    4 clean the bathrooms, toilets included
    5 wash the floors.
    You will find everything you need in the closet in the hall.

    "Any Questions ". Having none I just responded by saying Yes Ma'am
    " when your finished come to me and kneel, and if I'm happy with your work I might reward you " as I started to clean her house I couldn't help but feel disappointed and used but even though I was disappointed I was still excited in a strange kind of way.
    I diligently went about my work trying to please her thinking about what she had in mind for a reward. I had just finished cleaning the toilets and was still kneeling I front of the toilet when she came in and stood right I front of me. My eyes were right at her waist as she slowly reached up under her dress and slid her panties off only inches from my face. She sat down to take a pee as I just stared at her as my cage got tighter and tighter. She finished going to the bathroom washed her hands and walked out of the bathroom. As she exited she said " clean your self up and join me for some lunch. Oh and since I'm not wearing panties neither can you." I removed my panties and cleaned up. I was in the kitchen in record time.
    As we enjoyed a simple lunch of sandwiches Carla told me something's about her life. That she was divorced from a man that physically abused her and since she meet my wife three years ago they had become good friends. She had noticed how dedicated I was to her by the flowers I'd send to her office and the gifts that I've given her in the last couple years.
    As she continued to tell me more about her life I could only think about her sitting there with no panties on. I almost forgot that I was sitting there wearing nothing at all.
    As soon as we finished lunch she ordered me to go and start washing the floors. I diligently washed the floors on my hands and knees fully exposing my self to her as she casually watched me. I had to continually keep wiping the drips that were leaking from my cage even though she hadn't even so much as touched me yet I was very excited.
    When I was almost finished the floors she came over to me and placed one foot on each side of my head and said. " Keep your head down and don't look up. When your done the floors go to the bed room and kneel on the bench, put the blindfold on, than lay across the foot of the bed. You will stay there till I tell you that you can move. Do you understand "
    Yes Ma'am. I finished the floors and followed her instructions as she sat in the living room drinking a glass of wine. As I entered the bed room I noticed the clock on the night stand showed 3:35.
    I don't know how long I was bent over the end of the bed because it was rather comfortable and since I had been busy all morning I fell asleep. I was awoken by the gently touch of someone running their fingers lightly between my legs, gently caressing my anus and testicles. it felt oh so good as she gently caressed me, even though I was expecting a lot more sexual stimulation I was enjoying it. She stopped her caressing and walked out of the bed room. I wanted so bad to say something but stopped before I did knowing that it would be wrong.
    As I lay ther on the bed still blindfolded something a cured to me. I could hear voices! Carla was talking to someone. We were no longer alone, while I was sleeping someone else had come into the house. I started to get a little scared and excited all at once. Someone was coming down the hall again to the bed room. She said " Remove the blindfold and get up,"it was Carla " put your hands behind your head and follow me ".
    As I followed her down the hall my heart was racing, not knowing who would be waiting for us. When we got to the livingroom my WIFE was sitting in a chair with a glass of wine and a big smile on her face. But she was not alone sitting beside her was a very pretty young lady of about 25 with long blond hair looking straight at me.
    My emotions were working overtime. I was excited , scared, shocked. I wanted to turn and hide while at the same time I wanted to walk over to her. My predicament was controlled by my wife's words. "Get dressed and go sit in the car"

    I waited for over an hour till she came out and we drove home with not even a word being spoken. This was an amazing day
  20. That's just hot!!! :)
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  21. Sounds like you had a very exciting day, and now with another young lady knowing your position you could be in for more adventures. Being put to work doing domestic chores as you were is just another great way we can serve these wonderful Ladies. Submission and service to our Mistresses is nothing short of heaven
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  22. You very very lucky man
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  23. so envious of you
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  24. Would a dream to have my Queen, CJ, loan me out to her best friend to clean her house... You are a lucky slave
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  25. The greatest gift I have is a loving wife that excepts my wild and craziness and even goes out of her way to make some of my fantasies into realities. Yes I'm a very lucky man to have found such a special person to spend my life with. Who knows where life is going to lead us but I think I'm safe to say it won't be boring.