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Relax During Paddling

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by PouchPantyLover, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. So I was getting my weekly punishment paddling today and I noticed something funny. I usually tense up when she starts paddling which makes my ass cheeks taught. At least as taught as they get these days :D. This was a longer session and at one point I relaxed between strokes. She caught me by surprise when she started again and I was relaxed, not tense. It seemed to hurt less. I forced myself to relax and definitely noticed less pain compared to when I was tense. This makes logical sense, I'm just wondering if others have felt the same? Would you consider it cheating to adopt a technique that in a way reduces the effectiveness of the punishment?
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  2. Hello @PouchPantyLover@PouchPantyLover tensing up or clenching your buttocks is a totally natural response , and defiantly makes spanking more painful , but is something my mistress will not allow and requires me to be totally relaxed and any sign of tensing will result in even harder and prolonged spankings , her view is that I should relax and accept my punishment and any sign of tensing is a form of rebellion on my part , so no I don't think you are cheating , even though you find it less painful by not tensing you are displaying to your mistress a willingness and desire to take and accept your punishment , as to it being less effective no , your mistress will still be able to adjust the severity of the spanking and work within and expand your limits , learning to relax and take whats due is part of the submission process , although it may be hard to do at first , as it goes against a natural response ,
  3. I prefer to be very tightly tied up so that I can't move. Otherwise I'm tensing up and wriggling all over the place.
  4. I haven't been paddled often but VERY tense..will try to relax next time!
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  5. I try to relax during spankings, and am usually successful, but I can't help fighting it and tensing when I'm caned or cropped...I usually get restrained for those.
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  6. Some people have found figging to work. You take a piece of ginger root and cut and peel it, then insert it into your boy's anus. I asked BF about it, he told me to get as thick a root as I could find. He cut it so there was a narrower part in the middle and his sphincter would grip around it and it wouldn't slide all the way up in him, He peeled it, too. He said it didn't burn him too bad, so we stopped doing it.

    A couple of Pro Dommes told me it works different on different guys. Some guys don't notice it, some find it real painful. It's supposed to stop you from clenching your cheeks, because when you do, your sphincter tightens, too. This is supposed to make it burn more, but BF said it didn't do that to him, so we just don't do it anymore.
  7. One time while I was getting caned good and hard I too relaxed , and like you it hurt less.
    I forced myself to relax and the pain began to become pleasure . Sadly my Lady quit just when I was enjoying the pain turned pleasure.
    I never tried it since , maybe i'll try tomorrow, but a cable hurts much more than a cane.
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  8. Has anyone tried jalapenos instead of Ginger?
    My Queen made me eat one in a store for disrespecting her it was hot as fire ,and she said if we were outside she would have made me spit half out and shove it in my rectum.
    That never came up again, I wonder how it would feel ?

  9. Paddling is what we did when I could not longer take the whip or cane. While the other two concentrate the pain in a thin area, a paddling is spread out other more and instead of a sting it is a thud. Hard to explain but if you get paddled enough you get used to it. Whomever is paddling you should be warming you up first so that when she starts in earnest you are prepared. I used to relax between whacks. Most times I could just keep taking it until my wife's or her girlfriend's arm got tired. I went into subspace and perhaps that is what you are experiencing.

    I have always had an interest in pain and the mind. Take a toothache for instance, it is constant but you sort of get used to the pain and sometimes forget about it briefly. You are not screaming 24/7. I have nerve and spinal problems and if I start to think of them, I feel pain all over but most times the pain is just background noise because I am used to it. It is part of me. Same with a paddling. I am used to them so I can just lay there and take it until the ladies want to stop. I never asked to stop or used my safe word. It was always one of my ladies who got freaked out by blood or the amount of bruising, who would stop. When I get into subspace I can just keep on taking it. The pain goes into the background of my mind.
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  10. During our whipping sessions, I find that tensing is far more painful. D retrains me but bottom clenching is not something that can be controlled with rope or the like. I have to concentrate on not anticipating as I am also blind folded. Its the surprise ones that hurt the least. D has said that I need to be trained to relax so the sessions can be extended.
  11. There's no choice when I'm getting paddled I have to relax my backside the only time I can tense up is when she orders me to. My Mistresses reasoning is that I should take all discipline willingly and without resistance. She has been paddling me for over 25 years for sexual stimulation and for discipline. I have almost never received a spanking that I didn't want in some way or another. Even when I'm getting disciplined I almost always consent to it and bend over un bound.
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  12. Me as well, I've never actually been restrained for anything including punishment. I think it would be another psychological element though to be unable to get away, so I'd be game for trying it. We have started using a gag because I'm noisy as a howler monkey when she is going to town on me. :p
  13. Usually I have been whipped with a length of tv cable cord ,as you see in my avatar.
    It is so painful for me that after each stroke I jump away only to be ordered over the foot stool immediately , which I immediately do.
    It gives me a one or two second break between lashes.
    Lately my Queen as arm pain when using the shorter cable, and has been using her heavy leather belt .
    I can take 2 or even 4 strokes of it , and tried relaxing ,the blows come so fast and furious its hard to adjust my mind , but I managed for a couple of whacks . I didn't really notice the pain to be less .
    I think maybe if the blows were 3 or 4 seconds apart I could , but my Queen loves it when the pain causes me to jump off the stool and beg for no more , to which she yells for me to get back on it . . This is her thrill and power trip. The fact that she can order me back for excruciating pain and have me obey is what it's all about for her .