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reborn keyholder

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by frisianm, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Interesting - What effect do you find using two retainers has over using just one? Are they of different sizes as per some of TetherSpouts experiments?

    I think I could probably thread and unthread the retainer on the spout if I didn't find the process somewhat erotic with the inevitable consequences! I especially find the slight sensation of the spout sliding through the retainer has a bit of the "lock clicking shut" appeal about it.

    Using enough of the right lube seems to make a big difference - one of those situations where a very slippy water-based lube is better than silicone I find.
  2. well i had them made and the first ring was to small i could still pull it out with a little bit of force (not much force was needed actually)... i had one other ring that was big enough but was actually indanger of falling of the end.

    So put 1 and 1 together i put the small one on the spout first , and after that the second bigger one so it wont fall off and also cant be pulled out.
    And i dont feel a thing of the 2 ring system at all

    well the whole thought of sliding it in knowing im going to be locked up soon has an effect on me to:p , but still even in that mde i still can get everything in place.
    i dont even need lube at all i just do it in the shower and all goes in with some tinkering.

    i put the spout in then i work the small ring on and test if its in place and then the bigger one and all is set to be locked;)
  3. I turned up my own in Delrin and found that very small adjustments in diameter (say 0.2mm) made a significant difference. I suspect I will need to start using a larger retainer eventually as the one I use at the moment is sized for ease of insertion rather than being maxed out as the first couple I made broke the skin while being inserted.

    I have made my so they are more curved on one side than the other which I think make them more comfortable but does mean I need to thread them on the spout the right way around.
  4. yeah exactely the largest one of the 2 is not made for ease of insertion but i cannot pull out either so to me it works very well practice makes perfect
  5. I'm still working on the cage anchorage as the current arrangement with a plastic lock/tie is a bit clunky but we have experimented with leaving the TetherSpout in place during un-caged play. The increase in sensitivity of my frenulum is certainly a challenge. I find that just being erect causes the Tether to become firmly gripped and that the slightest stimulation has me right on the edge.

    Penetration with the Tether in place was a mixed success - I was much harder than I usually am which was appreciated by my wife but my inability to hold back from cumming was not!

    Thankfully this demonstrated that the Spout does not get ejected by ejaculation (given the tension I can apply to it I was not really expecting it would) neither does it go firther down the urethra which is also good to know.
  6. ok thats good to know i didnt know it was possible to have "normal" sex with it on..... nothing was pinching or prodding anyone then ?
  7. the bar i have in my cage that anchors the spout works pretty good , if i had to design it again i would make small changes but it works great.
    i cant reach the anchor point ( its screwed tight with an allen screw anyway)
    and the bar is hold firmly by the guide pins of the base ring so nothing rattles shakes or moves its all very sturdy
  8. No issues at all. I think this is partly because, even with a Tether long enough to protrude 6mm or more when flaccid the end of the Tether is just inside the urethra when I'm erect.

    This may be in the realm of "too much information" but my wife loves the feel of my ejaculation impacting inside her. She says that is was especially noticeable with the tether in place. This may just have been due to my really letting go once I was overwhelmed by the feeling but perhaps the smaller bore of the spout makes it accelerate as well.
  9. well perhaps also the thing is that the thing thats making way for the spout is quit a bit bigger so the tip of the spout isnt so much comming in contact with anyhting
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